Role Models For Girls

19 y.o. MAN,🇨🇦, Straight, dom, formerly was Onlytruegirls, my account has been deleted at 22k so I created this new account 100% SFW, but I am still the same guy who wants to show how true girls should look like, submissions, asks or messages are strongly appreciated, blank blogs get high risks to be blocked, I don’t want to see your dick pics

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2021-08-01 02:11:11

    What? Me? Objectifying and reducing women by implying that they need to have a perfect slim body with big tits, nice face and a round ass, dress and act slutty, be submissive and bi to be valuable? Nooo, it would be so disrespectful!! I would never have!! It’s not my type!! What made you thought about something like that?

    They can also have small tits and be valuable