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Some impressions of my life in a D/s relationship with my daddy @juicy-dom. We’re a regular couple in our 20s. I mostly post kink-related things we’re interested in & my own writing is tagged #writing. For any questions just send an ask. The picture is me.

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2020-11-19 17:51:59

    Regarding your last message. I hope you don’t let any negative people or comments get to you. We’re people rude to you regarding d/s? I’m sad to see you go. I enjoyed reading everything you wrote.

    Thank you! No the rude people were guys assuming i’m their whore because i’m submissive


    I saw a lot of nice gifs and texts on here and read more about D/s dynamics etc. There have actually been some very very nice people on here that I met and to all of my girls, I’ve really enjoyed reading your anecdotes and talking to you! It was great meeting you!

    Some things were not so great tho. Some messages were rude but I can deal with that. Things are too political on here for my taste. I don’t come here to see lgbtq activism etc. Some people are also just deluded. I’ve been disgusted with seeing girls fishing for compliments and everyone feeding their self serving bias on here. It is what it is but i’m leaving. I won’t delete my account but i’ll perhaps move to twitter. I’m done with this shit if you allow me to say so. However thank you to the people i enjoyed interacting with. I’ll tag you guys below.

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    Seeming innocent

    Yesterday we were playing a game similar to “Cards against Humanity” with some friends. A word came up that I wasn’t familiar with so I asked (for everyone to hear) what it meant. Turns out it was the german word for anal plug... Our friends laughed at my innocence and @juicy-dom gave me a look. They all thought it was cute that I had no idea what it was.. and obviously no one had a clue that I had been wearing one only few hours before we got there 😇

    Day 25: Are there items, objects or rituals that represent or help you express submission? If not, have you ever thought of adding or being gifted one? Is there a special significance to these objects or rituals?

    Items and objects? I’ve always wanted a collar, then had one but it broke and I hope to get one again ( @juicy-dom )

    Of course the toys we have are part of that too. A paddle, a wooden spoon, blindfolds, belts, handcuffs..

    Rituals? We’re far from high protocol. It’s the sweetest to me when D/s shines through in everyday situations. Like when Daddy orders for me.

    Traditional gender roles are not limiting

    Yesterday I drove to the mall and I payed. The traditional gender roles we agreed on do not limit me. They do not mean I can not have a say or not drive or not spoil my dom. Quite the opposite. It’s the expression of how much we care about each other and love one another. The terms are whatever is best for both of us. Daddy decides. But this doesn’t limit me in any way. It improves our communication and trust because we discuss everything first and show each other respect and love in that way

    Day 24: What are the emotions that most directly let you access submission? What feelings do they inspire?

    I’m back!

    For me it doesn’t only depend on the emotions but also on the circumstances and the situation. When i’m sad or depressed that can either really make me want to crave Daddy, or it can make me want to feel distant. When I’m happy and excited it can either make me cocky and disrespectful or grateful and submissive. I think what always gets me is feeling small and protected and loved.

    Day 21

    Is there a physical position that makes you feel most submissive?

    I don’t really think I can pick one that is just overall ‘most submissive feeling’. There are different types of submissive feelings, I think. 

    In one way, being upside down over his knee feels the most submissive. 

    In another, sitting on his lap feels the most submissive. 

    In another perspective, the way I pace the floor a little and just briefly glance in his direction when I tell him something that scares me to say out loud. The big, vulnerable things I could never tell anyone else. Those scary pieces of my heart that I reveal to him as I pace, and then stop to cry once it’s out, and he knows the truth of whatever I shared, and accepts me still. In a certain way, that’s the most submissive. 

    Or being on my knees and begging for his cock, watching his eyes filled with warm sadism as he continues to emotionally edge me. 

    Or sometimes it’s sitting under his desk and hugging his leg. Sometimes just because, and sometimes because the world is too heavy, my heart is too depressed and just touching him, and having him pet my hair or pinch my cheek soothes me. 

    Though I don’t think it’s ever really about the positions themselves. It’s always about our headspace, our connection, our emotional presence, during them. 

    okay but imagine:

  • moving in with the love of your life
  • tending to a garden together all summer long
  • being able to hear them sing in the shower, from outside the bathroom
  • having impromptu afternoon picnics with them
  • making pancakes for them to wake up too
  • cuddling every night whilst watching your fave shows
  • doing the groceries together 
  • holding hands in the park, in the subway, in the streets, everywhere
  • being able to hold them whenever they feel sad
  • falling asleep and waking up next to them everyday