So uh-

    I just finished reading both Carry On and Wayward Son in 4 days (i was actually doing other stuff as well, yes) and basically I just wanted to say:


    He gets to the end of the ramparts, but instead of stopping, he leaps up on top of the wall, then out over the moat - just takes a running jump off the building! And doesn’t fall! He floats out over the moat and lands on the other side. It’s the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen.

    I’m reading Wayward Son right now and it has inspired me to dig out all the sequences I sketched out from Carry On. Hoping to finish them all in the next few months! (And then proceed onto some Wayward Son art :O )

    Nothing, I repeat nOTHING could ever replicate both the absolute chaos and unity created by Kahoot. But the question is, which kid are you?: The kid panicking over wifi signal? The kid going “bUT I CLICKED THE OTHER ONE”? The kid sighing in defeat? The kid screaming in pain? The kid shouting in joy? The kid who’s like “was I toooo fast? no. kashoot yourself bitch”? The kid who’s lost their soul to Kahoot? Every single one. You are and have been every single last one of these and if you say that you aren’t, you’re a fucking liar.

    yesterday we had a class of 2022 assembly in the gym and they brought onstage one of those motivational speakers,,, y'all know the type

    anyway she was going “hey it’s sometimes a good thing to always conform; if all your friends jumped off a bridge, would—”

    and literally, without ANY PRIOR PLANNING, we all shouted YES at the same time and the lady was DUMBFOUNDED. literally DID NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO i have never felt such SHEER FUCKING DUMBASS ENERGY

    i think ive peaked in life

    Gen Z

    Born in the shadow

    Of 9/11

    Birth certificates

    Make a spectacle

    Of how gullible we are


    The news channel

    Like a lullaby

    Our parents watch

    Not wanting to wake us

    We go to sleep knowing

    That the monsters

    Were never under our bed


    And despite what we go through

    Despite how many horrors

    We are witness to

    A gag is on our mouth

    Told we are

    Too young

    Too stupid

    Too naive

    And we are


    I am

    Too young

    To be scared of going to school

    And watching the life pour out of my friends

    Because skin isn’t impenetrable like titanium

    Ricocheting bullets embed themselves in soft skin

    And now I’ll never be able to say

    “I’m sorry” for that dumb fight during lunch

    Bulletproof backpacks

    Were never in the school wish list

    Look around the class

    Who are you willing to die for?

    Are you strong enough to comfort their mom?

    She’ll be crying on your shoulder

    As you tell stories

    How everybody copied off their homework

    Because they were the smartest

    Or how they never failed to make the class burst in laughter

    Explaining the inside jokes that died with them

    In a pool of their own blood

    Right by your desk


    I am

    Too young

    To find my friend’s body

    Slumped over

    On the bathroom floor

    Candy coloured pills stuffed down their throats

    Dothiepin, Amitriptyline and Imipramine

    Or maybe crimson blood pouring down their wrists

    Because we never questioned

    If they were hot with a sweater during summer

    Too late to help battle whatever demons they were facing

    Too late to be the knight in shining armour they needed

    And a note lays in their hand

    Apologizing for what they did

    When you know the person that should’ve apologized

    Was you

    Because maybe

    If you had listened more

    If you had asked the right questions

    If you had done this or that

    It doesn’t matter

    Cause when suicide

    Is the 2nd leading cause

    Of death in youth

    What’s the point

    Trying to be the superhero with the red cape

    When you might be the one at the noose?


    I am

    Too young

    To see familiar faces on the news

    Afraid to see my friends body

    Drape over a white sheet

    As if that covers up the horrors

    “Don’t shoot!”

    Shouldn’t be

    Someone’s last words

    He looked older in the dark

    He only fired in self-defense

    Blue lives or black lives?

    Which ones matter most?

    You might call me obnoxious

    Because i don’t submit to your ideals

    But let me ask you this

    When did people go to an academy

    For their skin?

    When were people given uniforms

    For their skin?

    When were people given guns

    For their skin?

    They just wanted to go home

    To their families

    That’s what we all want

    But only one of us will go home

    The other laying on the concrete

    Covered in a white sheet

    Like cheap Halloween decoration

    The blood seeping through

    Scratchy white fabric


    I am

    Too young

    To be sent out of class

    Because my skirt was too short

    “The boys will be distracted”

    They said

    But I look around the room

    They’re doing their work

    They’re focused

    So why are you not?

