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Stuff i like ends up here. Also shit about myself. And my boobs. And my NBE progress. Sometimes. Relatively little actual nudity. Always open for asks and messages about any of the titular topics. :3

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    Hi what are some of your favorite animes

    That’s a wide field, really. There’s a lot of the usual suspects like FMAB and Steins;Gate, Log Horizon that are extremely well rounded, comfy shows like Yuru Camp as well as the mandatory Studio Trigger/Gainax madness like Tengen Toppa, PSG and Promare.


    What is your favorite "having giant tits" story, anecdote or experience that you've had?

    Well one of them was when my tits were overflowing and broke and popped a button during a meeting. The button flew across the room and the woman stared at me as my tits lurched forward. I also had women stare at my tits and get angry at me and Ive had friends exclaiming “your tits never stop growing!” Or “jesus christ you grew again!”