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    As an eye doctor, this shouldn't be controversial. It's a problem. 5 years ago, nighttime headlight issues were reserved for people with cataracts or LASIK scars. Today, everyone has problems seeing the road through the oncoming headlights. People are getting anti-glare and blueblocking coatings not bc they are sitting on a computer 8+ hours a day but bc the blue tinted halogens are making them feel unsafe to drive. We are selling insane amounts of yellow tinted nighttime driving glasses even though they're really only for people with cataracts bc ppl are desperate for anything that may help them deal with the headlights. I've had multiple patients tell me they just don't drive at night anymore.

    This is an actual safety issue and it needs to be addressed


    Monsieur says it’s not just the intensity but also the angle of the headlights that causes this issue. Many aren’t calibrated properly and that’s part of why they can blind you. But the fucking blue tinted lights are definitely a problem.