In the Woods

    “Now lick it!” the woman said.  Maybe it was Tracy – maybe it wasn’t.  “Lick it and keep licking, or we’ll go back to the strap for a while!”

    “Please, ma’am, not that… I’m so sore… I’ll be good – I promise!” My fingers plunged in and out, the back of my thumb ground into my clit…

    “Quit talking, get licking!” the woman ordered… “Better… faster… you’re a small mistake away…”

    “Beth!  What on earth are you doing?!?”  Tracy’s voice cut through my fantasy.  I jumped a mile – I hadn’t even heard her approach!

    Pants and undies at my ankles, hand between my legs – there was nothing I could say!  I was in big, big trouble, that’s all I knew.

    “Well?” Tracy – now Mrs. Montgomery – demanded.

    “I… I just…” I just could speak.

    “What were you thinking, right out here in the open?”

    “There’s no one around,” I whined.

    “I’m around!  And I walked right up without you even noticing!”

    “But… that’s just you…” I tried.

    “And could have been anybody!” she retorted.  “I don’t know what is worse – what you were doing – without permission – or where you were doing it!”

    “I’m sorry,” was all I could think of to say.

    “You’re getting the strap when we get home – you know that, right?”

    “Yes, ma’am,” I mumbled, starting to pull my clothes back up.

    “Oh no no no,” she said. “Those stay right where they are.  We don’t need to get home to get started on this.”

    Lowering herself onto the log I’d been sitting on, in an instant she had me over her knee – with my jeans and undies already positioned for a bare-bottomed spanking.  Her leg-lock assured me it would be a long one.

    It was.  Mrs. Montgomery has the hardest hand!  And she never gets tired!  And, she’s told me, she never gets tired of hearing me say how sorry I am (she says it makes her wet!)

    When she finally got done, I got to stand with my nose pressed against a tree – thinking about (according to her) how when we got home I was in for it for what I was doing, where I was doing it – and­ doing it without permission – and getting her all ‘hot and bothered’ without anything she could do about it!  (I would have offered to, but that could have gotten me in even more trouble!)