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    So long, and thanks for all the fish.

    Well, it appears Tumblr is intent on drinking the poison kool aide. Thank you all for your going along on this journey. I’ve had the privilege of meeting some interesting people here over the years. I hold out hope for a last minute reprieve. I appreciate each and every one of you. I currently have no plans to continue on another platform. I wish you all nothing but the best, and really hate that it has to end this way.


    Change of policy

    Well, you have driven me to post the very first ever text only post in Girlbutts history. I'm sick of all the repost bots and blogs that exist as ads for adultfriendfinder or commercial ventures. You know the ones. They always have a double signature always in bold. They are a rash across Tumblr. From now on, whenever I get a repost by one of these blogs, I will block them as a matter of course. This absolutely does not affect actual real people blogs. You real users please do keep on reposting everything of mine you want. That is what it's here for. I appreciate each and every one of my real followers. You guys are why I keep doing this. Please do consider blocking these repost bots and commercial abusers of Tumblr yourself. We can excise this cancer from our Tumblr. Thank you all for your submissions and support.

    The strap lands heavily across her broad bottom.  Each blow causing a lovely ripple of compression to migrate across her bum.  This must be in the early stages of the strapping as her rear is still a very light pink colour.  Methinks it will be much darker red and bruised to boot by the end of the punishment.  She will relish the delicious feeling in her ass every time she sits down for more than a week if it is applied properly.


    Such a thin little switch whistles through the air before landing squarely on eagerly waiting bumcheeks that quiver with anticipation.  It certainly looks painful even if her bottom is not showing a lot of colour yet.  The stinging must be rather intense in those cheeks that do not look like they have too much padding in the first place.  Still she has a rather nice bottom.  She will remember how much she is loved for days after every time she sits down.  Lovely.

    This is really a happy change of pace.  While I get an awful lot of spread cheek anus pictures, I so rarely get well beaten arse pictures.  So thank you, thank you, thank you!  Please keep it up, take more snaps, and send them in.  Her very well beaten bottom shows wonderful bruising all around.  That must have been some experience for it to get into that state.  I don’t know if I have ever seen such thorough bruising before.  To top it all off, she has such a well formed and nicely rounded bottom that just begs for the paddle and tawse.  It’s enough to get Girlbutts blood pumping!


    The incredible beating that she has taken must have left quite the impression!  Look at the incredible shapes that the bruising has left across the canvas of her ass.  I think that is some time after the actual spanking itself, which was probably with a paddle or hair brush based on the damage.  Any sooner, and the redness would not have had such a chance to fade.  I'll bet she was reminded just how much she is loved every time she sat down for weeks.  Lucky girl!


    Her nice wide bottom is darkly marked in some interesting areas.  A contentious amount of attention has been paid to her sit spot.  She will be feeling how much she is loved for some time to come after this spanking.  Look at the vertical marks on either side of her crack as well.  We also think that her peek-a-boo type rear with the little anal cut-away is simply darling.  A great pic.


    A very shapely bottom after the harsh application of the hairbrush.  Look at all of the different marks that it can produce.  The overall redness and diagonal lines on her right cheek, with the angry red bullseyes on the top of the same cheek.  Over on the left cheek, there is the beginning of an angry bruise, in a small area that has been spanked white.  She really does have a very nice bottom, doesn't she?

    Another great submission from Molly over at http://scarletslutmolly.tumblr.com/

    Here, her lovely bottom is a canvas that some lucky soul has painted their hand.  Look at how small the actual crack portion of her bottom is.  Look at how distinct the handprints are.  Molly either has really easily marked skin, or those were particularly hard spanks.  The latter is really a delightful thought.  Imagine the smack, echoing across the room as her booty is spanked.  Delightful.  Thank you, as always for sending me such wonderful pictures.  Please send more.  We appreciate every one.

    My beloved Cherie, from Southern Charms.  Just about my favorite model.  One of only two, along with Proxy Paige who rate their own tag on my tumblr.  Her round rear is spread lovingly to show off that amazing anus.  Look at the great melanistic line running up the bottom of her gluteal cleft.  The cruciform shape of her anal opening in this picture is great.  Such a tantalizing rump.  I wish it was sitting on my face, so I cannot breath, and all I can do is smell and lick it!  Lovely.