Thank you! I’m so glad you guys like the content so far! I’m doing my best to bring you the hottest and jiggliest videos at the highest resolution that I can.

    You know, I’m not just some dude with an app that presses a button and these videos magically turn golden. I’m actually a film school graduate and freelance videographer and editor. I just like to upscale booty videos as a hobby lol. 

    It takes time to upscale videos to 8K and edit them and get them ready to post so it means a lot that you all appreciate them! There is so much more to come! Thank you once again!

    THE 8K REVOLUTION IS HERE! Ultimate Upscaled Video is proud to announce that all videos from here on out will be upscaled to 8K UHD. That’s 7680 × 4320, the highest resolution available to date. There is no other Tumblr blog, or anywhere else on the internet for that matter, offering 8K 60FPS candids. This is the future of the JIGGLE baby!

    I am looking for another social media site to start posting these videos so you can see them in all their glory. Tumblr is great but they absolutely KILL the definition of these videos. Any advice or input is greatly appreciated. We are on the road to 5,000 followers and it’s only the beginning!