Triathlete Into Rubber

Loving all things shiny, rubbery. Speedos, Speedsuits, Neoprene. ... and I am a passionate assplayer...

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2020-05-28 12:42:56

    Dear all,

    In the past 8 weeks I received several messages concerning my blog here on tumblr. Some of them nice but several were not.

    Let me clearify: This blog reposts pics that have been published by others in the public domain as on Pinterest, Twitter and other websites. I never stated that these were my own nor did I remove any credits on pics. I do not earn money with this and I aim to inspire, therefore, as I see it, reposting content falls under the Fair Use clause of copyright law. Thus, calling me a thief is clearly wrong for several reasons.

    Guys, if you don’t want to see your pics reposted, don’t publish them in the first place. If you want to see your name, put it on the pic as a watermark. Don’t expect others to guess your intentions or do the work for you.