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2021-09-22 15:32:31

    Chosen instead of others for a huge international educational camp lasting for two weeks and (besides that) been chosen to sit in a panel for an international conference in a couple of weeks, representing our clubhouse in a Q+A.

    I’ve really felt like the lyrics from a BMTH-song; “I’m just a would’ve been, could’ve been, should’ve been, never was and never ever will be”, like, I’ve got potential but I’m not capable of using it. Now it’s getting noticed, and I feel like I will, can and shall due to this community.

    So why am I still so f*cking depressed? And why can’t the rest of my life work out this well?

    Pad on the shoulder

    I was contacted today by a total STRANGER (!!!) that had heard about me from a common friend that had told about my abilities correcting Danish grammar and commenting on job applications.


    This is the biggest pad on my shoulder that I have ever experienced! Like, "I heard you were smart, can you please help me with this?" Well, yes I fucking can when you put it like that! :D :D :D

    Rich like a MF!

    I've been complaining a lot lately, as my life has basically been a mess, but I want to share this experience;

    I was walking towards the bathroom after spending my time searching for different kind of financial aid as I won't afford shit very soon. I looked to my right, and there he was! My son (he is a cat, but he is my son) lying in my bed in the covers, just being his usual self, cuddling up and being so sweet that I started crying.

    Maybe I don't have any money, maybe I'm ugly, maybe I'm single, maybe I'm sick, but I'm as rich as any person driving an expensive Audi, because my cats make me feel like the richest piece of shit on this earth! I might end up with no money or no place to live, but I will never be poor!

    Second worst idea ever

    I got my second worst idea ever two weeks ago.

    I'm currently getting five different subscription drugs. As I will be getting a lower income, meaning I'll have approximately 50$ for my cats, food, medicine etc., and my medicine is currently 200$ a month, I decided to phase out of my medicine.

    I've quit one kind of sleeping medicine and reduced my Lithium by 1/5, and I already feel like shit...

    I can't stand imagining how bad it's gonna be, but I need to do this so I can pay for my cats. Without them I could just kill myself immediately.

    Usually, I’m good with words, but when my friend’s mom filled my freezer with food and gave me the money needed for me to not choose between my medicine or my cats (for this month), I didn’t have words to express myself.

    Sometimes there are no words, only feelings.

    (Btw, who says you can’t be poor in Denmark?)