Toe sucking fun group

Foot fetish of many types here. Please follow this blog.See girls sucking toes, foot tickling games all feet related posts for private viewing only. Updated as & when I can. Enjoy yourself. Adults over age 18 only allowed

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2020-10-18 22:16:44

    This is the moment. Do or die time. When you finally get your hands on your crush’s feet. 

    It was a massage at first, just some way to hold her feet after you noticed them glistening after she kicked off her canvas slip-ons. They were warm. Sweaty. Sensitive. But you didn’t come this far for a massage. So you can grab her ankle, and, as she’s asking what you’re doing, you strike. Five fingers scribbling up and down her sole. Her reaction is immediate. She squirms, and bucks, and howls with laughter as passersby and other picnickers watch. Incoherent, uncontrollable laughter explodes in a useless attempt to break free. 

    This is better than you’d hoped for. Shes so ticklish. You almost feel bad. But then you think of how rare an opportunity this is, so you keep going. As you feel the curves of her feet beneath your fingers and the desperate laughter it draws out, you wonder how she’d react to other methods of tickling. How would she react to a feather between her toes? Or a hairbrush scrubbing the balls of her feet? Or your tongue, dragging up from heel to toe?

    Her free foot kicks upward. You snap out of it and look around. A few people are staring, smiling. You feel bold. You wonder what would happen if you asked someone to grab her other foot and go to town…