Another beautiful dak amputee doing this stupid procedure… 😕


    Why do you say it’s a stupid procedure?


    Because basically all of them have massive problems with infections including her. She has had 5 operations since she got it done. Quite a few tried it for a few years and had it removed afterwards. Its a constant open wound. After one had it done, one is dependent on prosthetic legs as you can not “crawl” anymore, stand on your stumps, even in bed or under the shower you constantly have to watch not to put too much pressure on the metal things sticking out of your stumps. You have to keep it clean and disinfect it all the time. It is a real pain. I’ve been with a woman like that and she only had it on one leg, it can be awkward while having sex too. There are advantages but they do not outway the disadvantages of having prosthetic legs you can simply take off and do not worry about the sand on the beach etc.