How has Newgrounds been? What’s your experience there?

    I used to use it all the time, like years ago. the account im using is from when I was 11 too lmao. its good! its very diverse in its content and you can find your niches there with their collections and such. Better than tumblr for artwork by a long run, they have flash games and animations too, yknow, something tumblr cant do. its not like tumblr because its geared towards artists and allows nsfw and is generally way better


    I checked where you claimed you post your artwork somewhere else, I checked there's not any what gives?

    like there is no twitter or no art? the no art is because the twitter is pretty new and I have a ton of artwork that I havent uploaded yet.

    if there is no twitter than im probably stupid and the link is wrong

    there is also newgrounds.