Project Werk

    So. The soaping hadn’t gone all that well after all. Anyhow, after a few more minutes of pathetic and sloppy washing, I gave up and got out of the shower, and entered my room to find the worst thing I could have possibly chosen to wear. Oh, wait. I don’t choose my uniform. It was ridiculous. The skirt was supposed to be mid-thigh, but since I had gotten the money from mum and bought the uniform, I made sure I got it two sizes smaller. Unraveling my towel, I let it fall to the floor and admired myself in the mirror. My hair was falling neatly, and almost comically, perfectly covering my nipples. Even the thought of not being able to see the nipples made me feel slightly turned on.

    “Not now, Cheyenne. Not now,” I thought, and pulled my hair back into a ponytail. Crossing the room, I opened my wardrobe, and pulled the bra and panties drawer open. I rummaged through all of it.

    “No, not that.. nope, that’s too silly, no… Ah, this one,” and guess what fell into my lucky grasp? This.

    Oh yes. This one would do. See, during Project Work, or PW for my fellow JC peeps out there, we do it differently in my class. We push all the tables out of the way, and pull up chairs, and sit in a circle. Pretty normal right? Nope. Not one bit. Because without tables in the way, I make sure that I sit a little bit behind everyone else. And then the fun starts. Whoever sits opposite me, thinks that I’m just being distracted and accidentally spreading my legs a bit too wide. But no.

    I do it on purpose.

    Anyway, last Thursday, this girl, Crystal LastnameIshallnotsay who I knew for real was a bisexual, sat opposite me in PW. Christ, was she in for a surprise. The little panties I was wearing that day was this delicate, black lacy thing. Utterly beautiful, with too much sheer, it was completely see through. Totally, because the vagina part was actually, nothing. There wasn’t anything there. J anyway, I never made eye contact, left the skirt high, and leaned over to my other friend, who was oblivious to everything. In fact, everyone else was. Except for Crystal. She made deft glances between my legs, and I rewarded her everytime with a slight peek.

    As I spotted her looking, I instantly raised my left leg and spread my right, allowing for the perfect upskirt. I could see it, Crystal was having so much difficulty trying to keep herself in control. As she turned away, I stole a look at her. Her blouse was rather tight, and I could see full well that her nipples were trying to bore a hole through her bra. I’m pretty sure the other guys could see too, but they were trying to pretend not to. Crystal is, rather hot, I should add.

    Anyway, she was trying to keep her skirt in control too, but I could see that under the file she was holding on her lap, she was subtly rubbing her clit through her skirt. Smiling to myself, I leaned back slightly, and gave her a show to enjoy.