18+ ONLY

    Hi everyone! I really want some cute new stuff to film in (wigs, accessories, lingerie etc) so I’m selling these older videos (some of the first vids I made filmed with my iPhone) that I have uploaded to my google drive in exchange for gifts from my Amazon wishlist.

    The videos are listed below. Spend under $20 you can choose 5 videos. $20+ you get up to 10 videos. Spend $25+ I’ll send you the link to the whole folder.

    Message me the numbers of the vids you want and also a screenshot proving you ordered an item! 💕 You will receive links to the videos in google drive. You can sort the wishlist priority high to low.

    #1 9:30 min I come home from school. I was told to use the big girl potty, but “Daddy” is not home so I do what I want and wet my pull up. Then masturbate with vibrator and dildo.

    #2 10:35 min I’m wearing just tight black jeans and no shirt. I show off my ass and then strip down into paw patrol panties. I put on white cuffs and a collar and take off my panties. I put on 4 different diapers (white one with colorful ABC, rearz princess, and then 2 rearz safaris). I put on a blindfold and ball gag. I put a vibrator against myself and cuff my hands to the collar. I hump the vibrator desperately trying to feel the vibrations as much as I can so I can come. Later I put on ankle cuffs too and clip them together, then continue to jump the vibrator in my thick diapers.

    #3 12:09 I’m in my pink princess nightgown and a pull up. I take off the nightgown and wet the pull up and fill it up with more water so it gets super full!

    #4 14:52 min Wet huggies diaper wearing white skirt and converse. Then masturbate with dildo.

    #5 16:21 min I’m wearing my blue Ariel nightgown and Cinderella panties and I’m sucking on a blue paci. Holding on tight to my Sully stuffed animal, I lift up my dress and pee in my panties. Then I change into goodnites and masturbate with a dildo and vibrator.

    #6 22:31 min I wet a big purple diaper with a onesie on and I squish and play in the diaper. Then I open it up, hump the diaper, and play with myself using my hands. Then I realize I have to pee again and go on the opened diaper so you can see it happening! I masturbate more until I cum and then put the wet diaper back on!

    #7 6:58 min I’m sitting on my playmat with my stuffies wearing my Ariel dress and underjams. I use a vibrator until I cum and then I wet at the end!

    #8 25 min I’m wearing a white skirt, yellow top, white sneakers, and pampers baby dry. I wet them in front of my princess tent and then start to rub myself because it feels warm and nice. I use a vibrator over the diaper and then I open the diaper up and push a jewel butt plug into myself. Then with the butt plug in I masturbate with a dildo and vibrator until I cum. Finally, I wipe and put on a pull up with the butt plug still in.

    #9 15:35 min Take off skirt, wet pull up until it leaks, squish and play with pull up with different angles.

    #10 2:27 min I wet my pink little panties in my white skirt and show it off to you.

    #11 2:47 min I wet my paw patrol panties in the bathtub

    #12 17:12 On my period in this video so it’s messy. I’m wearing a red robe I pull of leaving me in a lacy red bra and panties. I take off the panties and get down on the floor. I pee on my feet and on the ground. Then I masturbate with a dildo on the floor until I cum.

    #13 13:14 min I’m wearing a red shirt and white jeans. I show off my ass in the jeans and strip until I’m naked. Then I put on a carousel adult diaper, white collar, white cuffs, a black ball gag, and a black blindfold. I clip the cuffs in different ways and use my vibrator over the diaper, struggling to cum!

    #14 18:21 min I'm wearing striped fluffy thigh highs, a pink bra, and goodnites with my hair in pigtails. I squat and pee my pull ups. Then I rub the wet diapey and masturbate with my glass dildo. I pull the diaper off and turn around so you can see my ass and play with myself. Then I sit back down with my legs spread, continuing to masturbate and grinding the dildo against my ass.

    #15 24:32 I tie my leg up with pink rope and then start to hump my big teddy! I unclip my onesie to show off my pull ups and little boobies. Later I take out my vibrator and use it against myself through my pull up while still humping my teddy until I finally cum!

    #16 5:55 min I’m wearing underjams pull ups, a pink tutu, colorful fuzzy thigh highs, and my little boobies are out. I’m sucking on my Ariel Paci which is tied to my head with ribbon. I rub myself and use a vibrator over it. Then I pull the pull up to side and put the vibrator against my princess parts until I cum.

    #17 10:40 min I’m talking and showing you my new sailor onesie. I do a little dance to aminals by baths and show the unicorn underjams I’m wearing. Then I lay back on my bed and use my vibrator until I cum.

    #18 Watch me be a silly little girl dancing and wiggling my little butt around in huggies! I wet my diaper and squish it around. I feel really tingly so I take my vibrator and use it over the diaper. Then I open the diaper up and masturbate until I cum!

    #19 16:10 min I wet my polka dot pull ups for Daddy till they leak, then open the diaper up and masturbate until I cum!

