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    Who comes home from work late at night  and sees his girl sleeping peacefully… like melanin enhanced angel. I turn and leave you be cuz I know you’re tired after your long day. But  I thought about you all night while I was at work, I thought about you while I took my shower and scrubbed the day away… I thought about you… and then look down and see my dick ready! When I enter the room… I can’t help myself…

    I can’t stop myself from touching my lips to your soft skin, hearing you moan when I taste you.

    And then you begin to stir as I kiss you down your sexy body and react like I knew you would… lifting that leg and giving me permission…

    So I lay between your thighs and close my eyes and let my other senses take over

    Sampling her, tasting her… if you let me, I’ll spread your legs so fuck’n wide and devour her— Use my tongue to fuck her, stroke those soft walls and get her wet and ready…

    for me. For this dick. When I lay it in softly and let you feel every inch penetrating that good pussy…

    Yeah, I’m that nigga

     to come home and see my baby girl laid out and have to have her… to have you… feel me…

    To have you take ALL OF ME any way you want me. Get in your favorite position baby girl… whatchu want? How you wanna feel this dick?

    Cuz I’m that nigga that will give you ALL O’ ME.


    Need me one like this in my life 😩 got my pussy throbbing just thinking bout it


    Need this in my life!!

    He is free to wake me up with some head and fuck the shit outta me until we both fall asleep. 💦💦