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    hey what the fuck


    literally only the first one seems even slightly offensive.


    This is how they think.

    FTM / MTF are outdated because they consider themselves to always have been male/female since birth even if they are only started identifying as trans yesterday... poof magically now the opposite sex. 

    Biologically Female/Male are outdated because it reminds them of reality.

    GID is outdated because of the word disorder and also because “you don’t need dysphoria to be trans”

    Preferred Pronouns are outdated because they are now mandatory pronouns and if you don’t use them you are a hateful bigot (even if they change hourly).

    SRS is outdated because most of them keep their dicks and “you don’t need surgery to be trans”.


    This shit is so cringey how can grown ass people make shit like this and not cringe so hard that their hearts stop.


    “and be hot” 😭


    Weird that she has an Aboriginal flag in her room when she looks 100% white


    She’s probably has some distant aboriginal ancestor. There are a fair number of people in the southern/eastern states who are mixed race, even look white, but still counted as aboriginal.

    See this article for example,


    I wish it listed their sexuality instead of queer and LGBTQ+ they all could be heterosexuals with gender identities


    I’m tired of seeing peoples sexuality’s replaced with queer meanwhile trans people are called their gender identity


    Michele Rayner-Goolsby refers to herself as a queer woman (couldn't find anything more specific) and is married to a woman.

    Shevrin Jones is a gay man.

    Jabari Brisport is a gay man.

    Kim Jackson is a lesbian woman.


    @LGBAlliance_USA on twitter has been posting about LGB candidates who are winning their elections. 

    So from their posts.


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    I see “feminist” frequency has dropped all pretence and is just doing all-male videos now. 




    this is exactly it, really. white transactivists made this flag and only added the black+brown so when people would protest against the flag they could cry "racism!!" it's not a new or unprecedented thing for TRAs to use poc as nothing more than pawns in their arguments, so im disappointed but not surprised.


    I find the addition of the black and brown stripes very odd any way; being black/brown is not a sexuality or fetish, and being attracted to black/brown people isn’t a sexuality, and shouldn’t be a fetish.


    The black and brown stripes were added because there was another “pride flag” that was imposed on us by a US city that was the rainbow with a brown and black stripe alone the bottom.

    Then this abomination was constructed and no one liked it until this year when suddenly it is adopted everywhere, and imposed on us with no consultation or discussion. 


    Is Josie confessing here or


    9 trans people were murdered in the uk between 2008 and 2017. so the idea of trans people getting murdered constantly is a myth too, yes?


    why would you have to announce to the world that you’re NOT going to rape someone?


    also if there are only 23 trans women in women’s prison in the uk and there have been 7 incidents of sexual violence.....that is a fuck ton for how small the population is....


    There arent. They’re playing with the data.

    1 in 50 male prisoners is identifying as trans. But since the GRA and self-id law states that anyone who declares they identify as a woman is one...

    Ministry of Justice (MoJ) figures in November said there were 139 transgender prisoners in 44 jails. Of the 42 in women’s jails, 22 were men who identified as female, while in male prisons 92 of the 97 were men identifying as women. The watchdog’s survey of 5,133 British prisoners found two per cent self identified as transgender or transexual, rising to 10 per cent of the 287 traveller offenders surveyed. Extrapolated across the prison service, this would mean about 1,500... The MoJ acknowledged its figures for transgender prisoners were an underestimate and did not include those who had gender recognition certificates.”

    They’re also trying to compare two completely separate data points.

    “Of the 124 sex attacks recorded in female prisons, only seven were perpetrated by trans-identified males.”

    That means that roughly every 1 in 17 attacks was perpetrated by a male, against a female, in a closed ward wherein no males are supposed to be in attendance.

    That also means that seven already-victimized women were revictimized while under the remit of the correctional system (which is charged with protecting their safety), by a male.


    They’re also lying about the time span. Male trans inmates were allowed to transfer to women’s prisons for the first time in 2016 in the UK. 


    So 7 reported attacks in 4 years. And while Rozie Suppozie, and presumably cat-girl-lover, doesn’t believe victims of sexual assault, the reality is that sexual assault is under-reported and false reports are so extremely rare as to be incredibly unlikely that even 1 of those 7 reports is false. Far more likely, since most sexual assaults go unreported, is that 7 is barely half the real number.


    It’s 7 in 2 years. The report is only up to 2018, it doesn’t include the last 2 years. 

    To do the maths, if there were 124 sexual assaults in 8 years, that’s an average of 15.5 per year, or 31 during the period that allows trans-identified males into female prisons.

    So 22 trans-identified males are responsible for 7 out of 31 sexual assaults in female prisons between 2016-2018 (22.5%). 

    A little research gives me a female prison population of 3,868.  

    So trans-identified males make up 0.5% of the women’s prison population but are responsible for 22.5% of the sexual assaults.



    Official figures show for the first time the true scale of offending by criminals who were born male but were allowed to move into female jails after changing gender.

    Yet despite the risks, prison governors are still allowing trans inmates to move into the jails. Male-born trans prisoners were first allowed to request a transfer to women's jails in England and Wales in 2016.

    Just a year later the risks of the policy were made clear when a convicted rapist was moved to women's jail HMP New Hall and sexually assaulted two women inmates.


    Someone on Reddit calculated that although men only made up 0.1% of prisoners on the female estate they were responsible for more than 11% of sexual assaults on female prisoners since 2016.


    This is Harper’s magazine (the left-wing male wankfest passing itself off as a magazine that published an anti-feminist piece about the #metoo movement in 2018) not Harper’s Bazaar (a fashion magazine).


    what the fuck is it with male trans people and writing long pieces about how they rape and abuse people and accepting to be praised for owning up to it? and then denying the events they chose to both perpetrate and then autobiographically chronicle never happened?


    meredith’s ex-wife is raising money to cover the 18k this abusive piece of shit has stiffed her on child support. she is being ACTIVELY HARRASSED by meredith. - PLEASE SUPPORT HER GOFUNDME


    How is it a lie when you wrote about it in your memoirs, Mr Stroud?

    I hope your hands shake for the rest of your life. It’ll make it that much harder for you to hit women with them.


    Also, and this is a big also.

    If his name was Travis Stroud and Russo is his ex-wife’s surname now. HOW did he end up calling himself Meredith Russo?

    There may be a logical explanation, but it seems to me like he took her name because like all abusers he isn’t willing to let her get away or forget about him.


    telling gay men they deserve to get their genitals mutilated because they dont like vagina is totally not homophobic at all!! gay trans men are valid!!! oWo


    You’re not wrong:


    “99% of lesbians use dildos” straight people really are wild.


    That’s what happens when men get their theories about “lesbians” from porn made for straight men.