    #20 10:59 min I come home from a tiring day at school and I want nothing else then to dive into little space! So when I get home I show Daddy (you/camera) my favorite dress and pull ups and ask to change into them, but Daddy is being strict and says I have to be a big girl and do my chores. I whine, but finally give in. Then I suddenly get the idea to wet my pants to prove to spite Daddy! That’ll show him! I wet my tan pants a lot in my room. Then I clean up the floor so Daddy doesn’t get tooo mad and get to my chores while dancing to some music. Then later Daddy sees my pants and I come back saying I have to spank myself. So I pull down the wet pants to show my wet panties and spank myself.

    #21 19:21 min I pee my blue jeans outside for Daddy and show them and my wet panties off! Then I pull my jeans back up and go inside casually do chores still in my wet pants.

    #22 9:45 min I’m wearing a black top, little red shorts, black thigh highs, and lace black panties over pampers baby dry. I’m being bratty telling you that I’m a big girl even though I wet sometimes. I want to show you so I wet my diaper and then masturbate with my vibrator after like a big girl.

    #23 7:11 min I'm being a little baby showing "Daddy" the pacis I decorated and my coloring books. Then I lay back on my bed and rub myself over the pull ups. I pull them to the side and play with my princess parts until I cum!

    #24 15:04 I'm playing with my toys in my princess tent and realize I have to go pee. I wet my huggies and change into a new diaper, but once I do I realize that I didn't go enough. So I wet the new huggies too! I start getting princess tingles and play with myself using my hands until I cum! Then I again change into a new diaper once I'm finished.

    #25 6:02 min A random casual video of me masturbating with my vibrator and confetti dildo because I didn't want to do my physics homework ;D does anyone else masturbate to procrastinate?

    The girls were only freshmen in college, so they shouldn’t even have been allowed in the beer distributor. They were obviously too young to buy any alcohol. Most workers and managers would recognize this immediately and make them leave.

    But the girls had enough experience with men ogling them to recognize that one worker in particular could be put to good use. He was small, timid, and blushed every time they caught him glancing at their short skirts and ample cleavage.

    He knew they weren’t 21, but he was too shy to take charge and make them leave. Plus, he quickly became enamored with them. He knew he’d never get to be with them, so drinking in their beauty was too intoxicating to pass up.

    They knew his schedule by now. Things turned into a routine. They would come in as scantily dressed as they could without catching public indecency citations,

    Then they would roam around the store for a few minutes, bending over to pretend to look at different beers. They’d glance back at him and giggle when they saw him blush.

    He’d keep his hands upon the counter he stood behind, but his little penis was always hard as a rock making a small tent in his pants. He liked to pretend they didn’t notice.

    Sophie had a larger chest, while Mathilde had the nicest ass on campus. They both knew how good they looked.

    They would eventually make their way to the counter with the beer they wanted for whichever party they were going to that night, and they’d play through the same conversation as always:

    “I’m sorry, but we don’t have any money,” Sophie would pout. “Our little skirts don’t have any pockets, and we seem to have forgotten our purses.”

    “There must be some way we can… come… to an arrangement,” Mathilde would say while peeking at his little boner in his pants.

    He was already on the verge of ejaculating in his pants and was too embarrassed to look them in the eyes, opting for their chests or longing to see up their skirts once more.

    This time, he peered longingly at Mathilde, who has been his favorite as of late, prompting Sophie to roll her eyes in jealousy. Mathilde smiled and turned around, lifting her skirt almost absentmindedly.

    She paused for a few seconds with her hands on her hips as his breathing became more ragged. He tried to stifle a grunt, but was unsuccessful.

    Both girls knew what had just happened and giggled as they peered over the counter just in time to see a stain appearing in his crotch.

    “Oh, no,” Sophie feigned surprise. “It looks like you may have had a small accident.”

    “We’ll just take the beer and let you go get cleaned up,” Mathilde said, still giggling. “You really ought to look into wearing some protection, honey. All of your panties are going to be stained if you can’t get things under control.”

    With a flip of their skirts, they turned and walked out of the store, carrying their beer.

    The door closing broke him out of a daze, and he quickly took some cash from his pocket to pay for what the girls just left with. He wouldn’t have his break for another hour, so cleaning up was out of the question.

    “I can see your tiny erection poking through your diaper - don’t try to hide it! I can’t believe this outfit is turning you on so much - it’s not revealing at all. I could understand if I was showing a bunch of cleavage, but this is just pathetic. This is the reason why you’re in diapers in the first place.”

    “I bet you’re about to cum in your diaper already, aren’t you? No, you’re not going to cum in your diaper? What if I do this?”

    *Jumps up and down, jiggling her tits*

    “Uh oh! Did you have an accident? See, I told you! You couldn’t take your eyes off of my boobs and your little clitty just couldn’t handle it. You just splattered a huge load of cum on the inside of your diaper.”