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    Prisioner Vacuum

    Permanent vacuum arrest system. Consists of maintaining in comfortable position, lotus position, endowed with autonomous feeding system, continuous evacuation. In addition, the suit has micro electrodes that stimulate the muscles not to arthritis due to being in the same position for a long time. The prisoner undergoes a synthesis cocktail treatment that leaves his vital organs inert with low metabolism. that is, the prisoner can stay that way for years with preserved and full health.

    Who is Sandro?

    He is an ambitious young man, who at the age of 18 achieved financial success by working in the car theft market.

    He also performed other types of thefts.

    Fair skin, blond hair, slim, defined body; but surely what most caught Marcus's attention were his green eyes.

    The first thing he imagined when he saw the young man lying on the floor next to his classic Romero, half conscious of having been caught in a paralyzing electrical discharge, was seeing that little body being tightened in a latex suit.