sadistic, intense, no-mercy TICKLE TORTURE
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2021-02-23 03:03:47

    I want to suffer.

    I want excessive bondage.

    Bicep restraints. I want my arms stretched up so far, with bicep restraints holding them in place so I cannot pull my arms down at all.

    Thigh straps. I want my legs to be firmly secure so I cannot flinch when you squeeze my knees or thighs.

    A strap around the chest or hips...or both. I don't want to be able to buck, or squirm, at all. I want to be forced to have to take the torture.

    Toe ties. I don't want to be able to move my feet at all. I want to feel too powerless to stop the merciless tickling on my toes as you laugh at me while I try and scrunch them, but fail.

    Blindfolds. I want it all. I don't want to feel in control at all. I want to be at someone's mercy, begging, screaming and crying.

    And only then, do I want you to bring out the gag.

    I respect men who show me they don’t give a fuck about my boundaries or my dignity in small everyday things. Slap my ass, everytime I walk by. Laugh when I tell you to stop. When you see me eating a meal, come and look me in the eye while, you jerk off into my food. Drop things for me to pick up. Pull my boobs out, when I’m trying to talk about something important. Casually spit in my face. Piss on me while I’m asleep. Show me that disrespecting me, is no big deal to you and I will admire you deeply.

    I want someone to condition me to enjoy disgusting things. Have me edge myself to more and more depraved pornography. Make me fuck my ass with a dildo every time I touch my desperate, needy, greedy little cunt so I start to associate cumming with getting my ass fucked. Edge me out while I suck and slobber and drool all over your cock so I can learn how to get off from giving head alone. Give me homework to do when we’re not together - send me videos of fucked up porn and tell me to edge and edge and edge again until I cum to it. Have me tell you how ashamed it made me feel, then take pictures of how wet my cunt is. “Seems like you enjoyed that disgusting shit to me.” Make me jerk myself off while you piss on me, or inside of me, overflowing my ass with hot liquid. Hold a vibrator to my cunt and make me repeat “I am disgusting.” until I go over the edge. Make me cum to my own demise.


    How do you feel about ghosts? Able to choose what they touch and what they move through. Imagine getting haunted by a ghost who's fascinated by making you cum. Slipping cold fingers through your clothes to reach your clit, fucking inside you with themselves or random objects whenever they want. Manipulating your clothes in public to see if anyone will see your cunt and claim it. Sucking you off while you get raped so you cum on your rapist's cock every time. Nothing you can do to stop them.


    There’s a ghost following me around that just reaches through my clothes throughout the day to tease me. Sometimes, I have to find a bathroom to lock myself in so that I don’t cum in public - I can move around to try and shake them off, but in settings where I have to sit still for a long time, it’s very easy for them to take advantage of me. Sometimes, as punishment for not cumming in public, the ghost will just keep me overstimulated in the bathroom for hours, not letting me leave until I’m sweat-soaked and exhausted out of my mind.

    They don’t want to reveal themselves to other humans, so they never use objects when I’m out and about (since they would have to move my clothes on their own). Instead, I’ll suddenly just feel a cold hard-on slipping into me no matter where I am or what I’m doing, and even if I move around, the ghost can still wreck whatever hole it wants.

    When I’m at home, though, there’s nothing to prevent them from using their supernatural strength to pin me facedown to the floor and pull my clothes off. Then they have free reign to do what they want with me, filling me with household objects - bottles, cleaning brushes, hairbrush handles, pens, a toilet brush - and I can’t do anything about it except cum like a pathetic, helpless slut. Sometimes, they’ll slip something big into me, then use their hand to keep it in while re-dressing me, and I have to go back in public, filled with whatever the ghost wanted me to feel.

    If there’s someone with low morals and a hard-on nearby, the ghost can pick up on it really quickly. At the exact right moment, the ghost can make my shorts hike up or the waist of my pants slip down in just right right way to set them off, and I get pulled into an alley or behind a building to get raped full of seed. Getting my pussy slammed into feels good enough already, but the ghost’s attention just pushes me over the edge, and I can’t help but cum explosively on my rapist’s cock, further milking them and making them realize that I’m enjoying this way more than any reasonable person should...

