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    Ghh.. I was watching people play A I D ungeon so I wanted to give it a shot of my own. I started a K irby prompt. I decided to be K irby and fight M eta K night, intending to lead it in a vorish direction on my own.

    But nope, the artificial intelligence could tell exactly what I wanted. Only thing is, it twisted it on me and made M eta eat K irby instead.

    I- I can't explain how fucking turned on I am right now.


    "I would like to see some prompts on horny female preds (especially preds grinding/humping their belly from all the movement the prey is doing)" i saw that a anon asked for this a while back is there anyway you could do more but add orgasm moan-belches since they are incredibly underutilised and weight gain?

  • A woman eats her partner for their kink night, upon their request, and enjoys it more than they had thought they would. She grinds hard against her squirming partner, moans drowning out their cries of help. Gas builds in her quaking belly as her grinding helps turn her prey into mush. Just as her prey falls still, she orgasms hard. Moaning loudly, and getting interrupted by a thunderous belch. It’s only after she comes down from her high does she notice the grumbling emitting from her softer belly. But she can’t bring her self to care as another belch escapes her when she climbs back on top of her belly.
  • A thin woman rapidly gains weight after she discover how much she loves vore. She regularly post photos and videos of her self grinding stop of her huge belly, drawing in an audience that she randomly selects her next meal from. She live streams her having sex with several people, eating one and then belching loudly in the other face before eating them too. Her body grows soft as countless people meet their fate happily in her belly.
  • A woman gets hired by a group of people to host an orgy for them. But it’s not until they arrive does she realize what she’s signed up for. After a huge dinner the entire group strips forces their way down her throat. Her belly pinning her in place as the group begin to have wild sex inside. She can only grimace an belch as they all squirm and play in her belly. Reluctant to admit it turns her on, even as she begins grinding against her belly. Her belches grow in length and volume as gass builds up inside her. Her meal getting more and more wild as digest picks up, and she can’t stop the countless orgasms that rack her body. Her chest and throat burn as the constant stream of belches shake her body, and finally she passes out from exhaustion and lack of air. In the morning she wakes up to a loud, gurgling belly. It’s soft to the touch and as she explores her body she notice how much weight she already gained. By the time her belly is empty she’ll have gained at least a couple hundred pounds more.
  • tenorjoane

    Sorry I haven’t been on in a bit I’ve had people over for like a week so I couldn’t find time to get on. Anyways here’s a new artwork I made for my trade with my green dragon freind ft. He’s been kidnapped and sacked by my new oc saphire who is thinking of ways to Vore fatal tragedy


    Tenor’s part of the trade ^_^ Posting here because it’s a bit more… adult-natured with the gore and such x3 A sort of prequel to his earlier pic, it looks like Mr. Blue dragon here decided to swallow me whole in the end x3

    S usie was eager to dig into her dessert as she pulled him from the oven and onto a silver platter. The swordsman she was so fond of had been rendered to nothing but food to be devoured. She transferred the ice cream from its container into his mask which she was now using as a bowl, scooping some of the vanilla ice cream onto her dessert. The frozen glaze started to sizzle upon contact with her roasted knight, melting and coating her meal in an appetising manner. S usie picked up a knife and fork, cutting the rope with the former. The barely conscious M eta K night couldn't escape if he wanted to, too softened up to be anything more than meat. The former swordsman could only whimper as the secretary carved him up, any other resistance muffled by the apple. Susie praised her food letting him know how delicious he was as she slowly picked him apart, making sure to savour her knight dessert. She ate him all up, leaving nothing behind of meat or ice cream. S usie leaned back in her chair, rubbing and massaging her Meta meat and vanilla filled stomach. Perhaps another time she would have made M eta K night her servant boyfriend but she just had to have the swordsman digesting away in her belly. At least she had a souvenir to remember her tasty knight by~

    Ahahaha... I enjoy this way too much, don't I? I'll admit, I wasn't planning to draw a part two but I really wanted to see M eta K night thoroughly cooked and golden brown!~ I kept drawing and it eventually became a sequel. From there on, I got more ideas of what more I wanted to draw and went with it, such as S usie taking her poor knight's mask as a bowl and her cradling a full gut of Meta meat. I tried my hand at drawing weight gain and I liked it enough to keep it.


