Look how beautiful she is at the end.

    Inshallah that she takes this to heart and learns the way of Islam.

    Esther Dale, 28, lives in the US state of California and is another non-Muslim trying out the headscarf for the day. The mother-of-three was told about the event by a friend of hers who is a "hijabi".

    As a practising Mormon, Dale understands the importance of faith in daily life, and the judgement that can come with the associated clothing.

    She says she knows the stigma that surround the headscarf and hopes this is an opportunity to help combat that.

    "I knew that it's about modesty of behaviour, not just clothing, and that it's a faulty assumption that women only wear it if they're forced to - especially in the US. That's not at all the truth," she says.

    "It's a good chance to educate people that you can't make an accurate judgement about someone based solely on what they're wearing," says Dale.

    SSBBW Church: Full Story

    I decided to make a full list of all the parts for convenience! Though, links only work in the mobile app. Thanks Tumblr.

    Content for all story parts:

    Common: SSBBW, Hyper, Extreme, Sex, Farm/Cow Language, Gaining, Ahegao, Public Sex, Bukkake, Cumflation, Orgies/Gangbangs, Fat / Sex Worship, Incest

    Sometimes: Bimbofication, Gaining Pills, Futanari

    PART 1

    PART 2

    PART 3

    PART 4

    PART 5

    PART 6

    PART 7

    PART 8

    PART 9

    PART 10

    PART 11

    PART 12

    PART 13

    PART 14

    PART 15

    PART 16

    PART 17

    PART 18

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    PART 20

    PART 21

    To be continued…

    The "You decide what I have to post"-Game!

    Rules are simple:

    1. Anyone can send me an ask or message demanding that I post something. Eg. You say: Post "I'm a needy slut who likes to piss herself in public for fun." And I have to make a text post saying just that.

    2. I'm not allowed to make any changes to the text, or clarify that I was told to post it. The post can ofc be as long as you want!

    3. I don't have to post anything that goes against my hard limits or anything that could be concidered incriminating/illegal.

    4. There's no limit to how many text posts one person can tell me to make!

    I wonder how long it will take until someone messages me, thinking one of these posts are genuine 🥺 Hopefully noone will take advantage of this and force me to post something really humiliating >.<

    Orgasm Enterprises - The Beginning

    Sally opened the box as soon as she received it. She had not been expecting a delivery and so she was quietly curious as to what it was. It arrived whilst her husband was at work, but it was clearly addressed to her. Once she got it open though, things became much clearer.

    Inside there were two things, buried amid a pile of packaging peanuts. A box and a note. She read the note first.

    ‘Sally, I can’t stop thinking about our little dalliance of late. I shall be seeing you again, but first I bought a small present for you to try in the meantime. It is small and discrete so you should be able to keep it from your husband, or simply lie about where you got it. Be with you again soon – A’

    Inside the box was a small black ring. So small in fact that she could barely even fit it on her pinky finger. As she examined it up close she noticed it had a tiny display on one side. What exactly was this thing? Sally turned the note over and saw an extra line on the back.

    ‘P.S. it goes on your clit!’

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