after my werewolf boyfriend pulls out


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    Werewolf Boyfriend


    I’m sorry, am I reading that right??


    So we’re just gonna ignore the watermelon getting crushed?




    Hey so does anyone have the nsfw version for that werewolf pic just asking


    I’m sorry what


    i know im op this thread has absolutely gotten out of control


    hold on op, aren’t you the person who had an iq of 4?


    I’m crying. Nobody’s clearing anything up, they just deflect onto the next plot twist








    Since we’re just listing them off my favorite Wereralph post is the poptart pussy one


    THE WHAT?!




    I am so fucking concerned for the mental health of 95% of the people on this hellsite


    personally i’m at 96%


    This post keeps getting worse


    I often find myself wondering how this website is so utterly incapable of making money, and then I see posts like this and I am violently given my answer.


    For the love of god, stop asking “the what?” that’s how this continues!


    But what about the thirty for Minotaur?



    The what?


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    What the fuck do I do with this information now


    GUYS stop reblogging this. OP was in the Marine Core and is technically a war criminal. He turned a blind eye when his comrades killed innocent civilians in Baghdad. He refused testify against soldiers who committed atrocities towards civilians. Stop reblogging OPs posts because that takes attention away from what OP is trying to hide.


    You sure that’s me?


    Like are you sure that’s me??




    Why on God’s green Earth would you expose your goddamn face wereralph. Do I even want to know why your name is wereralph? Don’t answer that.


    its because i like werewolves and my real name is ralph, it’s just that simple. not everything has a crazy explanation


    Me every time wereralph posts


    People paid Actual Money for this website


    The Wolf Master (nsfw)


    The end of an era


    i miss wereralph :(


    pussy so fat staff had to ban me twice


    sometimes I get so angry thinking about ‘The Imitation Game’ that I have to go in a little ‘upset big tantrum room’ in my head for a calm down

    like, Benisnatch Cumberque played the same character he’s always plays as an asshole genius and we were all supposed to be okay with it, but it’s basically character slander

    at different parts of the movie Turing is described as ‘arrogant, “inhuman,” “narcissistic,” and even “a monster,” in the film he goes against those around him and is shown to periodically ignore and belittle his colleagues

    And. I. Am. So. Angry.

    Alan Turing was described by his friends and people that knew him as“intensely shy and kindly”, he was said to “inspire loyalty and affection among those who appreciated his unusual gifts and was “unfailingly generous with his time and expertise, especially toward younger recruits”

    He was kind, he was kind, HE WAS KIND, he was kind

    he was kind and geeky and awkward and gay, I don’t care if the whole of society doesn’t find that compelling, I don’t care if we don’t value kindness as an attribute in men, he deserved to be loved and respected as he was, not as we wish he was

    I am so sorry Alan Turing, I am so sorry your story was not told with care and thoughtfulness, I am so sorry you didn’t get to be shown to be deeply in love with the men you loved, I am sorry your great and terrible tragedy was never unfolded as a kind and brilliant man abused by a horrible homophobic system

    You are a hero that turned the tides of history like no other and I am so sorry


    hey op if you’re looking for a kinder movie about alan turing, you should check out breaking the code (1996). breaking the code was originally a stage play, and this is a filmed adaptation. it’s more faithful to his personality, stars derek jacobi (who was also a gay man and plays the part with so much sympathy), and it doesn’t bungle historical details for the sake of adding more drama. here’s a link to a youtube playlist where you can watch it in full


    He felt bad for the children who were stuck at bletchley park without their toys so he used spare paper from his office to make them a monopoly board by hand


    He was also reported as having a goofy sense of humor where he used to make a show of saying goodbye to everyone at the party and then walk into the closet instead of out the front door

    Plus, he was quoted as saying quips like “Beyond the way they speak, there is only one (no two!) features of American life which I find really tiresome. The impossibility of getting a bath in the ordinary sense and their ideas on room temperature.” — Alan Turing (1936)

    He was a huge athlete and biked everywhere and sometimes ran the five miles to work every morning, and did things like calculate when his bike chain would break so he could keep riding the thing despite it being ancient

    He was still “odd” according to his coworkers as he sometimes wore a gasmask to work to avoid spring allergies and used to chain his coffee mug up to avoid theft at the office, but the same colleagues described him as very friendly, open, and thoughtful as well if not shy.

    and finally, of course, there was Porgy


    He used to practice his Cambridge lectures in front of this stuffed bear he got in college named Porgy and was delighted when his mom sewed it a little outfit. He kept the bear with him throughout life.


    i keep seeing this version without any mention of turing being autistic, and how this portrayal of him as a cold cruel genius is a classic autiphobic trope we’re subjected to constantly.

    he was kind, he was gay, he was brilliant, he was autistic.


