Let’s all imagine for a second:

    Clingy Feedees

    Feedees that can’t get enough of both food and you

    You’re in the kitchen making breakfast? Your feedee is hugging you from behind. Pressing their soft belly into your back... letting their hands wander aimlessly... kissing your shoulders and neck as they ask you what you’re making. Each kiss, grope, and nudge from their massive gut is a delicious distraction and you struggle to make sure you don’t burn the house down.

    You need to get some work done in your home office after an afternoon of stuffing and cuddling your feedee? You leave them passed out on the couch only to hear them slowly shuffling and grunting about as they waddle their way to your office not even 10 minutes later. They’re stuffed to the brim and huffing and puffing by the time they make it to the doorway but they’ve got a snack in one hand and a book in the other because they fully intend on sitting with you while you work. You watch them plop down into the small recliner next to your desk. You hear the frame “squeak” (lets be honest.. it was probably more like a crack) as it adjusts to newly added weight and you instantly know you won’t be getting much work done.

    Have somewhere to be in the morning? Make sure your alarm is adjusted to account for the 40 minutes you’ll be spending in your feedee’s arms as they hold you close in hopes that you’ll give in to the temptation of their pillowy curves. They’ll spend the whole time whispering in your ear, complaining about you having to leave and trying to convince you to just stay home and feed them instead. They’ll say they’re more ways than one. This works in their favor about 70% of the time

    ...yeah. clingy feedees. ❤️




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    your partner’s weight is their choice. if they change their mind about gaining and decide they want to lose 10 pounds, 20, all of it– that’s their choice. and it’s shitty as fuck for a person to get in the way of an individual doing what they want with their body just because of a kink. ultimately, your partner’s emotions matter more than your sexual urges, nothing is permanent, and the principle of consent being ongoing and able to be revoked at any time explicitly extends to feeder/feedee relationships.


    I don’t think many people actually realise this, but it’s so so so important!!


    Consent can be withdrawn, don’t get shitty about it.




    This needs to be on every feederism blog.


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