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    I’d really appreciate if some of you guys could help me. I would’ve never thought that being a gainer was that hard. Btw enjoy this short clip. I think I’m at my fattest and can’t wait to be more. If you prefer my PayPal, please feel free to dm me.

    So, if you don't know about Kahn Academy its an online education platform that provides free courses in a whole lot of subjects. I've personally used it for computer science and math. The classes they have really run the gamut

    They need donations (they're a 501 nonprofit) to help them keep operating and grow. They're an invaluable source of learning for pretty much anyone, particularly those without the financial and/or social resources to access other options. Using it helped me test into higher levels at my CC and saved me about two years in tuition for classes that I didn't need and wouldn't have helped toward my degree. If you've got the ability consider throwing them some scratch or at least reblog to keep a great organization going.

    Thanksgorging Done Right


    Get the balance right! Although you’ll need to start on an empty stomach to eat as much as possible, don’t be ravenously hungry.  If you’re starving, you’ll eat too quickly and not properly pace yourself.

    Avoid fasting. Follow your regular meal schedule and stop eating five hours before the main event.

    Exercising earlier in the day is also a good idea, especially if you’ve eaten a breakfast meal.  Physical activity stimulates the appetite.  Taking a short, brisk walk helps move food through your digestive system and empty out your stomach in preparation.

    Finally, it’s easier to eat a lot if you’re relaxed. So immediately before the meal, take some deep breaths, listen to some pleasant music, think calm thoughts, and avoid anything confrontational or stressful.

    Now’s a good time to weigh yourself and measure around your belly.  You’re going to want some data from which to later gauge your success.

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    Domo Wilson - Bisexual Anthem (2019)


    This really is the black bi girl anthem, wow.






    “There’s no rules to this shit” girl preach 😂

    25 Days of Chubmas

    1. “Bowl full of Jelly”

    2. “two sizes too small”

    3. “Plums and Pears”

    4. “Hot cocoa with Marshmallows”

    5. “Cookies for Santa”

    6. “Oh Fudge!”

    7. “Stuffed like a Turkey”

    8. “On the (Christmas) Market.”

    9. “Snug as a Pig in a Blanket”

    10. “Buttons are just Ornamental”

    11. “Tinsel Strength”

    12. “Mulled Wining and Dining”

    13. “Arts and Craft Services”

    14. “Hibernation Preparation”

    15. “Beached for the Holidays”

    16. “Candy is Dandy”

    17. “Apple of my Pie”

    18. “How I Ate on My Christmas Vacation”

    19. “Round the Tree”

    20. “Wrapped Up Tight”

    21. “Skating on ~~Thin~~ Thicc Ice”

    22. “Ghost of Christmas (Re)Pasts”

    23. “Christmas Movie Marathon”

    24. “The (Mid)night (Snack) Before Christmas”

    25. “I’m Dreaming of a Wide Christmas”

    And don’t forget to tag your posts #25daysofchubmas !

    TW before this starts!!! There's some violent/sexually violent undertones in this, as well as some mentions of blood but I tried to keep it light enough that it's not *too* bad so if you still wanna read after this, go right ahead~

    Wanted to do a feral Keaton story for a while now, also something with some tribal and some harem elements, and so I just decided to,,,, start writing and this is what came out so yeah have this unrelentingly self indulgent story and sorry not sorry the translated parts are in Celtic because when the fuck do I ever get a chance to use my knowledge of dead languages in horny writing??

    Corrin hefted a basket strap over his shoulder, and opened the doors to his bakery, hearing his mother call to him, before walking out of the back, "Corrin! Don't take the shortcut through the hunting grounds right now. It's hard to find your way through during the summer, and I don't trust the king's men."

    Corrin chuckled, "Mom I'll be fine." Corrin patted his fat belly, "I'm still in fighting shape, if anything goes wrong, I'll sit on them or something."

    Mikoto smiled, "Alright dear, remember to take a break if you get tired, I packed a little extra in the delivery basket for you."

    Corrin turned back through the doors and started the short walk to the main road, "Thank you mother!"


