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2021-11-28 22:28:24

    CNN's hysterical reaction as people walk slowly through the Capitol as if they were on a tour


    They WERE on a tour. Most were let in by the Capitol Police, probably ordered to do so by Nancy. A woman died that day because Nancy needed a way to frame President Trump. Globalists are anti-USA. Peaceful protests were separate from the hired rioters, right Nancy?


    Pelosi, FBI, DCPD - corrupt and murderers.


    Looks frightening l! 🙄. Where the video of the capital police waving and rushing them in that we saw??? Show that again. And if this crowd made DC policemen cry, then they should have never have been officers in the first place! By the way the crowd went crazy when dc police tossed a smoke bomb into the crowd…. Yeah we saw that too Nancy!!!


    This was a set-up and plot by the Left. They wanted Trump gone for good and they knew they had to have a couple of plans. Pence wasn't a sure bet, they weren't sure he would play ball. So this so-called attack was the back up and it went off the second it needed to, all to cloud things and cause chaos and division.


    False Flag operation. A modern day burning of the Reichstag.


    All the above. Yes, we know, swamp-dwellers. The “Refusers” refuse to accept ANY of your lies...