Pursuit Of Uniformed Men
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2020-07-11 16:57:15

    Officer: “Okay, you’re here to observe and obey all instructions, is that understood?”

    Me: “Yes, Officer.”

    Officer: “Good, then we understand each other.”

    I guess we did, as I observed him unzip and pull out his cock and obeyed as he instructed “get your fucking mouth on it” along with subsequent instructions ranging from “take my fucking nut” through to “stay down and wallow” and everything in between. 

    He was forceful, yet not aggressive, but was definitely in charge and knew exactly how to get what he wanted. Just as he should be. 

    Right: “Hey buddy, I told my partner here about you and he wants to cum in your mouth.”

    Me: I’d happily swallow it for him.”

    Right: “Yeah I know you will, right after you swallow mine, get in!”

    They drove me to a secluded spot and made me service them, taking turns to hold my head down on the other’s cock as each nutted in my mouth, telling me to swallow the other’s load.