    Alan Turing deserved better.

    Let us do a little thought experiment. Conduct a little allegory.

    I am the owner of a newspaper, and have two international reporters who work for me. Nevile Naive is a gullible sap who swallows everything anyone says to him hook, line and sinker. Peter Paranoid, conversely, sees hidden agendas behind everything, right down to the weatherman’s choice of ties.

    As a business owner, I am, naturally, anti-communist; if communism were ever to become popular, there’s a real risk that someone might try to take my business from me, and then I’d be forced to work for a living. So, who out of Neville and Peter do you imagine I send when a communist state claims it’s having a free and fair election? Conversely, who do I send when an anti-communist state does?

    Obviously I send Peter to the first and Neville to the second. Every time I need to report on something happening in a communist state I send Peter and every time I need to report on something happening in a capitalist state I send Neville–and over time, a rather skewed image of the world is produced by my newspaper

    This has all the effects of a conspiracy, but here’s the neat part: as instrumental as Peter and Neville were in these results, neither of them participated in any conspiracy at all. If you asked them, they would tell you that they honestly reported on the things that they saw and were never coerced by me in the slightest–and you won’t catch them in a lie, either, because they’re telling the truth.

    And frankly, the only reason that “I” am acting conspiratorially here is that it makes the story simpler–probably, we’ve just sent Peter to Cuba so many times that we just consider him to be the Cuba expert around here. But even if I am doing this on purpose, and I get caught, I’m not going to rat out all the other media owners I coordinated with–because even though everyone’s doing the same thing, we didn’t coordinate jack; everyone simply had identical motivations which drove them to the same logical conclusions.

    But let’s say we have a maverick among our ranks. Annie Anarchist wants to publish a different perspective–but she has a problem. My paper sells for absurdly cheap, because I offset the cost of them with adverts; the problem for Annie is that, even if the advertising agencies can look past their political disagreements with her, the fact of the matter is that the people who buy her newspaper–anarchists and communists–are, as a general rule, poor, i.e. unlikely go go out and splurge on the things advertised in her newsletter. Not a good investment for advertisers. Even if Annie’s newsletter is the most widely read of all, she struggles to survive while the rest of us thrive.

    Indeed, it could well be that my own motivations in sending Peter and Neville where I do isn’t that I am personally a rabid anti-communist but simply a desire to avoid Annie’s fate. And I absolve myself of any guilt I feel for doing so because, well, “everyone knows” communist states are just Like That (never once thinking about how “everyone” came to “know” this in the first place).

    But, because no system is perfect, one day I accidentally send Neville to Cuba instead of Peter one day, and he sends home this glowing story about how surprisingly open everything is, which causes me to groan and rub my forehead. Why? Because I know that if I publish this story, Felix Flak and his media watchdog think tank, Communism-Understanders are a National Threat, is going to instigate a campaign of harassment for me, Neville, and–worst of all–our advertisers until such time as I retract the story, fire Neville, or both. Wanting to avoid this, I bury the story, making Felix’s job just that much easier.

    With the threat of flak, Felix can keep a dozen newspaper owners under his thumb–none of whom need to be aware that they’re under anyone’s thumb nor have any intention to deceive the public, yet all of them acting as I act, because again, they have the same motivations as I do and the same capacity for basic logic. But is Felix himself a CIA plant? Possibly, but he needn’t be, because guess what his organization needs in order to run? That’s right: money. And where do they get money from? Wealthy doners.(Possibly including the CIA.)

    Now let’s look at Donna Doner. Donna is considering giving her money to one of two organizations, the one lead by Felix Flak and another lead by Nancy Nuance. Felix is rabidly anti-communist for his own reasons and prone to hysterics whenever the media is says anything that could in any way be construed as mildly pro-communism, whereas Nancy is rather more neutral on the issue. Who does Donna, a member of the Elite who greatly personally benefits from they system of capitalism as a whole, give her money to? Felix, of course–but to be fair to Donna, she probably doesn’t think of Felix’s hysterics as hysterics at all, since they align so nicely with her own self-justifications of her own position in the rigged game that is a capitalist society.