    Could you please do something with preds fattening up prey. Maybe so they make a better meal. I just think its a really great concept on both sides.

    Oh I love when preds fatten up their meals. Fixing them into a false sense of security, for months on end they play the part of a caring friend or partner. They have to do things slowly so their prey won’t grow suspicious. They start with sweets and junk food. Coaxing the prey to eat more and more food with the bribery of their favorite treats. As the prey slowly fattens up the pred can’t keep their hands to themselves.

    The prey just thinks their handsy, maybe even a chubby chaser if they put two and two together. But in reality the pred is sizing up their meal. Measuring the weight in their hands as they count down the days until they can eat them. Pretty soon the pred spends the whole day feeding the prey. Encouraging them to eat until their belly aches and rests heavy in their wide lap. By the time they’re ready, the prey is immobile. Belly so full of food and covered in rich fat that they can’t stand up at all.

    It’s then the pred knows they’re ready. They feed the prey one last time. Stuffing them stupid, until their belly is taunt as a drum, then rubbing oils into their soft skin. They focus most of their attention on the preys fat belly, watching carefully as the prey slips closer and closer to unconsciousness. Then stopping abruptly, giving their startled pet a leering grin. The fat prey can do nothing but watch as the preds disappears behind their huge gut. Feel the wetness of their throat engulfing them ever so slowly, their teeth scrapping against their hard belly as it’s shoved inside their stretched maw. Horror fills the prey as they see the pred inch ever closer to their face.

    When the pred swallows the last of the prey they can’t help but moan in content. Their belly gurgling around the ball of meat and fat as it once again breaks down another meal. As the prey digests, the preds is already looking for their next victim.


    Food delivery vore prompts?

  • A woman orders a large amount of food from her favorite restaurant. She orders so much in fact that they assume she’s hosting a party. Only when the sole delivery driver arrives, he finds she’s alone. The woman asks them to help thing it inside, but when the last of the food is set down they find themself engulfed in darkness. They curl into a ball as they’re dropped into a dark and wet sack, their world shifting and swaying as they try to make sense of what happened. Only for food to drop in on them and they realize they’re in the woman’s stomach. They kick and cry out for help, but she just ignores them as she demolishes all of the food. Trapping the delivery driver at the bottom of her stomach as acid begins to pour into the chamber.
  • A man orders take out while he’s live streaming. When the food arrives he’s so eager to get back to the game he just eats it all in one go, including the cute delivery girl. Not realizing that his camera had a clear view of the front door, and his huge squirming belly. Hundreds tune into his stream in the hours after, but not to watch hi play. They come to watch his belly break down the poor girl while he obliviously plays his game.
  • A has been working all day and has yet to have their lunch break. When they go out to run yet another order they can’t take it anymore and eat all of the food. Their belly hugely distended from the many orders they had just eaten. But as soon as they’re done they realize what they did. They can’t go back for more food, and all of it was already paid for, so they simply drive to the houses and eat the customers as well. By the time they hit the last house their belly is too big to carry and aching something awful. So they just call in work and tell their boss they’re taking their break. Then they relax on the front lawn of their last meal while they wait for everything to digest.
  • anonymous

    Will you rp non vore nsfw

    Only if it's good enough. I'm clear about my vore interests so I'm not too worried about making this a roleplay blog for that.. But I'm way more picky when it comes to sex alone.

    I'll say this, I deleted that other blog in the first place because no one was good enough. No one was like me and were an annoyance. So if you think you can keep up and please me, then give it a try.


    One of my favorite scenarios is when fangirl/fanboy preds eat their celebrity crush and just proceed to gush about them nonstop as they digest, fawning about how happy they are to meet and eat them.

    Oh fuck, that’s hot.

