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Just another sub girl with some hidden sexual desires and and too many kinks to list 💋 ISO Sugar Daddy to pay for my coffee and lingerie obsessions 💋 Always up for making friends and chatting 💋 18&up only - I reblog photos I enjoy and assume they are all consenting partners over legal age - PROFILE PHOTO IS ME

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    12 Reasons I need to have a Dominant in my life

    1.) I need the structure and rules in order to feel fulfilled.

    2.) I need to have someone to care for and be valuable to

    3.) I crave the intensity of D/s interactions

    4.) The feeling of ownership makes me feel safe and free

    5.) Having someone in my life who is willing to push my boundaries has made me a better person

    6.) I need someone who craves me and wants me just as much as I do them and I have not found that in the vanilla world

    7.) I need to be held accountable for my actions in a way that only a D/s relationship can provide

    8.) I love having a person who will take me down dark paths of desire

    9.) I have desires that require absolute trust in order to be fulfilled

    10.) I crave that moment when I can finally let go and fully submit and my mind finally quiets

    11.) Sometimes I just need the feelings of hands on my throat or buried in my hair and the whisper of “You are Mine” in my ear

    12.) Pain is an incredible turn on and I have yet to meet a vanilla who understands why I want it


    The Restaurant

    You picked the place but all the other choices became his that night.  You met him promptly at 7.  You saw him standing outside in his suit holding a small bag.  You had seen pictures of him but never met in person.  You wore what he asked – the snakeskin dress, red peep toe heels, hair down and of course no panties.  As you walked up to him, you saw the smile grow on his face.

    “Good evening sexy” came his low bass voice.  The sound reverberated inside you making that pussy moisten.

    “Hello Sir” – you reached up and kissed him on the lips.  You felt his arm naturally slide around your body.  It comes naturally to a dominant Man.

    “About time – right sexy?”

    “What is in the bag?”

    “You will find out in a bit – a Man always comes bearing gifts.  The question is who is the gift for?”

    His smile told you that there was something special in the bag.  

    The hostess greeted you at the door


    “Mr Retsam – party of 2.  I had asked for a booth.”

    “Right this way sir.”

    “I see you have everyone calling you Sir.” You said.

    “If it were only that easy.” Came your reply.

    You came to the table and he waited as you made your choice which side.

    “Last Choice you will make tonight.” – he said causing your pussy to tighten.

    The waitress came over.  “Can I get you a drink?”  “Yes I will have a bourbon neat and she will have a Dark and Stormy.”

    As she left, he placed the bag on the table.  “This is for you.  I want you to go into the restroom and read the instructions.  Then return to the table.”

    You did as you were told.  In the stall you opened the bag inside was a weighted plastic egg with a wire out of it and a note.

    “If you have on panties this is your last chance.  Take them off and put them in the bag.  If I find them on later in the evening you will be punished.  

    Now take the egg and place it inside with the wire out and return to the table.  Place the bag on the table and I will take it.”

    You did as you were told – the egg fit snuggly in your pussy.  You walked back to the table and as he lifted the bag, he said “Good Girl Mission Accomplished.”

    No sooner had your ass hit the cushion than the waitress was back with her drinks.  All of the sudden you found out his plan – the egg began to vibrate inside you.  You gripped the table and looked at him.  You could see the smile on his face.  

    After the drinks were placed, she asked if you were ready to order.  “No we need a minute” he replied.

    As soon as she left the table the vibration stopped.  

    He held up his glass and “Cheers, It is going to be  a lovely evening.  I see you like your gift.”

    “Damn you.  I can’t take this all night”

    “Oh but you must my dear.  Take it out and this will be our only meeting.  Leave it in and I promise much pleasure before the evening is done.”

    You had wanted this – a man in control – one not scared to use his advantage over you.  

    The waitress returned – the buzzing began – your pussy was reacting to all the stimulation.  It was everything you could do to fight the coming orgasm.

    You barely heard a word he said to the waitress only that he was ordering for you and he asked for an extra pair of to go chopsticks, which he apparently needed at home.

    Time and time again he called the waitress over to torture you.  Edging you.  Finally the food came.  The conversation was different.  He wanted to know all about you – your past, and your current situation.  You had talked to him over email but his questions showed a genuine concern.

