We’re gonna do something a little different this time around, for the first time you can all head over to Patreon and vote on which of these 2 forms you’d like to see me celebrate with!

    If you pick the one on the left, I’ll take the form of a taller, normal version of myself (the version I always dreamed of being) and if you pick the one on the right, I’ll take part in some fun little breast expansion experiment (with some added curvature to balance out the proportions)

    Head over to Patreon right now and cast in your vote before the poll ends next Sunday night!


    WELP … no competition there

    y’all thirsty hoes would rather see me get bigger tits than to be taller like I always wanted .. well I like focusing on tits anyway so I would have done the same lmao 

    see y’all next weekend! 

    My rules for these kinda things on tumblr is that you generally gotta give a little to get a little. That last guy drew art of me as Shantae so I felt like cosplaying her myself.. and I try not to take requests for cosplays cus then I’d be dressing up and changing outfits all week. Though if you wanna swap outfits with me, lemme know and we’ll try something out together, as long as it seems doable

    HOWEVER for only $5 a month on Patreon you can request to see me in any outfit you want! Even for something in the SFW category you can still get something along the lines of these!



    Patreon Piece Unlocked!

    I’ve never seen another Apatite naked .. let alone my boss

    …but I do find them all kinda hot .. even my boss … my mind got a little imaginative one night ..

    is it incest if you’re all the same type of gem but none of you are blood relatives? is there a word for that? idk .. I still had a good time lmao


    Ok I’m just gonna say this real quick: any time you see me asking a question on this blog, it’s most likely a rhetorical question.. and I’m probably not expecting a real answer

    .. so please don’t reply to my question on a post with an ask in my inbox, cus then I gotta make a new post to respond to it just like this on

    if you guys wanna respond to any rhetorical question I may ask, go ahead and reply in the comments of the post or something, or send me a private message, I like using my posts for fun stuff and not small things ; u ;


    You ever get an idea for an April Fool’s Day prank and you kinda go a little too far with it?

    Be safe out there kids, don’t do a prank you’ll regret immediately after … I’m gonna spend the next hour trying to grow my tits back..

    Also Happy Easter I guess?


    HAHAhah ahah ha hah .. . 

    this is a memory I’d rather not relive cus I really don’t enjoy being stuck in a body without my tits .. 

    let’s not give it a name either, please 


    A while back on Instagram I learned that Sexy Bodies + Any Form of Fabric = Not Nudity. I also learned that sheer see-through fabric also falls under the category of “Any Form of Fabric” capable of negating nudity. This dress was just me testing out my theory.. and I was right :D 

    If this post gets 100 notes I’ll share the full uncensored photoset with you all :



    Instagram’s basic rule on nudity is that you can’t show any.. and if someone happens to be naked for any reason, you should probably censor it.

    I’ve seen some bare asses that have gone uncensored just fine, but then supposedly they get taken down.

    And yes, sheer fabric can still be considered censorship, so something like this will probably help you get away with things 

    Anyway, point is FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM! I’ll mostly be posting censored promos of new Patreon requests or fun little things I could show you in my Instagram stories, or every now and then you may see more of me trying to see what else I can slip past the community guidelines, cus these photos are up on Instagram right now and still haven’t been taken down ~

    Follow me if you wanna see how far I can test the limits lmao

    There’s no posts for this weekend, but I just wanna take this time to let you all know how much I appreciate the love, support, and the attention you guys have been giving to me and my blog for the last two years. It’s been a long and somewhat bumpy road, things have changed, people have come and gone, but I’m very thankful to all of you for sticking around and making this whole thing as much fun as we can make it.

    (this isn’t a goodbye message, don’t worry!)

    Life for me has had a lot of ups and downs, and I’m sure the same can be said for all of you reading this, but just know that you’re all wonderful and you all deserve to be happy. I would try my best to be supportive of you however I can if any of you wanted to talk to me, and though I may not be too good at that, I do mean well. All I want for you lovelies is to enjoy my content and have a good time, and sometimes you just gotta take a moment to let people know how much you appreciate them cus its just nice to hear it honestly.

    Despite what you think about this holiday, I see it as a reminder of how we should take a moment to be thankful for something and appreciate what we have, because there will come times when you will wish you still did, and you don’t want to waste an opportunity to say something. So I hope all of you have a great holiday, spend it with the ones you love, and I hope to be supportive of you all the way you’ve all been supportive of me!

    There’s an uncensored version of this on Patreon but hey what’s the point of tagging and putting a link here anymore, am I right??

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

    We’ve already been through this .. that whole thing was just a load of crap..

    So that little pink curly kid that I met is supposedly the mighty legendary Rose Quartz? And now some of you guys out there want me to believe that Rose Quartz is also Pink Diamond? …and I’m supposed to just go with that when I see that little thing? 

    You guys really expect me to think that the little pink curly kid is a three-in-one combo with a rebellion leader and a dictator all rolled into one?

    Cmon.. stop screwing with me, guys. We’ve got stuff to do.

    Ah thanks! It’s not exactly my art, I’m just a former mechanic with a blog, but I’m glad you like my stuff! 

    Here’s an old photo of Star and I from this past summer for you to enjoy! 

    Man .. 6 months ago things were still pretty simple .. we weren’t running around the wilderness looking for criminals just yet, and we still had time to hang out at the beach for a while.. and I got to enjoy the view of Star being a tiny hot pink mam

    Once this whole thing is over I gotta take her back to the beach again, I swear to God..

    Anyway glad you appreciate the art! :D 


    Jack in the Box has a wide variety of side menu items that you can also switch out the fries with on a combo, but for dessert there’s also the cheesecakes for $2.29, but if you act now, you can get them for only $1.00!

    They’re great to cool off with on a hot day, and they go great with an iced coffee, be it regular, caramel or mocha flavors. I’d offer peppermint but idk if we’re doing that offer this year.

    ANYWAY come enjoy a slice of cheesecake for a dollar before time runs out. This offer may not return for another few months so now’s the best time to enjoy a tasty treat! 

    … btw I’m not sponsored by Jack to make this ad .. I’m just trying to get them to sponsor me lmao  

    I’d post the full ad here but .. ya know how things are going, what with Tumblr going the way it is and such..

    Full sized ad on Twitter, full sized uncensored version on Patreon only $1.00 a month!


    Originally this was cropped but now that Tumblr’s nuking phase has passed and we’re all still here (and we know just how much they’re willing to cover up) it seems like this version is still pretty safe to show off to the public. Enjoy ~ 


    Sorry for more cropped images.

    Just saying this as well. Commissions and images WILL be posted on Furaffinity in bulk. (Give me a bit longer. still finishing things first.)

    But not every piece will be posted on Twitter. (I want to keep that mostly to personal, fanart or gift art for 2019.)

    Twitter - (Gonna try to be active here)
    Patreon (The above images can be found on the Patreon discord server!)
    Furaffinity - (Sales and commissions)