Nsfw is a no go...

    So while I didn’t have my account loaded it seems a lot of things happened such as all nsfw pretty much getting blocked. So! I’ve made a Twitter where I’m gonna start posting my own nsfw art whenever I get around to making some. It won’t be posted on a lot but I’ll post multiple links on accounts you can follow.

    Instagram: basinbobcat

    Twitter: BasinBobcatNSFW

    If you have any questions feel free to ask. I know I never posted any art on here I just sorta turned it into a yiff account but hey I’m gonna try and not do that so much and focus on my own art. Hope you all find my account interesting! Have a good one!




    while yes you should vaccinate your kids, you can’t vaccinate for bubonic plague. also this couple ate a raw, dead rat, which is how they got it. they then didn’t go get antibiotics, which in most modern cases of bubonic plague allows for a full recovery.

    yes, PLEASE vaccinate your kids, but don’t use scare tactics to spread false information.


    I’m sorry I think the question that should be asked is why they are a raw dead rat


    It was some ritual thing from what I understand. It was a marmot they ate.


    People wildin


    This lamp absorbs 150 times more CO2 than a tree

    It’s still in the “so crazy it just might work” stage, but these microalgae-powered lamps, invented by French biochemist Pierre Calleja, could absorb a ton of carbon from the air every year. That’s as much as 150 to 200 trees. [x]


    YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND. This is ingenious.

    The design is a light bulb surrounded by a glass casing. The glass is filled with (water based) media and microalgae. The top is permeable to gasses so that gas exchange can occur. All of the wiring is linked to the grid underground.

    Since the light source is inside, it gets scattered and “dimmed” by the water and algae. This makes it less glaringly bright and scatters the light wider, which is good for a street light. It is not longer white light as well, which helps make it easier on the eyes while still providing light.

    At the same time, it provides the light for photosynthesis in the algae, so they are continuously exchanging CO2 for O2, not just in the day. It also provides a source of heat, which helps keep the algae from going dormant during cold weather (as in the snowy picture above).

    And notice how I did not specify permeability - that’s because NOx’s (NO and NO2) are also permeable and can be used as nitrogen sources to microalgae. In fact, algae are relatively low maintenance. As autotrophs, they don’t require super complex media, not does it really need to be changed/added to. (I’m actually fairly certain that there would still be algae in these tanks a year later; it may need to be cleaned or something, but there would be some living algae.)


    solar punk sensibilities with cyber punk aesthetic


    anyway, here’s one of the most iconic moments in cinematic history

    shrek 2 was a fucking masterpiece


    I literally remember being a young tot in the theater on the edge of my seat, wide eyed at everything that was going on, and it all just being the most magical intense scene I’d ever seen

    Beeeeee goooooood.


    this scene should be studied in screenwriting courses


    This just seemed appropriate today.


    oh please please PLEASE let Tumblr flag this post