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    Six months ago, I admitted that I tested her clothes when I was home alone when she was at work. I thought she was going to throw me out, but instead, she began encouraging me to try more … She took out my male clothes, she came with a new female clothing. My own first girl clothes, I got my first bra. She gave me medicine, I gymnas anoint me every day, she gave me a pill that made my already small “Clitty” less and always soft. She said we’d go on holiday to Cyprus. From there, one evening I was taken with a boat, everyone spoke Arabic. I saw one of the men paid my now ex-wife. When I arrived til country after the boat ride took me to a beauty salon. Stringent women give me orders, pluck my brows, get dressed in new clothes, I get veiny use western clothes anymore. One of the women tells me that your future husband paid a lot of money for you. His dream was to get a weak, submissive western former husband to his wonderful wife, Arabic


    Like, ohmygawd!!! I would absolutely LOVE this to happen to me. I’m so ready to pledge the rest of my life and everything I am to my beautiful Arab master, @mr-ahmed … I can’t wait until the hormones and his potent black sperm feminize me to the point where I can actually be a sissy muslimah mommy, but I would even be okay with just being a milk maid, or even to be a servant for Master’s white slave girls after they perform the magical act of giving birth to his sons


    You Are What You Eat

    Take some time to think about the old adage, “you are what you eat.”

    Whatever you eat, whether it be a chicken, cheese, broccoli, et cetera, your body will digest what it can, and flush out what it can’t metabolize. All the cells in your body are a result of energy coming in from somewhere else - vast majority of which is from food (certain micro-nutrients such as vitamin D can come from sunlight).

    When a sissy faggot kneels down and sucks daddy’s cock, she often gulps down his cum, which is mostly water, some protein, vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, magnesium, and so on. In other words, your master’s cum will spread out within your body, and become a part of you. It’s important to point out that this is something is asymmetrical; it cannot be reciprocated. You’re the inferior faggot that takes, and the superior man is the one who gives.

    You can wash yourself, brush your teeth, or even vomit, but some of the cum will have metabolized already. Even if no one saw it, even if you never see the man again, you will know, forever, that a part of who you are has fundamentally changed, physiologically. Another man has left a mark on your body. His genes have swam inside of you. You are, in every sense, his bitch.


    You might realize, that biologically, you too were made to penetrate as well. It’s just that nature prefers diversity - some people are born tall, others are short, some people are black, some people are white. Some biological males are born as alphas, while other males are betas. You and I just happen to be a weak beta, and the weak, throughout history and nature, submit to the strong. The faster you accept and celebrate this diversity, the less time you’ll spend hating yourself, and more time you’ll spend with a cock inside of you.

    And remember, that sissies need to be chosen. So wear something provocative, so that a daddy choose to inseminate you with his babies. Gulp it down as a sign of submission, and never forget that some of the cells in your body now has traces of a superior man.

    You are what you eat. You like to eat cum. What you are is a cocksucking cum slut. Let that sink in, along with the sperm in your body.


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