Daddy: "She does this every time. It's so cute. She thinks she has more privacy squatting against a wall to fill her nappy." Babysitter: "aww... I can't believe you put Sophie back in nappies! And she's so willing to use them." Daddy: "Well, it has been six months since I took her out of school and regressed her. Have you not noticed when you've seen her?" Babysitter: "Six months?! No! She's always been bratty and immature, but I never thought she was wearing a nappy." Daddy: "I'm surprised. Anyway, I have to go now. She has to ask nicely to be changed, but she'll probably go play for a bit before plucking up the courage to come ask you. If she misbehaves, feel free to spank her, put her in timeout or put her to bed early. Otherwise her bedtime is 8:30. Oh, and if she really won't be good for you, there are suppitories in the bathroom cabinet, she hates those. "Bye sweetie, you be good for Katie and do as she says."