Kitty’s Denial, Week Two


My mind just keeps coming back to it: I don’t know when I’ll cum again.

I don’t know at what cost I’ll be allowed to cum again.

What if it’s not until next January?

Stress has had me a little less horny the last couple of days than I might normally have been, but I still woke up nice and wet this morning, with the fading visions of a dream where I was tightly bound with a big cock pounding me from behind fading away.

I’m used to being denied in games like this, of a shorter duration, so the physical feelings are not new.  This time, it’s the mental game that feels so much different, and its a constant reminder of how owned I am, and in a way, a constant challenge to keep re-submitting myself to his will every time I want to fight it.

I’m also used to going long periods of time without a partner/my Master’s touch, so one of the first denial symptoms for me is an increased amount of fantasizing… what a tongue would feel like on my hot slit… how a cock would feel pressing into my swollen wetness…

Mmmm. His cunt is starting to feel the ache of denial.  His clit gets a little more swollen, pussy lips a little heavier, hole feels a little tighter with each day.  I’m more likely to be wet and slick at any moment of the day. I want it, I want to cum, I want to feel that rush, that tingle, the roar of pleasure and release through my body…

I am Master Buddha’s Kitty. He can do whatever he wants with me. He owns this cunt, and he owns its pleasure. It is his cunt to deny. It is his cunt.

It has been 13 days since I last came.

I have edged his cunt with a vibrator each morning for 10 minutes

I have fucked his cunt with my glass toy and a vibe on his clit for 15 minutes.

I fucked his hole for 15 minutes with the new rabbit toy I bought, then edged his clit for 15 minutes with my new bullet vibe.

I wore an anal plug for one day.

I spent 20 minutes playing on the phone with him, with a variety of torments from edging, clothespins on his nipples, standing on the pain board (I’ll have to post a pic of that, with his permission), and riding a dildo with a vibe on his clit.  Pain makes this whore want to cum even more…

This week: 125 minutes (2 hours and 5 minutes) of edging total. 

3.5 hours of edging since Pet last came.


Check for more.


I love when a girl is teased and denied orgasms… I deny orgasms to myself. For life.