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    19 ways to be a better cocksucker

    #1 – Be able to host, especially if he is married.

    #2 – Break your gag reflex by practicing with a banana or a dildo.

    #3 – Never use your hands, unless told to.

    #4 – Look him in the eyes when his cock is down your throat.

    #5 – Learn to listen and observe non-verbal cues that tell you how to suck him better

    #6 – Pay attention to his balls as well.

    #7 – Buy some knees pads so you don’t need to take a break.

    #8 – When he is cumming, keep sucking him all the way through until his orgasm ends.

    #9 – Always swallow, unless he decides to blow it some other way, in which case, let him.

    #10 – Keep his cock in your mouth after he has come, and let it get soft while he comes down from his orgasm. He might fall asleep with his cock in your mouth, let him.

    #11 – When he is done cumming, your are done. Never expect him to reciprocate in any way.

    #12 – Strive to make your mouth a replacement for masturbation. Many guys would much rather cum down your throat than jerk off.

    #13 – Try to make note of when he usually contacts you. And the frequency of when he does, so you can make sure you are available when he wants to use you. When his balls are full, he’s not interested in what else you have going on in your life.

    #14 – If he lifts his legs back while you are sucking him, that often means he would like to get rimmed as well, and your should do that for him.

    #15 – When you are rimming him, don’t stop until he is finished enjoying it, which can be over an hour sometimes. Get used to that.

    #16 – Never touch your cunt when you are sucking him, unless he tells you to.

    #17 – Always provide porn for him to enjoy, and get the kind of porn he likes to watch.

    #18 - Ask him if he wants to take pictures or record you sucking his cock to brag and show to his friends

    #19 – When he is not using you, do not hassle him or bug him. At the very most, you can periodically let him know your availability, but never expect him to respond unless he wants to, when he wants to. And when he doesn’t feel like using your mouth, leave him alone to enjoy the rest of his life.


    #20 - Thank him for using your worthless body and giving it purpose. We all know you crave our attention and approval.


    More good tips for you ladies



    If you simply wanted to get a guy off as quickly as possible, all you need to do is lock your lips at the base of his cock and suction them up and down the bottom ¾ of his shaft at a quick, steady pace while pressing your flattened tongue against the underside of his dick. Make sure you are applying pressure with both your lips AND tongue.

    Keeping your tongue engaged at all times is key. I try to keep mine moving at all times. This is how you get 90% of guys off. It helps me keep from gagging to hold his cock steady at the base and bring my lips down to meet my fingers. You can do this very slowly for a more intense feeling, but make sure you move at a steady rhythm. Some guys like it faster or slower; you may have to ask, or more likely, he’ll tell you.

    This is your power move, the one that is actually going to bring him to orgasm. A true hooker blowjob needs only this one move; if scientists were to create a blowjob machine, this is what it would do. The other moves I’m going to teach you are artistic flourishes; you use them to add flair and style to your blowjob or to slow down the action a little.

    Don’t be afraid to just slobber all over his love muscle. It should be as wet and sloppy as possible, especially during your power move. A good blowjob makes loud, gross suction-y noises. When I’m done, I’m usually covered in my own drool and leave a wet spot on the bed.

    If his dick is too big for you to take the whole thing in your mouth, you’ll need to use your hand too. Slobber all over his cock for awhile first so your hand will slide easily up and down instead of just catching on his dry skin. The most important hand move is the twister. When you slide your hand up his shaft, twist your wrist. A twisting motion gets you into a smoother rhythm than the straight up and down. Slide your hand up and down on the base of his cock in conjunction with your mouth moving up and down on the rest of it. The hard part is finding the correct grip: again you may want his guidance.

    Another good trick is to wrap your hand around the top of his cock and put your mouth over your hand. Then slide your hand down the shaft and your mouth down on top of it in a fluid motion until your hand meets the base of his cock. It will feel like you’re sliding your mouth all the way down him even if you can’t. It’s times like these I wish I could draw; I’d make little diagrams.

    I usually start out by paying some attention to the balls. There are three basic ball moves: you can put them in your mouth and suck them (LIGHTLY), lick them with a flattened cow tongue, or tense your tongue into a point and run the tip of your tongue all over them. I alternate between all three. Sometimes I lift them up and lick underneath his balls.

    Also, if you cup them while you are entering the home stretch, you’ll be able to tell he’s about to cum as they get higher and tighter.

    My next move is usually to give his shaft several long licks from base to tip. This is the ice cream cone move; it looks sexy, it’s a nice touch, but it’s not going to make anybody cum. While conducting the power move, I come up from time to time to give the head a little attention: sucking on it, moving my tongue in a circle around it, and flicking my tongue over that spot on the underside that all the sex websites tell you is el sensitivo. In my experience, guys don’t really go that wild over attention to that spot, but these are just flourishes anyway.

    I tend to get a bit wrapped up in my work that I forget to make eye contact, so head action is a great time to look up at him with puppy dog eyes and his cock in your mouth.

    I mentioned this in my tips to get him to cum faster, but at least once during the beej, I usually pop his dick out of my mouth and slap it against my tongue or face, then look at him while I rub his cock against my cheeks and lips. Guys are visual, this is just a little something dirty for him to look at.

    I can’t really teach you how to deep throat, that’s between you and your gag reflex. The important thing, I think, is to make an effort to take him in as deep as you can, even if it’s only for a few seconds. It’s hard to explain exactly how I do this: try concentrating on relaxing your throat and jaw. As I mentioned before, it helps me to steady his cock with my hand when I go deep, and breathing in instead of just holding your breath also helps abate that “gonna puke” feeling.

    When you’re ready to finish him off, go into the power move and don’t vary your pace for anything. If you’re cupping his balls, you’ll often be able to tell when he’s about to cum as they tighten up. I speed up a little bit at the end, and when I feel him start to come I push my head down as deep as it will go and suck slowly and intensely at the base, letting his cum just shoot down my throat.


    Guide for all the good girls who want to please their Daddy.

    DO NOT MISS IT.!!!


    Good whores help others worship cock.


    Ladies, if you’re looking for ways to blow his mind, and his load down your throat this is a good instructional from a girl that clearly knows what she’s doing. The best thing I can add is a tip for when your gag reflex betrays you. Grip your left thumb in the palm of your left hand. Making a fist squeezing your thumb as you deep throat. This works for the large majority of the girls I’ve throat fucked that had gagging problems.


    I think it’d be a really cute relationship if I brought you along on business trips with me as a sex toy luggage pet to keep me entertained in my room, but you never got to see anything outside the hotel room since you were always in your case otherwise. It’d be adorable to pack up you up at the end of my trip with a new “I love NY” style shirt I bought you for wherever we are stretched across your frame, and to even give you souvenirs I bought you from whatever sightseeing I did while I was there when we get home together later <3