    Corrin was already sweaty and out of breath after barely walking 300 feet, well waddling 300 feet. The walk to his delivery destination in town was only about a 30 minute walk, but it usually took Corrin more than an hour. Corrin panted, sweat running down his legs as his ass bounced against his fat thighs that kept his legs pushed apart as he continued on. He felt the sweat beginning to drip down his belly, soaking his loose fitting shirt that looked more like a dress on him. Corrin was small, only about 4'3" but he weighed well over 600 lbs. He wasn't very shapely either, his fat belly sagged touching his knees, and almost his calves as he had it tucked into his pants. His moobs draped down over a second set of fat rolls, that made it look like he had 2 pairs of tits. His chubby cheeks melded in with his second chin, and with the way he ate, his soon to be third chin as well. Corrin's ass was the only part of him that had any shape, and it was only because it stuck out to the sides so much, that it not only sagged from the back, but the sides as well. Corrin regularly lost and gained back 80-100 lbs so much, he not only had stretch marks over every part of him, but his fat sagged more and more every time he gained again.

    After about 25 minutes of walking, Corrin came to the fork in the road between the winding path or the shortcut through the woods. He thought a minute about what his mother said, but he was exhausted and his legs were shaking and ready to give out. He had to cut the extra 20 minutes out of his walk, so he took the path into the forest and walked another few minutes, until he came to the large stone in the forest he normally took his breaks at. It was almost a perfectly shaped bench, that held Corrin's fat ass amazingly well. Corrin opened his basket and grabbed the pastries inside that were for him…and then he blacked out.


    Corrin woke up on the ground, dizzy and with a splitting headache he reached to touch the back of his head and his fingers came back with blood on them. He'd been knocked out, but for how long, and by who? He rolled over and his eyes went wide, a wolfskin the beast was at least 10 ft tall, covered in white fur and, strange red markings that almost looked like tattoos. But the more immediate threat were the huge fangs he had bared at Corrin, as he was leaning down to grab at him with it's huge claws. Corrin covered his eyes and whinced, he thought this was it. Then the paw moved from his chest down to his belly, the heavy paw pulled Corrin's belly out from his pants where he kept it tucked. The wolfskin tilted his head before licking Corrin's belly, tracing the tip of his tongue over Corrin's stretch marks. Earning a surprise yelp from Corrin, the beast took a claw and traced it around Corrin's belly. Before poking his claw into Corrin's belly button and earning a small, but unwanted moan. Corrin stifled himself, wondering why this monster was just playing with him.

    Then he heard the wolfskin growl before speaking in sort of a low snarl, "Cia mheud paisde?"

    Corrin knew what old Nohrian sounded like but he had no clue what the wolfskin said, or why he said it to Corrin instead of just eating him. He decided to try, so he uncovered his face, and looked up at the snarling, drooling maw above him, "Wh-what did you say?"

    The wolfskin snarled and grumbled again, "Cia mheud paisde?" As he rubbed Corrin's belly with his paw pads.

    Corrin blinked and moved his hands to his belly, "P-paisde? U-um I don't know…"

    The wolfskin put his paws over Corrin's hands, "Little…ones."

    Good to know some words never change, Corrin got hot in the face, the wolfskin was rubbing his stretch marks and asking how many children he'd had, "I…you…n-none!"

    The wolfskin leaned down when Corrin raised his voice, "Is urrainn dhomh sin a chàradh, bidh tòrr agad dhomh agus nì mo phasgan cinnteach." (I can fix that, you will have a lot me and my pack will make sure)

    Corrin had no clue what that meant until the beast ripped Corrin's shirt off completely, shredding it with a quick pull of his claws. Corrin's pants went next, but Corrin let out a yell when his thighs got scratched up in the process getting some blood on his legs. The wolfskin soaked his claws in the little blood he'd drawn, and traced a few shapes onto Corrin's belly as he tried to squirm out from under the wolfskin's heavy frame.

    Then the wolfskin grabbed Corrin's arms and forced them against his waist, before getting on his knees and pinning Corrin's fat little legs under him. Then he transformed, Corrin stopped struggling briefly as he saw the wolfskin in human form, a handsome and muscular boy with black and white hair, at least double Corrin's height but about 200 lbs lighter and way more muscular, covered in red markings that looked like tattoos. His only bit of clothing, a loincloth so small it didn't even do it's job at all, he saw the wolfskin's dick, at least a foot long and big around as Corrin's wrist, if you didn't count the wolfskin's fist sized knot at it's base.

