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    Ladies I have another question for you....

    What’s one thing you wish guy did while he was going down ?


    Actually suck on the clitoris instead of flicking it with his tongue like how a cat drinks water.


    I have so much to learn thelifeofbunches


    Go slow. Not everything has to be fast paced and crazy all the time


    Hold my thighs. Like grip them, just firm enough…


    Yasss that clit flicking shit is not the wave.


    What about sucking on the clit ? thetennesseehoneyy


    Fingering at the same time is always nice, but not in and out, find that gspot and massage it why you lick and suck the clit. I will die.


    Touch/grab my thighs, my ass, slowly touch down my spine, everywhere, somewhere. Tease me good before you go down & while you’re down there.


    Deadass with the thigh thing Kiss those inner thighs too Pretend you’re passionately kissing the kitty Not a cat drinking water Also don’t even do it if you a)don’t like doing it b)you’re going to do it for 2 seconds


    I couldn’t hit reblog fast enough.


    Don’t be to shy to open it up and really get the clit. Like if dudes really spread the lips and focused on the clit I would lose my mind


    slow down on the flickering thing, that rapid shit isnt pleasurable, slowly running your tongue back n forth tho? Yes. 

    thigh kissing is nice, ass grabbing, thigh gripping, a little passionate teasing takes you far and honestly gets her wetter by the minute 

    slow down, take your time at first, dont just dive in, enjoy your meal

    that rapid flicking thing doesnt do much for me (i cant speak for every girl) but slow runs across the clit are lovely, just focus on the clit, let your fingers do some work if you get tired or something 

    I dont know about every girl but that mimic-my-dick-with-my-tongue technique doesnt do shit 


    Notice how they’ve all basically said the same thing? I hope you men pay attention. Every woman is different but here are the basics to pleasing us.

    1. Stop the fucking flicking shit.

    2. Focus on the CLIT. Suck it, circle it. Engulf it. If she moans, keep doing that.

    3. But pls, do visit thighland. Inner thigh licking and kissing will set us on fire.

    4. What is this fingering shit? Massage the gspot or get out. We feel nothing with that little stabbing motion. Also, stop sticking your 2 inches of tongue in there. Come back up to the clit.

    5. LONG stokes with the tongue.

    6. Stop humming. Most of us use vibrators so that little humming trick you learned from GQ will pale in comparison.

    7. Speaking of vibes, the reason you’re in our bed is because you can do 1 thing our wands and rabbits can’t do. And that’s grab us. Grab us, squeeze us, we want to feel your hands on our body.

    8. If you can reach, grab a titty.

    9. Some women are self conscious about how they look/taste/smell down there. Or worry about taking too long to orgasm, so let her know you’re enjoying it. Moan, groan, sound like you’re eating a plate of ribs

    10. Do it til we cum or GTFO!


    Oh damn 😳😳💕💕


    Why aren’t things compiled and published like this more often??

    And more importantly, why aren’t we being told this stuff while down there? Esp those of us who love doing it and doing it right….. feedback, ladies, when we’re there. Please?


    I don’t often post shit like this but all of this is important. Guys, you want the goods? Learn to earn it. And please enjoy yourself. If you do it right you’ll enjoy the sheer fact that SHE’S enjoying it.


    Taking notes for when I feel like putting some natural facial hair growth serum on my face.


    Reblogging for awareness…


    Don’t be rubbin on the clit like you trying to shine a shoe, it’s very sensitive. To that end, no dry cat-tounges. Slob it down.


    If you think blowing on it or in it or anywhere near the pussy does anything for anyone, punch yourself in the face right now


    Great facts and mad humorous. Shoot I love what I do and always have a drenched beard. And little to drink but always good to learn new tricks if there where some.




    Well done ladies! 👏👏 yes work that clit. 💋👠


    Definitely suck on my clit. And start gently, you are neither a cat to flip it nor you are in the rush to catch the bus. And once you find out what I like, stop fucking changing the technique!!. Stick to the one that works, we can experiment some other time!!.


    Wonderful, Ladies! Be explicit, we want to make you happy, tell us how! :-)


    🙌🏻 this is gold!!! Solid gold!!!


    Sharing this because everyone should know!


    Two fingers in the pussy while he’s going down is bliss if it’s done slowly and makes her moan…

    Don’t keep sucking the clit and then moving onto something else unless you want to edge her. You kill her orgasm climb…


    Ana <3 -- Our new cuckcake

    We hadn’t had a cuckcake is so long, and she was so beautiful. She’s every single thing I enjoy in a cuckcake. She’s sexy, she’s different, she’s outgoing, she’s blonde AND Gary can cum in her..is there anyone more perfect?

    Her name is Ana, we met her at the New Years Eve party we threw. The first time she talked I noticed her. She had the most unique voice, and it just drew me in. I turned my head and looked at her..she had a nice body with beautiful tits that she always makes sure are showing, a nice ass, and she made sure her appearance told everyone how different she was. I made out with her a lot that night, but nothing happened between her and Gary until the next party we threw…

    The night was going like any other normal night. Drinking, playing cards, hanging out with friends. Once she got a couple of drinks in her, she couldn’t help herself but make her way to me. We were kissing in front of the whole party, they loved it. My hands were all over her body, and hers all over mine. I couldn’t hold back anymore…I wanted to see her and Gary together so badly. I asked her if she wanted to go to the room, and she agreed, like I was praying she would.