    Imagine they sneak back stage and into the celebrities dressing room. At the end of their show, they’re too exhausted to notice the practically vibrating fan until their head is engulfed by darkness. They are forced into a tight ball as the fan swallows them quickly, saliva and acid coats their skin and the preds stomach pulses around. As soon as the celebrity hits their stomach the fan is gushing about how excited they are to meet them. Dropping in the celebrities sofa as the continue to ramble about how much they love them. Their hands gliding across their belly as the celebrity struggles within. Then they begin gushing about how excited they are that they’ll finally be together forever and it hits the celebrity what’s happening and they start fighting harder. But it’s too late and acid begins filling the stomach as they are squeezed harder and harder. Slowly they are broken down until they are nothing but sloshy, meaty soup. The entire time the pred doesn’t stop talking. Even as they waddle out if the dressing room with their soft belly they continue to ramble about their love for the now soupy celebrity in their belly. A day later they post a picture gushing about their love for the celebrity on social media, thanking them for the meal, and saying they’ll be together forever.


    Prompts for gentle preds who still want to digest their prey :0

  • A pred and prey are long time partners, and often times the prey let’s the preds eat them. But no matter what, the prey always wants out. The preds however wants nothing more than to digest them. Especially since their partner refuses to let them eat anyone else. They know it’s permanent, that’s why they haven’t done it yet. But then one day, their partner forces their way down their throat without asking and the preds decides this is it. They wait for their prey to fall asleep before reclining in their favorite chair and putting on a movie. They do nothing to stop their belly as it begins breaking down their partner. Finally happy to have a satisfying meal after so long.
  • A prey goes to an experienced pred for help. They want to be eaten so bad, but they’re scared of the idea of not being let out before digestion sets in. After some coaxing the preds convinces the prey to let them eat them, using vague but soothing words to help keep them calm. Slowly the preds swallows the prey, stopping every now and again when the prey gets too scared. Finally however, the prey finds themself curled up in the warm confines of the preds belly. They happily explore the stomach when they notice acid begining to pool at their feet and the walls begin to jostle them about. They panic and demand to be let out, but the preds just rubs their belly and shushes them. The prey struggles fiercely as the pred rubs soothing circles into their back, telling them that digestion is natural and part of the process.
  • A pred gets identified by a large group of prey, who all demand to be eaten. The pred is very shy and doesn’t like hurting others, so they tell the prey that if they want to be eaten they have to crawl in themselves while they sit still. The pred looses count of just how many prey slip down their throat, but when it’s over their belly is much bigger than them. A pleasant thrumming courses across their belly and they let out a mighty belch that forces the prey closer together. They don’t even think to ask the prey what they want, and just let their belly get to work as they rub their belly.
  • A pred careful swallowing their friend for the first time. Holding their hand the entire time they sink deeper and deeper into their belly. Only letting go at the last possible moment. Then they spend hours rubbing and craddling their belly as their friend explores their belly. Falling asleep as digestion kicks in. The next they are awoken by their friend shaking them and smiling widely at them. Their hands digging into their still bloated belly as they plead for the preds to eat them again.
  • thevoraciouschefconfessions

    He’s been my comic book pred crush for 5ever, and I LOVED your Spider-Man post, so could I ask very politely for some pred Mysterio, please? 🙏🏻

  • Mysterio has always been into vore, but he never thought to apply it to his illusions. Not until someone made a vore related joke about him. After that he just knew he needed to eat somebody for real. He spent months training his belly into holding larger and larger amounts of food, until finally he could eat his own weight in one sitting. As much as he wanted to run out and start eating people he still needed to be cautious. So he lured some random person off of the street and used his illusions to keep them calm as he slowly swallowed them whole. His belly ached something awful, but it was worth it. From then on normal food would never be enough for him.
  • While fighting Mysterio, something strange happens. Peter dives in to kick the villain in the face when his feet slip into the beaten man’s gaping mouth. The momentum from Peter’s dive sends him halfway down Quentin’s throat. After a moment of gagging, the villain does the only thing he can think of in the moment, he swallows. Peter is pulled fully into Quentin’s belly where he curls into a ball. He struggles fiercely to escape, but acid seeps into he chamber and the air begins to turn stale. Outside Quentin is a panting mess, clutching his huge belly and moaning in pain. Burping sickly and sinking to his knees; he rests his head against his belly and he can hear Peter getting digest alive. He sits there for hours, leaning against his softening belly, listening to Peter melt away.
  • After a long battle, Mysterio finally does it. He defeats Spiderman and Daredevil, fully capturing their minds with his illusions. His first order for his new lackeys is to subdue more heroes and villains and bring to to him. Where he forces them to feed them to him and rub his engorged belly. With the opposition slowly becoming food for him, he slowly grows in power and influence. Soon taking over New York and taking more heroes, villains, and special agents under his power and expanding his reach until all of the world is in his grasp. His belly always full as he sit on his throne.
  • Mysterio has a secret. He’s a mutant with the ability to consume and digest more than an average human could. With this came an unbearab hunger that never seems to go away and a very high metabolism. At first he would just eat his own weight in food at each meal, but after browsing the internet he discovers vore and decides to try it out. From then on when ever Quentin got hungry he would use his illusions to lure a meal back somewhere private and eat them alive. Then use his illusions to hide his huge and squirming belly until it is flat again. Every meal he eats one or two people, maybe gorging himself on food as well if he’s feeling particularly hungry.
  • You’ve done everything you could to prepare the perfect anniversary present, befitting the perfect girlfriend. A shy, bookish girl with freckles on her cheeks and brown hair to her shoulders. You made sure that nobody would trace where she disappeared to; you displayed her finely on a dining tray, covered in savory sauces atop a bed of lettuce; and now, all that was left of her was a pair of wriggly feet in your girlfriend’s drooling mouth, until, with another swallow, those, too, vanished into that black abyss of a throat.