    Why are you looking at my legs?

    I’m walking down the street

    A man old enough to be my dad

    Is looking at me, staring

    Like a lion watches his prey

    Looking for a moment to strike

    A cobra swaying from side to side

    If I’m not careful

    His poison will flow through my veins

    I can feel his eyes on me

    As if I somehow share his sins

    They are crawling on my back

    So maybe I should’ve put on that jacket

    Maybe I should’ve worn pants instead

    But it was a nice day

    And I had just ironed my skirt

    And maybe I should’ve asked someone

    To come get the mail with me

    Because now if something happens

    It’s my fault


    I am

    Too young

    To be crying at my friend’s funeral

    Because no matter

    How many times

    I told them to stop

    They wouldn’t

    A loopy wonderland

    And meaningless smiles

    Were too much

    Of a temptation

    Against a brutal reality

    Of a cold and desaturated planet

    Shouts still ringing

    In their ears

    And last week

    Their mom found their body

    Overdosed in the bathtub

    Eyes still wide


    Pupils dilated

    And now

    My last memory of them will be

    Silky smoke in my face

    Burning claws in my lungs

    While I’m still sitting on the couch

    Drinking Diet Coke

    Because I “don’t know how to live”

    But apparently

    Neither do they


    I grew up in a world

    Where violence is common

    A bullet flies by

    But I don’t notice

    Desensitized and numb


    And now that I have a voice

    That you’ve never heard before

    You will try to silence me

    But can you really blame me

    For my shouts?

    I was born with information

    At my fingertips


    To every news source in the world

    And you expect me

    To stay at the kid’s table

    During dinner?

    Because the adults are talking?


    But you have brought me onto this earth

    Where the expectation

    Was to watch the world burn

    And you don’t care

    Because you’ll die

    Before you see the sun explode

    But I will remain

    We will remain

    To see our flesh melt off

    You brought us here

    In the middle of a battle

    And you have failed miserably

    The battles you won

    Will be meaningless

    Against the war that we will win


    We will rise from the ashes

    Of what you have already burned down


    it really is next to impossible to write realistic sibling dialogue, I just passed my brother on the stairs and instead of greeting each other like human beings I said ‘born survivor’ and he said ‘youtube rewind. let’s set it to rewind.’ like you ain’t gonna find that shit in a novel


    aw man writing siblings is so wild because sometimes you just cant portray it

    me and my little brother don’t even greet each other - if we pass each other on the stairs or in the corridor, we jump into ridiculous fight stances then feign karate chopping and slapping each other (stopping just before we make contact) whilst making “HIIIYA and “POW” noises for a solid 30 seconds, then silently walk off and continue what we were doing

    and then sometimes he’ll either just do the Had To Do It To ‘Em pose when I enter the room or dab as a greeting


    exactly! I have three younger brothers and the original post was just about the oldest, the middle one and me usually do some kind of elaborate dab also, and a lot of the time when I see the youngest I just yell his name like a wrestling commentator…siblings have a different language


    my twin brother and I just point at each other like that spider-man meme if we see each other at school


    every time we see each other my brother and i raise our elbows and start walking at each other/ standing completely still

    its exactly like this


    whenever a young kid joins our staff at work im just like huh. guess im a father now.


    these kids will be like “can you drive me home? i don’t have gas money but-” and im already pullin out my keys and am like. sweetheart, you are a child. i am not charging a child gas money.


    i literally almost lunged across the counter to throw hands with some old hag who yelled at and insulted one of our 16 y/o girls but instead i threw her sandwich at her and told her to never fucking come back


    old dudes will flirt with our young girls too and i’ll be like ay man this is a truck stop, normal customer service rules dont apply here. i can and will call the cops on you.


    im the only manager that actively tells them to steal food because these are teenagers and they are HUNGRY


    You are the only valid manager



    I was scrolling through Tumblr and came across a post of KNOWN PEDOPHILES ON TUMBLR (many of which have or want to rape actual children/minors)




    ☆ Reblogging the version not invaded by pedophiles/pedophile apologists ☆


    Lets fucking roast this shit out of em guys!


    Just gonna say this again.





    Keep away from these people. If you receive a message, don’t talk to them, don’t insult them, just block them and report. #KEEPMINORSSAFE


    Stay safe, guys!




    Please stay safe kiddos 

    Always block and report