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    Twitter thread from user @lindzamer:

    I bet most of the people flipping out about drag queens and kids have no idea that their favorite classic children’s books were written by queer people

    Arnold Lobel, the author of Frog and Toad, came out to his family in the mid-70s

    Maurice Sendak lived with his male partner for 50 years

    Margaret Wise Brown was an iconic chaotic bisexual. The “personal life and death” section of her Wikipedia page is a wild ride, I’ve wanted to write a biopic screenplay about her for ~ages~

    James Marshall was queer and died of AIDS

    Tomie dePaola was gay and came out later in life. The NYT gave him a beautiful obituary after his death in 2020

    (each name is accompanied by a picture of an iconic book by that author)

    *sigh* The TERFs are at it again

    As a lot of sewing and costube nerds know, Bernadette Banner just released her book on sewing, a basic guide for sewing and mending based on historical techniques. She has a successful YouTube channel where she teaches these techniques and occasionally features other costubers, experts, etc. Naturally, in writing her book, she’s transferred some of the personal aspects that are part of any YouTube channel’s branding, such as illustrating her work with narratives and introducing the people who are featured in the book.

    Because she has used people’s correct pronouns and approached this book in an inclusive way, it seems a group of TERF activists have organized and bombarded the book’s Amazon page with bad reviews, claiming the book has an “agenda” and is “political” by using the preferred pronouns of the people featured. Of course, this is this absurd – YouTube personalities, even those with substantive content who aren’t just influencers, are exactly that? Personalities? So of course there will be personal narratives, and why should someone’s identity be left out of their narrative, especially if the reason they need to tailor a garment is a gender reassignment surgery? I also imagine it may be triggering and difficult, as Banner has an openly non-binary sibling who has also been featured in her videos.

    All this to say, you can go to Amazon and report these bigoted reviews or mark them as unhelpful, and if you have a copy of the book and like it, this is a good time to leave a nice review. The book was published less than a month ago, and bad Amazon reviews can tank new publications or push Amazon to force the author to make changes in some cases (though I think only with digital books, but as there’s a kindle edition and we all know that Amazon takes money from authors whose books are returned, I’m hoping these TERFs aren’t buying and returning Kindle editions just to leave shitty reviews). Anyway, it’s important to authors not to get dragged down by a TERF swarm, especially so early after publication. And it’s even more important to keep pushing back and showing TERFs that they can’t keep pulling this shit.

    I’m honestly just so tired of their bullshit. Please find a non-destructive outlet for your trauma.


    what is it about capybaras that attracts groups of small animals to them? Its not just mammals either its like birds and turtles and frogs too


    look at this shit

    They radiate peace


    capybaras are friend shaped


    I love this post


    This is actually a cool thing I know about!

    In the wild capybaras live in large groups so naturally a female capybara will take care of not only her own offspring, but all of the other offspring in the group. So capybaras are super great mothers who will adopt pretty much anything and take care of it.

    Lots of places that rescue different animals will give a group of baby animals to a capybara to raise if they have one.

    Like puppies




    They are just super calm animals so they’re naturally great at mothering or just existing in a group!


    This makes me so happy. Not even kidding. This is the purest content I have ever seen. I’m truly blessed to have seen this.



    Right, that's pretty much what I've been saying.



    A group of Ngunnawal traditional owners have used the 30th anniversary of the Mabo decision to announce their intention to lodge a native title claim over the entire ACT and parts of NSW.

    Ngunnawal Nation Traditional Owners Network Group spokeswoman Sonia Shea said Mabo Day was a "significant day" to announce the group's intention to “ensure our culture, rights and interests through the Native Title Act.

    There have been previous native title applications lodged in the ACT, in 1996 and 1997, which were withdrawn in 2001 when the ACT government and Ngunnawal People reached an agreement over a special 99-year joint management lease for Namadan National Park”

    I cannot stress this enough - the POINT of ALL money and ALL resources is to make life better for as many people as possible. The point of SOCIETY is to make life as good as possible for EVERYONE YOU CAN POSSIBLY DO THAT FOR.

    There is no other goal. Having a high GDP means nothing if people are starving in the street. Different people have different ways to do it, and for some of us the only life we can make better is our own - and sometimes even that isn't feasible. That's okay. That isn't YOUR failing.

    But when you look at it that way, when you remember that the reason we got to be the dominant species on this little rock... Then it brings a very different context to a billionaire spending tonnes of money lobbying against trans rights, doesn't it? Or some absolutely wangbasket ruining our ability to observe space so he can put ads in the sky? Or whatever?

    We are a hive species. We all have different skillsets and that is why it works, or worked, or whatever. And if you think your only skill is napping, then you're still better for society, by a vast margin, than the rich people actively working against our collective well-being.


    idk im really tired of 15-17 year olds who have never interacted with the gay community irl and spend too much time on tiktok trying to act like the authority on all that is lgbt+ 


      mean this in the kindest possible way. if you are too young and unsafe to go to your gay community center or pride here’s some ways you can connect to gay history.

  • the oral history project from act up
  • the lesbian herstory archives
  • the transgender archives of the university of victoria
  • the digital transgender archives
  • glbt historical society (digital)
  • lgbtq digital collaboratory
  • lesbotan

    since it was suggested in the tags

    anything that moves

    the bisexual manifesto