“Sweetie, I want you to open up for me like a good girl. Shh. You’re going to lie still now, and let me touch your bottom hole.

    “Ohh, so soft. Soft and tight. Hold still and let me touch. How does that feel, baby girl? Do you like that?”


    “I know it’s sore, I know you don’t like it but it’s your own fault for making daddy horny isn’t it? Now ssh, it’ll all be over soon.”


    Just lay still. Let daddy inside your tight little hole.. Oh no, don’t scream, I know you’re being stretched as far as you can go but daddy needs to feel your hole squeezing around my big cock. Shhhh baby, just take it. Daddy needs to cum.


    Tonight you’re going to be daddy’s big girl

    “I know your type, recently divorced, probably not happy with your body. Hell your friends probably helped you pick out this outfit and convinced you to come out tonight, didn’t they? Well your friends aren’t here now, it’s just you and me, and I’m going to give you all the attention that your ex never did. This may not be how you wanted it, but an old cow like you should be happy to get fucked any way she can, even if it’s face down on the filthy floor of a bar by a complete stranger.”

    Everyone is tired of you flaunting yourself all around the school Tiffany. Always flirting with everyone, and wearing those short skirts, but never putting out. You’ve given every guy I know blue balls at least once. That’s why no one is going to help you. My buddies have let everyone know that ‘Tiffany the Tease” is in the bathroom waiting to suck every dick that comes in. you’re going to have a very long day little bitch…

    “That feels good doesn’t it? Don’t answer, I can already tell by how wet your cunt is. You love being fingered in public, knowing that people are watching as my fingers probe your insides. They are judging you you know, some of them think you’re a slut. The men watching wish they could have a turn feeling how soft and wet your pussy lips are, while the women wish they could be in your position, being violated for anyone to see. They all know that you’re going to cum against my fingers, they can see it in the way you bite your lip and try to discreetly grind your hips against me. That’s a good girl, let’s put on a show for the people.”

    Nobody stopped to ask if I was ok. They didn’t ask if I knew the man who was fucking me, or if I had agreed to if. A lot of people stopped to watch, to take photos and videos, proof for their friends that they had watched a whore getting railed in a parking lot. Or maybe they just wanted to jerk off to it later, but no one bothered to ask if I needed help. They all simply watched as my captor forced himself into me, fucking me ruthlessly until he emptied his balls deep inside my barely legal pussy. He never even asked my name before he fucked me.

    (Public forced fantasy as requested ;) )