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    Comment on this post what you bdsmlr username is so we can mass follow everyone!


    GREAT idea!  I’ve been doing the “find and follow” thing as I see people post their bdsmlr usernames, but it’s been willy-nilly and I’ve missed a bunch of people. And when you’re on bdsmlr, the watchword is: be active! Post, reblog, like. If people see activity with your username (on the Liked list on a post from a blogger you’re already following, for example), they can hover over you in the Notes and press Follow. As of now, looks like 906 of you have found my blog, and I’ve found 350 of y’all. This weekend I’ll try to put in some work to find the rest of you and follow back. A community is a hard thing to kill. :)


    I will miss all the bloggers that has been a part of my tumbler life. I can’t believe it, but 2000 people are following my two blogs! I hope that I will find many of you on bdsmlr. You will find me at https://bdsmlr.com/blog/persephassas


    A good idea mason247365, thank you.

    The way our community is being torn apart and dissipated is tragic. “Dissipated” because we are moving from one host to a number of different hosts. No doubt some will decide that they have had enough and will not resume elsewhere. At tumblr the prudes have won!

    I hope a good number will move to bdsmlr which is a very tumblr-like site, it needs quite a lot of improving yet, but the Admin are working on it as hard as they can, with daily announcements of what they have been doing.

    https://bdsmlr.com/login   (and to register.)

    When I note the number of followers on tumblr for my two blogs I find it truly humbling: PMG = 60,393 and MGMG = 17,640, (latest figures). Each and every one is valued, thank you. If you are unable to come to bdsmlr, then I wish you all the best for the future.

    My two blogs on bdsmlr are just startups at the moment, I am not sure if it will be possible to import the whole blogs from tumblr (something that bdsmlr Admin are currently working on) or if I will simply rebuild from scratch, using material in backups etc. I hope to see you there.

    Direct link: https://pussymodsgalore.bdsmlr.com/

    Direct link: https://malegenitalmodsgalore.bdsmlr.com




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