    Corrin was stunned this man was so, handsome for a totally feral savage. He felt the wolfskin stick his dick under Corrin's belly and start humping, and rubbing himself against Corrin's flab. Corrin yelled, "Hey n-no! I don't-" The wolfskin slapped his hand over Corrin's mouth and neck, his hands were so huge Corrin was afraid that he'd have his head crushed.

    The wolfskin continued his movements, eventually moving enough to reach Corrin's fat pad. His fat pad hung almost as low as his belly did, just making it another soft spot for the wolfskin to find some pleasure. Corrin grit his teeth, as he felt the wolfskin go deeper, deep enough that eventually the wolfskin was rubbing against his dick in his own fat pad. He moaned into the wolfskin's palm, begging to be let go…but simultaneously asking him to keep going. The wolfskin took his hand from Corrin's mouth, he looked down at Corrin, "Tha mi a ’dol a thoirt dhachaigh thu… agus mo bhean a dheanamh dhut. Tha mi a ’dol a chumail lan chuileanan dhut, agus cuidichidh mo charaidean pacaid."(I'm going to take you home… and make you my wife. I'll keep you full of pups, and my pack mates will help)

    Corrin whimpered breathily, "S-stop please I-I don't…" Corrin leaned his head back and moaned, coating the wolfskin's cock in his cum. Corrin was shaking and panting, as the wolfskin pulled back and lifted Corrin's legs high, picking up Corrin's fat ass. The wolfskin drooled onto Corrin's face and into his mouth, as he slid his dick into Corrin's huge ass and started pounding him watching Corrin's flab bounce and jiggle while he fucked him into the dirt. The wolfskin started panting and shaking, it was hard to hold it together, Corrin was so soft and his ass was bouncing around the wolfskin's knot making him more eager to breed Corrin with every thrust. The instant the wolfskin forced his knot into Corrin's fat ass, he came a massive load into Corrin's belly filling it up making his flabby belly a little more taught and round. Corrin was exhausted, he passed out under the weight of his new belly as tht wolfskin lifted him up and carried him into the forest while still bouncing him on his cock.


    A month passed Corrin had been busy from the moment he'd been welcomed into Keaton's pack, every male in the tribe treated Corrin the same way that the first wolfskin did, all 20 of them. Corrin had even worked on getting him to learn English, so he could get his name, Keaton.

    Corrin had been having a tough time as well, his belly was incredibly swollen mostly because of that afternoon with Keaton. His flabby belly had become tight and round, but it hung just as low making standing difficult and walking nearly impossible. But he didn't need to stand, the wolfskin boys took care of him, in every way. He spent most of his day taking the boys loads, usually only 1 at a time, but some of them like to share. There was a set of triplets, the 3 boys all looked the same and enjoyed sharing Corrin, usually multiple times a day. They had just left for the 4th time that day, when Keaton entered the cave where Corrin was staying. Corrin's red and sweaty face told Keaton that he had been enjoying himself, as well as his round, sloshing, boulder sized stomach.

    "How are you?" Keaton was still shaky on the new language, but he clearly tried.

    Corrin panted and stretched his arms out just to grab the sides of his belly, "I'm….fine…"

    "Can stand?" Keaton reached his arm out to help Corrin up, he took Keaton's hand and did his best to shakily stand up, since he only came up to Keaton's waist, he came eye to eye with why Keaton wanted him. "Need to fix that…" Keaton stepped forward and straddled Corrin's belly, taking off his loincloth and pressing the tip of his dick to Corrin's lips. Corrin had simply come to terms that he couldn't leave, so he just did whatever came to him. Keaton thrust forward all at once, causing Corrin to gag for a second while Keaton's huge cock was slammed into his throat. "A month more, and you be ready for another litter of my pups. My beautiful mate…" Keaton started face fucking Corrin, it was so easy because of how short Corrin was, his fat face jiggling as Keaton used him again and again. He got unlimited time with Corrin, so he used him until he was done, it always took hours and left Corrin a little less mobile.