    If you understand anything about natural selection, you can guess what happens next. Felix’s organization grows as it swells with doner cash, whereas Nancy’s…does not. Thus it was that, after years of work, he reached the point where he could influence the choices of the newspaper people, while Nancy did not.

    And at no point is it necessary for anyone to conspire to do anything–which doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t. But these are not your vast, Illuminati-Reptilian conspiracies; they are your run-of-the-mill, everyday criminal conspiracies. Handfuls of individuals working within the greater system for their own personal benefit, with no greater inkling of how all the pieces fit together than anyone else–and while they’re certainly handy in making the system more efficient, they are not necessary to its basic functioning.

    A system is naturally much more secure than a conspiracy–no one’s going to spill the beans when there are no beans to spill–and since it evolves naturally rather than being intelligently designed, a system can reach levels of complexity and intricacy that’d be absurd in a conspiracy.


    Everyone says who you first marry in skyrim says a lot about you but i married that homeless guy in windhelm the Once Honored guy w the bald ass head bcs I read that unless u do he dies in the civil war and so i married him thinking i could divorce him on friendly terms and help him get back on his feet  but you cant get divorced i learned too late and he keeps asking my DB for a gold coin every day despite living in her house and yelled at meeko and then i met serana and fell in love thinking i could marry her if I got old baldy out of the picture bcs he never even changed out of his raggedy ass robes anyway so lure him into the small room in lakeview manor and close the doors so the kids dont see and one hit mercy kill him but the kids hear anyway and start screaming and the bard hears too and attacks me and I have to kill the bard and the kids are still screaming. but every time i come back the bodies wont despawn so theres just my dead homeless husband and bard in the house making the kids cower in the corner so i cast reanimate and try to walk my husband outside but that just makes things worse bcs hes making those zombie moans and as SOON as i load outside the door he turns into a giant ass zombie ash pile and goes “thank….. you….” so the rest of the game I just had my dead bald husbands goo ashes right on the front steps of my home and Seranas not even marriable 


    What's wrong with Gandhi?

    Where do I begin?

    - Criticized the Jews for defending themselves against the Holocaust because he insisted that they should have committed public mass suicide in order to “shame” the Germans instead of fighting back. His exact words were, “But the Jews should have offered themselves to the butcher’s knife. They should have thrown themselves into the sea from the cliffs. As it is, they succumbed anyway in their millions.”

    - Wrote an open letter to the British people in 1940 telling them to surrender to the Axis even if it mean accepting genocide.

    - Was very anti-black. I hope you can stomach reading how he treated black people in South Africa. It’s fucking disgusting.

    - Refused his wife life-saving medication (for religious reasons), but those religious reasons all of a sudden no longer applied to him when he was in a similar position.

    - Refused to have sex with his wife for the last 38 years of their marriage. He felt that in order to test his commitment to celibacy, he would have beautiful young women (including his own great niece) lie next to him naked through the night. His wife, whom he described as looking like a “meek cow” was no longer desirable enough to be a solid test.

    - Believed that Indian women who were raped lost their value as a human.

    - During his time as a dissident in South Africa, he discovered that a young male was harassing two of his female followers. He responded by cutting the girls’ hair off to ensure the “sinner’s eye” was “sterilized.” He later boasted about the incident in his writings, pushing the message to all Indians that women should carry responsibility for sexual attacks upon them.

    - Argued that fathers could be justified in killing daughters who had been sexually assaulted for the sake of family and community honor.

    - Believed that menstruation was a manifestation of the distortion of a woman’s soul by her sexuality.

    - Waged a war against contraceptives, labeling Indian women who used them as whores.

    - Held the attitude that women were simply creatures that could bring either pride or shame to the men who own them.


    Websites: Women Suffer From Gandhi’s Legacy,  People who most likely chose Gandhi as a historical figure to do a report on and immediately regretted it, On Mahatma Gandhi, his pathetic racism and advancement of segregation of black people by Sentletse Diakanyo, Not All Peaceful: 13 Racist Quotes Gandhi Said About Black People by Nick  Chiles

    Books: Sex and Power by Rita Banerji, On Pacifism by Derrick Jensen,  The Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi


    Also literally went on hunger strike to prevent the new Indian constitution from outlawing the caste system, because he believed in the idea that people are born into the wealth/privilege or poverty/privation they find themselves in. Patronisingly referred to the so-called Untouchables as “children of god”. It took another half century to get caste outlawed, and of course its still deeply embedded in the culture and people are still getting murdered for transgressing its theoretically illegal rules.