    We crawled into the bed. I layed diagonal to make sure there was enough room behind her for Gary when she started to eat my pussy. In between making out and feeling her body I took my pants off, she bent over and put her face in my pussy and starting licking. Gary got behind her and took her pants off and started to play with her soaking wet pussy with his cock. I love seeing his face while he does that. I get to lay on my back and feel total pleasure..and watch his facial expressions change, and see every moan come out of his mouth. As soon as he put his cock inside of her, she let out the sexiest moan I’ve ever heard. Every time he would go in and out of her she would moan on my clit..it was like I was getting pleasure from his thrust, from her mouth…it was absolutely perfect <3

    He flipped her over on her back so he could have his way with her. I got out of the way and moved to the side and got to touch her body, and his. I love laying there and sucking one of her nipples, while Garys on the other. Talk about ‪#‎TeamMcQueen‬. I can honestly say Ana was the girl I feel me and Gary tag teamed the most. He was always on some part of her, while I was always on a different part of her. If he was eating her pussy, I would be biting her nipples. If he was making out with her, I was playing with her pussy. For the first time ever, Gary kissed me while he was fucking a cuckcake! (Normally I get zero attention, maybe a hand on the leg or ass or something, but never kisses, sex or anything like that) I enjoyed it, it reminded me that we are a team, and he enjoys me being there too. I actually loved it.

    She was so sexy, her moans, her “harder, harder” OMG I just wanted to see Garys cum leaking out of her. Every time she said it, of course he would oblige and fuck her harder. I loved sitting back and rubbing my clit and hearing her enjoying my husband, and hearing my husband enjoy her. He kept choking her, and she loved it. She is such a good girl. For certain cuckcakes I get this “mothering” feeling and it kicked it. I started to pet her beautiful blonde hair, and kiss her beautiful pierced lips and at that moment I would of done anything in the world for her to feel good, because she was making me feel that good taking my husbands cock.

    Since we met at the party it was different for us. We didn’t talk to her prior and know what she was okay with and what she wasn’t okay with, we didn’t know her kinks, or if she was on birth control or anything. Gary made the right choice and came in her mouth. I loved seeing it, but was happy it was a bit messy because I could clean up. I haven’t ever got to clean up after a cuckcake and I’m telling you there is nothing like it. There was some of his cum on her shirt, and around her mouth and I kissed her and cleaned her all up with my mouth. Tasting my husbands cum inside her mouth was the sexiest thing I’ve ever done. Once I got a taste I couldn’t stop. I kept making out with her with his cum in our mouths, and I made sure every drop was cleaned up off her perfect face.

    She was the perfect girl after a super long break from the cuckquean lifestyle. I learned some new things about myself, and I gained another cuckcake <3


    Great cuckquean story. And if you haven’t already, shoot over to @themccuckqueans page and follow them!!

    10 Traits of a Blowjob Queen

    1. Sucking his cock is something she find just as natural as kissing her partner and she can’t have enough of it. Its her way of connecting with you. Wether it is a 15 minute blowjob before you get to work or a 4 hour long blowjob while you are watching TV in the evenings, its all a way of connecting and bounding with you and she loves it.

    2. Time is not a factor for a blowjob queen. To her sucking cock is like poetry. It´s an art. Doing her performance is nurturing for her soul and her being and at the same time connecting with herself and with you.

    3. She is always willing and eager to get better. She does her own research through books, guides, videos etc. to get better at sucking and pleasuring you. She is proud to be a pro cocksucker. In fact she can even be embarrassed how much she enjoys it and will always try to cover it up by convincing you how much she want it for you so you can stress down and enjoy her. If she is at all counting number of times or number of minutes/hours- it´s for her own improvement.

    4. If you are not doing your part in this she might ask you- or become bratty to get your attention- she want you to train her and let her work on you to get better. You are the teacher! This includes activities such overall performance, sensual touch, eye contact, deepthroating, ballsucking, rimming, massages etc.

    5. If she find herself bored, dont be surprised she will ask to suck your cock for having something to do. For her sucking your cock is just as natural as kissing and cuddling. She is good at nursing you and always is prepared for the task. She might even have her own knee pillows made if she knows how to do needlework. Don´t be surprised if she doesn’t want to stop sucking after your first ejaculation but want to continue for more.

    6. She is attracted to both sides of the coin. One part of her is the slut; love being used, forced deep throated and mouth fucked, taken by surprise. The other part of her is the Goddess in her, with intense eye contact seducing all your senses, taking it forward slowly and sensually until you get a full body climax down her throat.

    7. She is very found of cum and some might even find themselves addicted to their daily amount of cum. If she is spiritually open she might find this a sacred spiritual act of vitality. The downside can sometimes be that it can become more about the cock and the cum than it is about you the partner. Make sure to focus on eye contact and presence with her during the cock sucking if this is the case. She will get better at combining the two.

    8. There are two variants of attachment to the cock that is most typical for a blow job queen;

  • 1- her attachment to cock is linked to your cock as the main center of pleasure- she will want only to suck your cock.
  • 2- her attachment to cock goes to cock in general and she will not mind sucking anyones cock as long as there is a connection with the man and she gets to have the cum.
  • 9. She always swallow every drop and clean up after herself. As little as possible bother for you and also making sure you are ready for a new round. Don’t be surprised if she is sucking you when you are not hard. She can be impatient. If you are away for a longer period of time she might ask you nicely not to empty your self so that none of your cum goes anywhere else than to her mouth.

    10. Depending on what you allow her to do (and if you want her to ask for permission before she is near you) you might find yourself in no need for an alarm clock anymore. She will easily wake you up in the morning by sucking your cock. Sometimes also during nights if she can’t sleep. Be consistent with what you allow her to do so you don’t loose your sleep.

    (source FetLife: Ray5)


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