An exquisite example of how to properly train a slave. Deprived of senses, restrained and only enough movement to thrust her hips as the continual vibrations of the Magic Wand only awaiting the pure bliss of orgasm. Of course this position could be maintained for hours on end to see how many orgasms the slave could achieve. Needless to say latex and catsuits are definitely one of my favorite fetishes.


    @boundkitti @ladypeggingqueenblog @alexiabloodrose @hogtiedwhore hope you enjoy being locked up like this for hours and enjoying the continual vibrations on your pussy and see how many organs you there have the one that has the most orgasm while get a reward from the masters @themasterties @isurftheworld @quality-collection-koala and me let’s see who up for the task at hand


    So stundenlang liegen müssen