    And then happened the food was done, the waitress was back and the vibrations started anew.

    The waitress asked if anyone wanted dessert. He looked you straight in the eye “How about you?”  All you could do is shake your head no.

    “We will take a check”

    The next 5 minutes were a blur as the waitress came multiple times to your table.  Finally he was done and he held out his arm to help you up from the table.

    “Good Girl” he whispered in your ear.

    The hostess added as you walked out the door “Enjoy the rest of your evening”

    He Shot back “We intend to”

    “Now my dear – I want you to follow me to my car.  When we get there,  I want you in the back seat. “

    As you approached you saw the lights on his car beep as he opened the doors.  You did as you were told.  You scrambled into the back seat and he followed.

    “Straddle me slut”

    You did as you were told.  You felt his fingers grab on to the wire and pull out the egg.  “You wont be needing this anymore.”  He undid the back of your dress and with one hand undid your bra.  You looked around.

    “Don’t worry no one can see in – Limo Tint on the windows.”

    You felt him pull down the top of your dress exposing your nipples – he licked and nibbled them until they were hard.  He reached up and forced you to kiss him.  Deeply and with force he took you – all the while playing with your nipples.  He took the wooden chopsticks out of his coat and broke them apart.  He placed them around your nipples and started to squeeze.  You saw him watching – watching your reaction.  With one hand he had complete control.

    “Unzip my pants slut and fondle me.”

    You reached down and felt his erect thick hard cock right below your pussy.

    “Take my dick in your hand and rub it on your clit.”  You eagerly did as you were told.  He was rock hard for you and that only added to your wetness.  

    “Slide me in but don’t move”  You pushed him inside of you – his full length filling you.  Your pussy was pulsating around his hard cock.  You didn’t notice the extra pressure to your nipples.  It only added to your excitement.

    Then he placed the egg on your clit and pressed it into you.

    The egg vibrated on your clit

    “Don’t move just enjoy.  You can orgasm on my cock.”

    And Orgasm you did. The wetness trickled down his cock and balls.  

    “Now thrust Slut.  You began to go up and down on his cock.  You reached for the window to prop yourself  and he met you thrust for thrust.  Pounding your pussy from underneath.  You felt his cock pulsing in you – and then you felt him shoot his load deep.  Your body shook with your orgasm.  You had met your Sir.


    If we meet up… let’s do this please 🙏🏻


    Waiting for this day



    How to turn your sub into a pet 101:

    Step 1: buy a big dog cage

    Step 2: make it as cute and cozy as possible with their favorite stuffies in it

    Step 3: let your sub explore and find the cage themselves

    Step 4: follow the screaming and whining

    Step 5: open the cage for your eager sub and watch as they get on their knees and crawl in

    Step 6: put a collar on them and praise them for being such a good little pet

    Step 7: give them their new pet name

    Congratulations, you've captured adopted a new pet!


    New Blog 🔪☠


    Ok so I work in a sex/health shop, so we are literally surrounded by all these AMAZING sex toys all day long. I have this fantasy where we modify the cash desk so that I can be "put on display" in a box with legs bent up so just my ass and pussy is showing. And we just have a bunch of the vibrators and dildos out to demo, so you can see how they work on a real body. (cont'd)

    (cont’d) People walk up to the cash desk and pay for their stuff, and just, casually, as they’re waiting for their receipt or something, they turn on a bullet vibrator and press it against my clit for a second, and I can’t see what’s happening, but I can hear them laugh as they watch my whole pussy clench. And then as they leave one of them pushes a few fingers into me and laughs to their friends about how soaking wet I am. 

    And it just goes on like that for the day. Somebody tries out every single setting on a rabbit vibrator, somebody stretches me out and then slides in a buttplug just to make sure the base is wide enough, and someone comes along a little while later and realizes that it vibrates, so they turn it on a just leave it there. (cont’d)

    I’m allowed to come whenever I want, there’s no rules against it, but the attention I’m getting is way too brief and sporadic to get me anywhere near coming, so I’m just wet and horny and desperate all day long, and nobody even gives a shit, cuz I’m just two holes and a clit for them to play around with HNNG.

    oh my god oh my gOD OH MY GOD SERiously why are my anons this week so quality


    I seriously need this in my life😍



    Now this sounds fun!!



    I will happily test all the toys