One of my favourite things to think about

Edging a boy a bunch then locking him in chastity. Putting a harness on him and riding that dong while using a vibrator on my clit, my tits bouncing and me cumming a bunch. Laughing at his strained, frustrated cock. Getting off of him and resting my pussy on his face, making him lick up all my juices while I lick my juices off of the dong. After that putting the harness on, spitting my juices into his mouth and then throat fucking him with the dong.. Making sure that the dong and his chin/mouth are covered in spit. Then slapping the dong across his face, making him beg for it.. after he begs enough, sliding it in slowly into his tight hole while telling him that he’s such a good slut. Which leads into a nice hard fucking, choking him here and there.. hearing him whimper and moan..watching his caged cock bounce around and leaking but not letting him orgasm. Once he gets close, I’d stop thrusting into him and hold him close, telling him to thank me.. then nibbling his ear and whispering “you’re such a good boy, you’re staying locked and not getting an orgasm though. I like you this way, my caged, frustrated, little slut.” And then kiss his forehead and smile.




This is truly a great snd very realistic story of a Domme Sub relationship. Read share with your partner and enjoy


Whose the top girl I know the second is arianna chekik


Sounds the way I’d like it every night!