RuBy Belle
Last update
2017-09-01 00:01:21

    Your Long Island requests have been heard, and you're welcome! Dates for Hicksville visit. I have some free time on my hands so I MIGHT follow with a weekend trip to Suffolk county. It's been a while and I'm willing to give it another shot, depending on hotel rates and availability. Pic was just some random fiddling around with my new camera. Speaking of which, if any nerds are present and can tell me of a program I could use to control my Sony alpha a5100 settings from my MacBook, and utilize my laptop as a monitor, I would be super appreciative. Thanks 😘

    All is going well in Maryland per usual ☺️ always enjoy my trips out here. I've decided to extend my stay through the weekend, and I may even push it Til Tuesday li I'm feeling up to it. We'll see. Just a quick heads up to those inquiring about my schedule. I'll be back home wed for sure as I have court and will likely be making my way back towards mass after. I'll try to fit in Long Island soon since everyone's been requesting. Xoxo 😘