    After Keaton was done, Corrin was on his knees and completely immobile just from the extra weight on his ass, and in his belly. Keaton rubbed Corrin's belly, "Next litter, I'll transform for you. Bigger pups, longer time, more fun." Corrin groaned, and let out a deep satisfied belch that tasted like Keaton's cum, he rubbed the sides of his warm belly and then smiled softly, "That sounds…nice…"


    Another 3 weeks passed, and things just came one after another, including the 14 quite large pups Corrin apparently had in his belly. Their size definitely showed that Keaton was the father, except for 2 that looked to be more Corrin's size. And Corrin spent a week nursing the pups all day everyday, while preparations were made outside. Corrin wasn't sure what it was, he could never get a good look from his position in the cave. He was immobile, and well fed to keep his strength up.

    It wasn't until almost a week later he heard the chanting as the sun was setting, and soon after that the fighting. He knew what the word 'alpha' meant in the pack, and that was Keaton. The fighting outside…it must have been to decide who the alpha was, and probably by extent Corrin's new mate. He tried to stand up a few times when he heard all the yelling, but his soft sagging belly, plump milk moobs, gargantuan ass, and flabby thighs held him firmly in place. It wasn't long before the triplets came into the cave, the 3 were bloodied and beaten but they told Corrin that the fighting was over. And at the same time, gently took the heavily sleeping litter of pups out of the cave, being very careful with the 2 runts of the litter.

    A few minutes after, Keaton entered the cave, he had some teeth marks, a handful of bruises, and some deep claw marks all over his body, he'd clearly come out the winner but not without a fight.

    Corrin whimpered, "Keaton, what-"

    Keaton layed his head between Corrin's moobs, "Have to fight to keep being in charge." Keaton softly ran his hands over Corrin's stretch marks covered belly, "And keep prize mate to myself. Worth a few scars…"

    Keaton kissed Corrin, his mouth enveloping Corrin's as Keaton forced his large tongue into Corrin's mouth. He kissed Corrin for a solid 3 minutes, before pulling away leaving Corrin's face covered in drool. "Time to claim my mate again~" Keaton crouched down in front of Corrin's belly, which was currently covering his legs and touching the tops of Corrin's swollen feet. Keaton reached back, and grabbed either side of Corrin's ass that was as wide as Keaton was tall. He transformed right there, ready to give Corrin what he promised.

    Keaton lifted Corrin into the air and pressed him against the cave wall, Corrin was equally scared and impressed, Keaton lifted his 700+ lbs of lard like he weighed nothing. Then he felt Keaton's member slip into his ass, he was glad all the other boys in the tribe had shared him, when Keaton was transformed like this his cock was as thick as Corrin's flabby arm and his knot well, the pups were smaller than that. Corrin moaned as Keaton repeatedly raised and dropped him on that massive member, Keaton's knot already starting to swell for a big mating. Keaton started howling as his knot popped into Corrin's ass, locking the two together while Keaton pumped Corrin beyond full with more pups than last time. Corrin's belly swelled and swelled, until he couldn't even see Keaton over it.

    He felt Keaton set him back down, and he sloshed like an overfilled water balloon, then he felt Keaton start thrusting against forcing his knot in and out of Corrin's hole. Keaton propped himself up and grabbed Corrin's moob and started drinking some of his milk, all while fucking his ass like a wild animal. Corrin moaned, he's sure if he could still feel his dick, buried completely in fat from both his over eating and pregnancy weight, he would have cum by now. Instead he felt Keaton start blowing another load into his already too full belly, just as big as the last. Corrin panted briefly before some cum shot out of his mouth and nose, like an over filled pastry that was just spilling cream everywhere. Corrin felt like he was gonna explode, thankfully Keaton was done with him, for the night at least. For now Corrin was expecting another litter, double the size of the last one, and he couldn't wait for more and he's sure Keaton would give it to him over and over, and make sure it's more each time.


    Here's this, in case any of y'all are interested in like my real life weight gain, probably won't do this very often but,,,, yeah! And I totally didn't steal the idea to do this from @pangtasias-atelier definitely not