    But to actually document my thoughts in a less thought-out poetic way. Men/guys/dudes you are the cutest little tickle beans and my heart hurts. Also, it’s so easy to tickle you. As soon as I start kissing and licking and making you horny as hell, I can touch you however I like and you’re game~ not my fault long nails up your side and over your thighs make you jump, ~especially~ by your balls.. and then that turns me on so now we’re both turned on wow life is beautiful. Side note, it’s a win win because either they just let me and giggle away or 2, they just reverse it, or grab my hands and cuddle me. Side side note, tell me why my heart was so happy cause I said “did you ever think, hm, maybe she’s doing this a lot cause she likes it?” I said this while grazing my fingers down a guy’s sides then a lightbulb in his head clicked so he lightly tickled me and even said “hm, where else are you ticklish?” like !!! Telling people isn’t a bad thing and now they know how to turn me on ? Mmm~ Okay Brain dump over 😌💛

    rapey tickles

    it’s taken me a long time to accept and verbalize the truth. The core of my tickling kink isn’t extreme tickle torture – though of course I like it extreme, but I like it lighter sometimes too.

    But the thing that really turns me on is when the tickles are… unwelcome. Molesting, groping, violating. That kind of tickling. The kind that is either a component of outright sexual assault, or is itself a kind of repressed form of sexual violence, expressed in the faux-innocence of tickling, because what could be more fun?

    But the lee isn’t laughing in delight. They’re being bullied, forced to laugh while they are groped anywhere and everywhere. That’s the kind of tickling I jerk it thinking about. Hands reaching inside clothes. Sneaking a tit squeeze. Pulling off shoes and socks without asking, because the ler wants to tickle the lee’s bare feet, and the ler is in control, so those feet are gonna be bared.

    Or lers, plural, in control. Fuck, I love the cruelty of the gang. The casual dehumanization, the rape-mob mentality And, absolutely, the way they overload the lee to the point where the lee can’t breathe, can’t fight back, just has to take the tickling. Total loss of agency, total panic, wrapped up in frantic laughs.

    I love it when the lee is stripped naked and their private parts bounce and jiggle around while they struggle. I love when they’re forced to cum, which not only makes them even more exhausted and ticklish, but makes them validate even the most brutal and humiliating tickle treatment with their forced sexual response. I love, as a ler, being openly and wantonly sexual with my tickling. And watching other lers do the same. Touching themselves with one hand and tickling with the other. Fucking the lee in any hole. Rubbing themselves on the lee’s feet or in the lee’s armpits. Consummating the conversion of the lee into a total sex toy for pure ler pleasure. Immersing the lee in an overwhelming, inescapable headspace of being a target.

    Today I spoke to a lee who wants, some day, to relive her own childhood tickling abuse in a consensual scene context. And I could not help but wish to be one of those lers. I can’t think of anything more gratifying. Giving her what she needs so profoundly; this thing that has a secret, dark power over her. And having it be, at the same time, an at-last unleashed expression of my own forbidden lust. I could become the tickle monster, the tickle bully, and the more sexually sadistic I’d be, the more it would be giving her what I understand she needs. And i do understand.

    I wouldn’t participate in a scene like that lightly, but nor would I hold back. It would deprive us both of what we need, were I to hold back.

    If I had my way, the bondage would be complete, and utterly inescapable. Being in that bondage would make her feel, deep inside, hopeless. And it would need to be inescapable from a practical standpoint because the tickles get fun for me when I can tell she’s had enough. That’s when I’d really get turned on. That’s when I’d only get more cruel, driven on by the rush that comes from tickling someone past their limit and knowing every single second is unbearable for them, knowing they are truly trying to get away but can’t.

    It is such a relief to admit this, you can’t even imagine. If it seems sick, just know that the sickness only turns me on more. If it seems dubiously consensual, just know that moment when present consent is in doubt and prior consent is a fact the lee lowkey regrets is hotter than anything else I can imagine. It looks like rape, feels like rape, and you’re laughing. That’s my kink.

    Probably over 90% of the posts I've ever made on this blog are now flagged by tumblr and invisible to everyone but me. Including many totally sfw ones, like clothed selfies. I'm still mad about that. Tumblr said: here's a creative space. Come here and be creative, be yourself, and we will profit from your content generation and your curation in return for hosting you. And then a couple years later they were like: actually, never mind! Sexuality is icky! And we asked for our content back, but they never made it exportable. So it's effectively gone, if not literally deleted.

    And yes, I'm still here. There's really nowhere to turn to. The US crackdown on internet sexuality is at an advanced stage. It hurts sex workers especially, and that makes me angry too. It hurts young people who would have relied on the internet for education about their sexuality, especially lgbt youth, gender nonconforming people, and kinky people. It takes away education that was trying to help people be safe. And it fucking sucks because sexuality is fun, and it should be a celebrated and acknowledged part of the human experience.