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    Fun fact: According to Greek legend there was a famous prostitute who managed to avoid a death sentence by showing the judges her boobs and arguing that it would be a crime against the Gods to destroy something so beautiful. 

    Before you ask, yes there are paintings of this. And yes, they’re amazing.

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    I love history.


    Role models tho.


    The gay one


    No, but this is one of my absolute favorite bits of history! 

    The courtesan named was named Phryne and she was indeed a renowned beauty, and was indeed was put on trial for a capital crime. And yes, the sum of her defense consisted of her stripping in court (helped by her lover/defendant) and asking the jury (all males) if they were prepared to destroy this. 

    But this is actually a very interesting case of Values Dissonance - the capital crime she was accused of was blasphemy. In Ancient Greek society, exceptional beauty was a sign of favor from the gods, and they took the idea that beauty indicated goodness with great seriousness. They even called their nobles Kaloi k'Agathoi, “the Beautiful and the Good.” 

    So by showing off her great physical beauty, Phryne was being very clever indeed, her argument essentially being“How could I possibly commit blasphemy if the gods have given me this body?“ 

    God, I adore history. 


    ”If these tits are legit, you must acquit.”



    Waves of Americans are refusing to go on working terrible jobs for insulting salaries, and Conservatives are not happy about it.

    Now they try to go about their daily ritual of driving their truck up to a window and screaming at it until a chicken sandwich comes out, and when that doesn't work, because all the employees are gone, they take to Facebook: "What has this country come to?!" "What happened to the days when Americans would work long hours without complaining about things like...a living wage or basic human dignity?"

    And you hear this and you're just like "Man, y'all just really want slavery back, huh? Y'all still miss slavery that much?"

    What is this insistence on licking the boot of these corporate overlords? Why is it so hard to understand that if they want people to continue sacrificing their health, time, and sanity by working for them in a pandemic, then they can compensate them commensurately for it—which, and I know it's a novel concept in this capitalist Hellscape, means paying people enough money for both food and shelter.

    And if they need to sell off an art wing or a racehorse portfolio to do that, so be it! If they refuse to do that, then they can hang up the "For Sale" sign and shut the fuck up. That's how shit works. There's nothing un-American about any of this.

    The movement isn't lazy, it's necessary.

    And I just think it's funny that it's happening at the same time as thousands of Conservatives are walking away from their jobs...because of their inalienable right to cast the plague onto your grandma!

    That's right: apparently, if you leave your job because you're tired of being a faceless cog in an inherently disrespectful machine that refuses to acknowledge your worth as a human being, that makes you lazy and entitled. But if you leave your job because you refuse to take even the most basic of precautions in the middle of the greatest global health crisis any of us have ever known, that makes you a "Patriot", and a "Freedom-Fighter".

    These people think they have the fundamental right to endanger the health and safety of those around them, because they find that wearing a mask makes it a little harder to mouth-breathe, and then they call everyone else entitled? My ass, man.

    But ultimately I hope that both sides continue to leave their jobs; the former because it's the right thing to do and the right message to send, and the latter 'cause we don't really need them dumbin' up the works anyway.

    Love y'all.


    Pictured: privileged white woman in her home anxious about climate change



    Lol they’ve realized they can use “woke” language to manipulate y’all into accepting almost anything.

    They know if they convince y’all talking about climate change is racist the majority of left leaning people will shut the hell up because they’re afraid of having a wrong opinion.

    It’s actually so fucked up how the language of oppressed people to describe their reality has been stolen and is used as just another manipulative tool to push almost any agenda.


    wait, you mean people in positions of power are calling random stuff racist to get people to stop talking about it? who’d have guessed....

    Reminder: you are more than two years into a world pandemic, an economic crisis, and still people expect you to work the same way and go back to your workplace even though there is a new mutation of the virus. It's a recipe for feeling burnt out and anxious. It's okay to feel depressed, to be grieving, to be missing living a "normal" life, to feel unsafe and angry at your government. It's also okay to feel numbed out after all that has happened. However you may feel, it is okay.