🍑what got you into spanking?

    👥 whats your role? Spanker spankee or both?

    🖐 have you ever spanked someone?

    ✋ have you ever been spanked?

    💅 Ever self spanked?

    🍑Bare Bottom or Clothed?

    💃fav spanking position?

    🏃‍♀️least fav spanking favorite position

    🤔 does a spanking just belong on the bottom or backs of thighs too?

    😢 do tears signal the end of a spanking for you? Or does it keep going.

    🏏fav implement as a spanker/spankee?

    🏏least fav implement as a spanker/spankee?

    🐻favorite or go to ‘aftercare?‘🐻

    🗨 Discipline. Safe or no safe word?

    ✔ Best non spanking  punishment?

    ❎ least liked non spanking punishment?

    ⏰corner /time out time. Yes or no?⏰

    😈Naughty/Nice or both?👼

    🤤most Embarrasing spanking ? got or given?

    😶most embarrasing place a spankings taken place? Did you give or recieve?

    😭Do you cry easily from being spanked?😭

    🤕do you bruise/mark easily during/after a spanking?

    👤 have you ever spanked someone in front of someone else?

    👤have you ever been spanked in front of someone else?

    👀.Have you ever seen someone else being spanked?

    👂has someone ever over heard you being spanked or have you overheard someone?

    👪 were you spanked growing up?

    ♂️♀️ Do you prefer a male or female spanker? Or both?

    ♀️♂️ Male or Female Spankee

    😓 you have just been Told you have earned a Good punishment spanking across someone’s knee. What would it be for?

    💭 spanking fantasy you are currently curious about or what to try?

    🏏 what implements have you used to spank before

    🏏 what implements have you been spanked with before

    😍 favorite spanking model?

    📽 favorite spanking video that youve stumbled upon?

    📃✏ You’re in charge! List of things you would def spank a Sub for?


    Go ahead, feel free to ask. Anons welcome too!


    Yes you can ask me too!




    If anyone is interested, yep. Ask away


    OKAY so I saw this a few days ago and was like “whatever” but then I smashed my phone in a car door, had to clean up some dead baby bunnies in my yard, and have just generally NOT had a good week. I’m fucking spooked and I’m reblogging this twice to get the universe to stop.


    I ignored this too and then i got kicked out of my house. Also reblogging twice.


    Won’t risk this


    I’m always high and paranoid…


    Just a heads-up if you’ve always lusted after the iconic but long-discontinued Vermont Country Store hairbrush. I just found the closest version of it on Amazon.  It’s listed as: Redecker Short Bath Brush with Natural Pig Bristles, 11-¾ Inches Long 

    It looks to be a wickedly effective spanking implement. I’ll know more when it arrives


    I can say the Vermont which I have felt but do not own is very effective and versatile


    Can 100% confirm.