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    Look at them. They're doing exactly what they're biologically built to do. . and your weak faggot ass is so jealous.

    What they do: Dominate the field, conquer the enemy, advance the football, resist and prevail, push themselves to the limits, and win. They ultimately win and they achieve glory.

    What you do: Nothing meaningful at all. You are worth absolutely nothing more than your primary use in serving alpha males and even then, your worth is only generated by the amusement of the alpha.


    More brutal in pairs


    C'mere and let me and my Brah run a fucking train on you, bitch. You won't be able to walk for a week, but you'll squirt harder than you ever have in your entire life. More importantly, we will fill you with our Alpha loads over and over again. So much so that your chances of carrying a next gen Alpha Soldier is a guaranteed 100%. Always remember that at the end of the day our pleasure and satisfaction is the most important thing.


    Me and my Brah @toxicmascbruh are just getting started. Step up and conform to our aesthetic domination or get crushed by it.

    Alpha Male Law #12

    Your Body is Sacred. Your Alpha Male body is the vehicle of your earthly dominance. It is sacred. Perfect it.  Every day You work out is a fulfillment of Your purpose. At the gym You feel Who You are. Your discipline. Your size. Your power. Get addicted to the gym. It is a good addiction.