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    A Shoulder to Cry On (2023) – E01

    What I wanted to say is it wasn’t your fault. Everything that happened before was an accident. It wasn’t your fault.

    Kim Jaehan as LEE DAYEOL & Shin Yechan as JO TAEHYUN

    Something about how Tae Hyun is just constantly bothering the world around him, be it Da Yeol's arrow feathers, Da Yeol's arrows, tree branches, baseball bats, baseballs, Da Yeol himself and I could go on - and the contrast with Da Yeol who tries to remake the infirmary bed perfectly after he's messed it up, who tries to interfere with the world and with his own life as little as possible

    Something about the way Tae Hyun smiles at the end of episode 1 when Da Yeol is looking for his lucky charm in Tae Hyun's apartment, being disruptive for the first time

    Something about how only Da Yeol seems to keep Tae Hyun's focus and something about how Tae Hyun is the only thing capable of distracting Da Yeol