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2021-02-22 13:41:36


    Gaslight me. Make me doubt my own sanity.

    Make me feel smaller and smaller next to you.

    Convince me that if I don’t expose myself, I’m a prude.

    Make me feel little, useless and dumb.

    Lie to me so much I can’t tell what reality is anymore.

    Convince me that helping you fuck my friends was my idea.

    Erode my sense of self, bit by bit.

    Slowly erase who I was and mold me as you wish.

    Make me feel like I’m bad if I don’t obey.

    Make every degrading thing feel like an act of love.

    Break me. Cage me in my own mind. Share me. Humiliate me. Show me I don’t deserve love. Rent my cunt out. Make me blow strangers for cash.

    Gaslight me, and I will follow that light.





    I will be a gender traitor.

    I will turn other women into fucktoys.

    I will befriend girls, and corrupt them. I want them to be as worthless as I am.

    I will be a complete slut for Cock, and will tempt others to be the same.

    I will have no morals. I will tempt married men, and their wives. I will wreck their happiness, because I can’t be happy.

    I will seduce my teachers and bosses. I will corrupt their lives, because all I touch, I hurt.

    I will destroy my family. I’ll fuck my father and brothers, and teach my sisters to be as empty as me.

    I will gaslight my friends, turning them into broken whores like me.

    I will expose myself online and teach men that women are only holes and tits.

    I’ll masturbate to degrading porn, and share it so more women fall.

    Good little toy.

    Now reblog, spread the CORRUPTION and rub again.


    Let the darkness come out to play.


    In the dead of night, your darkness plays.