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    Natasha Marley, of Russian heritage, was a vision with Marlboro 100s and Virginia Slims 120s Luxury Lights Menthols and Non-Menthols!

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    Dual-Media 9-Post, 33-Pack Megapost!

    Pretty Blonde with VS120s
    Luxury Lights Menthols!

    Natasha Marley: A Vision of Pure Beauty!

    Natasha Marley, who grew up in the U.K. of Russian parents, is one of the prettiest women in the Greater SF World Community scene. We say she is among the 10 prettiest SF Models/SF Entrepreneurs/Social Media Smoking Darlings-Social Network Cigarette Girls. She landed at No. 23 on our "unofficial" official Top-25 all-time favorite SF models list published on vs120shound released in January 2023. That was too low on the list, ought to have been higher, we proclaim in hindsight (Ah! 20/20 vision in retrospect!). Expect to see her in the Top-15 the next time we get around to re-compiling "The List" many months or a couple of years from now. We'll let you digest this Video of The Week | Hall of Fame division post to assess and rate her beauty and smoking style/power as you feel, as you see fit, as how it strikes your fancy. We simply adore her look, style, elegance and classiness!

    . . . well, Ms. Marley, now a mother of two young children and retired from the public eye, was one of the more prolific SF models on the Smoking-Models (U.K.) family of SF websites. She appeared in 29 projects, 17 on Smoking-Models and 12 for www.ElegantSmoking.com. Her term with S-M began on September 14, 2009 and finished on June 1, 2020 -- and we believe those are dates of the videos' release not filming or completion of production -- and her career with ElegantSmoking started on July 31, 2009 and ended on April 9, 2020.

    Her Instagram account, IG@therealnatashamarley, nearly has been scrubbed clean of any evidence of her smoking. The informed guess is that she has left cigarettes behind for a healthier lifestyle and to be a better role model for her young, impressionable children. One image remains and that is an IG@smoking_temptresses post that was added, ostensibly by Natasha or the folk(s) running her IG page. Kind of stick out now, we'd say. Cannot pretend the past did not exist. It can be revisited and changes can be made in lifestyle, career and life paths from what was experienced and learned during someone's past. Could be the case here.

    This is a grand Megapost! effort by us. Several others of them on our brand have had more packs but this is the most content. What is a pack exactly (not done elsewhere and we've never explained, so here goes . . . )?

    A pack for our purposes is an SF image, and there are three kinds -- GIF; photograph; video. A "post" is also a pack but, of course, it almost never is one image, ordinarily several or many but not exceeding 30 photos because that's the tumblr maximum.

    It might be nice to see others in the tumblr SF-Content posting realm move forward with such an approach but that is unlikely. We're fine with the standard, traditional one-photo or one-video or one-GIF style the everyone else employs; we continue to do it ourselves but rarely nowadays. We love the great SF blogs/vlogs/webpages on tumblr, from which we re-blog mostly now on vs120shound-2. Our favorites -- and we realize some of you who follow us are aware of our preferences -- seem to be recently thelibrarian120, gomerianworld, smokingscholar, rtpsmk, qwerty53421, thesmokegod (zeusbabes) and blackmaca13, to name a likely Top-7 for us. Those wonderful pages are one photo or one video or one GIF. And they are sensational, extraordinary at it. And there is a lot creativity out there, just not Megaposts!, which take a lot of time to prepare, produce and publish. We're fine with that. We are comfortable with it. It works for us. We do this for you all ("y'all" . . . lived in Texas for 18 months) and for us, for our entertainment.

    Speaking of our favorite tumblr SF blogs . . . we thank smokingscholar whose post is "re-blogged" in our style for our VOTW | Hall of Fame division post here today! That post from "The Scholar" on April 27, 2023 has received 267 positive responses, likes/re-blogs thus far! That video we've seen before but in an edited down version, so it was a treat for us to see at full length. Hope you enjoy.


    Natasha Marley on YouTube!

    From YT's "smoking girl" webpage, with Jenna Hoskins, in 2018 . . .

    The 'Super' Re-Blogged Post from 'The Scholar!'

    From vs120shound on April 27, 2023 . . .

    Natasha Marley Posts on Our Network!

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    From vs120shound on August 31, 2023 . . .

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    Top-25 all-time favorite SF models, No. 23) . . .

    From vs120shound on November 7, 2022, in a re-blog
    from a post by blackmaca13 . . .

    From vs120shound on August 20, 2022 . . .

    From vs120shound on August 15, 2023 (leading off the first two spots in a photo assortment of various SF models/actresses . . .

    From vs120shound on June 21, 2022 (leading off another assortment compilation) . . .

    From vs120shound on March 9, 2022, a re-blog from a post by thesmokegod . . .

    Natasha Marley Nowadays!

    From Instagram@therealnatashamarley on March 19, 2023 . . .

    Video from IG@smoking_temptresses on December 16, 2022 . . .


    This VOTW | Hall of Fame division post is being published on December 6, 2023 at 11:12 a.m. EST. It was produced on Dec. 4-6, 2023 over a period of five-and-a-half hours but was well worth the planning, effort and energy! Thanks for your support and interest in our "work!"




    A bevvy of beauties from Australia from Light Up Time (Australia), part of the SmokeVision family of SF websites. For sure, some of these SF models were first seen on SmokeVision. Produced by Light Up Time, perhaps; no argument here. Nice compilation of scenes but it's the same shoot, same four SF models with their 120s, arranged in different positions with the lineup of smokers alternating. Hope you enjoy.