    It was such a rare treat that dhecwas able to indulge like this! Assured you’d covered every aspect of her meal’s disappearance, your beloved felt comfortable taking those last few gulps, the last bit of the girl bulging out her stretchy neck for one final moment before her imprint disappeared into her soft body completely. Wriggle as she might, all of her was pressed, slowly but surely, though her tightened esophageal sphincter, down into that waiting stomach. Her stomach was designed to process food, not to be comfortable; and so, her meal found herself treated like any other bit of food, compacted into that tightened, sweltering sauna of a gut, curled up into a tight ball halfway submerged in a bubbling, hot cauldron of digestive enzymes. It was like a private jacuzzi in there, at over a hundred degrees fahrenheit or so, packed away deep beneath the layers of pudge adorning your girlfriend’s tummy, joined only by the half-digested bits of food that contributed to the gastric miasma proliferating what little air her prey could get.

    Naturally, she struggled quite obstinately against such disgusting, inhospitable confines - but her rebelliousness only left your girlfriend moaning in bliss, and gave you quite the show, watching that massive belly slosh and bulge and shift with the clear contours of the girl imprisoned within. It sent chills up your spine just to feel over the smooth, taut skin of that gut, and feel movement just beneath your fingers. Her gut was roaring to life, each organ like a musician in some grand orchestra, with wet gurgles, churns and sloshes for instruments, playing some grand symphony to signal yet another entire person being added to your girlfriend’s growing figure. No wonder she’s tripled in size since she met you. It was no wonder you soon lost yourself in that tummy, hugging it close, pressing yourself against that smooth, tumultuously bulging dome of a gut, groping and massaging it as if in pure adoration for every inch, sending kisses up and down its circumference and licks over her navel, massaging your thumbs into key pressure points and eliciting further moans from your lover’s lips. For the rest of the night, you would be in eachother’s embrace, her little belly prisoner an unwitting participant in your courtship. At times, you would be on top, lavishing your lover’s body with kiss and massages and all the affection you could muster, helping it process its latest meal to further augment her perfect figure - and at other times, she would be upon you, crushing and smothering you beneath her taut belly, her chubby rump or her pillowy breasts, enveloping you in her soft body almost as much as she had done her prey; for you felt no particular need for ‘air’ as long as it was supplanted by your lover’s touch. Her prey would take days to stop squirming, and weeks still for her meat to be processed completely, meaning the two of you had many days to enjoy her company and watch how many pounds she ends up adding to your girlfriend’s figure.

    It was the perfect anniversary present, indeed.

    Despite my love of K irby, he was the character I played the least of in S mash. I decided to change that and discovered he's pretty fun.

    Now.. I happened to fight M eta K night on stamina mode when I got a terribly delicious idea. When he was at 17 health points I inhaled him and let him struggle for a bit before swallowing to see if that would finish him off. It fucking did and it was wonderful. It made it look like K irby digested M eta K night and took his mask. My stupid vore brain was so happy.. and turned on.

    So from there on, I kept fighting M eta K night and defeating him by 'digestion', tenderising him before he was right for consumption.