it had been tortured and edged for 2 hours and shed a bucket load of tears of frustration and need. 

its was too exhausted to beg or resist by the time He brought out the chastity device and explained with menace…

…how the screws would be tightened periodically to torment its red raw cock….

…how He was going to enjoy using the leash to drag it around by its pathetic, redundant genitals the whole night. 

…how He would encourage Men to grope it, play with its little titties, finger its hole till it was crazy with lust and desperation.

…how it would then take Their loads in whichever hole They chose, its own cum still boiling in its belly, no release.

…how the padlock would ensure it wouldn’t come off for a very very long time.

Of course after it had been told all this its traitorous clit was harder than ever so Master had to kick it a few times in the balls before applying the ice pack until it shrunk to fit.