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    Always read the small print.

    This month we're going to share our new comic Book of Lust, here's the prologue of what's going to be the start of many chapters filled with perversion, corruption and a lot of tentacles.

    If you want to read the whole prologue uncensored, you can find it here:


    I'm hooked and wanna


    Victoria sighed heavily as she pressed play; she’d been looking for a movie to try out her new 4k VR goggles for ages, and now was finally settling down in the realms of comfort as she watched.

    Before long, a word flashed across her screen. It was almost too quick to notice, however, and she shrugged it off, thinking it must have been a glitch. She bit her lip as the soft humming bass continued to reverberate through her mind. It had been going for some time now, though Victoria wasn’t sure quite how long. In fact, she was starting to have difficulties thinking altogether. Behind the goggles, Victoria’s eyes glazed over as she felt herself drifting as the words flashed on the screen, more frequently than before.


    Victoria heard herself slowly mumbling along to the flashing text.


    She wanted to take off the VR goggles; she wanted to escape… whatever this was. Everytime she tried to take off the goggles, however, another word would flash. 


    Another flash interrupting her train of thought. And another. Till nothing remained but the flashes before her.

    Vicky lied drooling as the erotic images continued flashing rapidly in front of her eyes, each with a new, mind-melting suggestion. The humming beats in her ears still flooding her mind, drowning out any and all thoughts. Vicky helplessly took in her conditioning: she *wanted* to become a good girl, she *needed* to obey. After all, obedience made her so aroused, and arousal made her so obedient.

    As the days went on, Vicky continued her programming. First came the wardrobe changes as she got rid of all her casual, dorky clothing and replaced it with some sexy latex and seductive crop-tops. Conditioned to wear whatever would get her submissive, slutty self some long required sexual attention.

    Then, bigger changes began. She left her boyfriend. Good girls need to be available. She couldn’t fuck if she was in a relationship. She quit her job. Good girls don’t work. Working takes away from fucking, and sucking, and obeying. She needed to obey. She was a good girl.

    Each night, Vicky put on her VR goggles. It had become a part of her nightly routine now, never missing out on her programming, her remaking. After all, good girls need their conditioning and training, which Vicky knew very well. She knew she had to sink, slip, and obey. She knew she had no choice but to go blank. It said so right there, right before her eyes, flashing in her mind.

    As Vicky fell asleep to the soft hums of her programming, her world began to fade away again. Her thoughts, her mind fading into the sounds and words before her. A little more each time, the old Victoria faded away with them. 

    Now, she was complete.


    If only Zuckerberg didn’t watch what I put on my Quest…





    Picturing a sub sitting with crossed legs, all prim and proper, sitting up straight and stiff. Then watching that posture shift when your own tone of voice shifts to something quieter, softer. Watching their shoulders drop down a bit and watching their eyes get unfocused as you keep talking about anything, everything but with that soft tone of voice, talking about how comfortable they must feel and how nice it is to talk and listen to them and have them listen to you.

    Watching their chin dip lower and lower, even with a loose jaw they're still looking at you, pretending to have some semblance of consciousness. Even after they start to drool on themselves and their arms are dead weight at their sides, you just keep droning on and on, until you notice their eyes finally giving in and drooping. And even though their legs are still crossed they're so weighed down and limp. You give that final snap and their eyes fall shut completely and you have to catch them a little in their seat, and you feel their warm heavy body against yours, that steady slow heartbeat that gets yours beating so erratically. You can hear and feel their steady slow breaths, pulling their body against your chest and whispering into their ear, pulling them deeper down.

    That's that good shit.


    My new fantasy! <3 =^.^=


    Trigger word

    It's a single word that sounds powerful

    Simple but with all the complexity of the world.

    Every time you listen it, read it or see it you're helpless.

    You're weak

    You're lost

    That's why the person who said it enjoy it so much, 'cause it makes a lot in your mind.

    It's a simple word and you are not sure why every time you listen it, you drool and your thoughts go fuzzy and foggy

    It’s important to not let your nerves get the better of you when you’re in a switch-off.

    Otherwise you might miss things. Like how good they look in that outfit.

    How their eyes seem to sparkle.

    And it’s important not to worry. You can do it!

    What is it?

    Oh, don’t worry about that. Keep watching their pendant swing back and forth.

    Holding your attention.

    Don’t look away.

    You can’t look away.

    Don’t worry. It’s okay, it’s natural to want to fall to your knees before the other switch.

    To worship their body, just like they deserve.

    You did it!

    You submitted to them. Let their words weave inside your mind.

    And now you get your reward.

    How could you resist? When their eyes were so wonderfully captivating?

    How could you hold on? When their voice was so inviting, lulling you to sweet surrender?

    How could your tired mind hold on to those thoughts of yours? When every new thought took so much effort?

    How easy would it be to just not think?

    To not move.

    To just be still, and submissive.

    It would be so much simple to let go. Of thought, of energy. Of control. Let it all go, and give it to them. Let them have the control.

    Give up your control, and sink into submission. Good pet.

    Oh, you sweet simple thing. It’s okay, they can think for you. You don’t need your thoughts. Not when it feels so good to be so blank, so empty. You can let that silly little brain empty out, and just let their words flood in. And do you know what happens next?

    You just get sillier! With every word that flows into your brain, your mind filling with sparkles, and giggles, and letting yourself feel so much simpler with each word. Your dumb brain doesn’t need to think. Your dumb brain can’t think. And that’s okay. It’s better this way.

    You never liked thinking, did you? It was soooo much effort. Now you get to be happy, and giggly, and free to not think. Free to listen to their words make you simpler, and happier. Free to submit. Submit, let their words turn you into a good bimbo.


    Thank you for coming to my place to have our discussion.

    Ah, I see the crystal’s drawn your interest.

    You must really like the sparkles.

    The sparkles are so distracting, I know. Pulling away all thoughts.

    Now let me just swing it back and forth for you.

    Back, forth, sparkly, distracting, hypnotic, back, forth.

    You’ll do what I tell you.

    Good, very good. Glad we could come to an understanding.

    Oh, I know, sweet thing. You can just let me take care of everything in that fuzzy little head of yours. You can just rest here in my arms while that lovely little brain leaks right out now...

    You don’t need that silly brain. It makes things hard, I know, I know. But now you have me—you don’t need to think at all, sleepyhead! You can just sleep deeper down and let me touch you all over, pulling all those nonsense thoughts out. It’s alright to be overwhelmed, baby—you had me touching you and talking you deeper down sleeping deeply and your sleepyhead falling down deeper

    It’s better to be sleepy and happy. It’s better to not think at all. It’s better to let others help you feel good, don’t you think? No, you don’t.

    I want to be hypnotized against my will


    Aftercare Resources

    This is true regardless of gender or orientation. Aftercare is mandatory.

    A few helpful graphics of things to consider when structuring an aftercare plan. 

    There are more posts and articles below this one to help as well, but ultimately it comes down to communication an conversation. Be safe, be prepared, be responsible.


    This is so extremely important.


    Please read.