Hot Sub- I Want To Be A Boiwife

Cute 18 m Chicago (willing to relocate)

Looking to be owned for life by someone

around the same age as me. I want to give you 100% control of my life. I’ll do anything for Alpha and I also want somewhat of a relationship too with that.

I am a mostly masc, cute, fun sub who would love to cook and clean for you all day and night while we have a one on one relationship with my master where we love eachother, I’d like to give complete ownership for you to take care of me also while you fuck the life out of me whenever you want. 420++, athletic, stoner jock.

Rich Young hot Power tops to the top

Message me on kik: vhughesdix

This is an 18+ blog.

As to I know everyone on here is a willing consenting adult. If not please let me know and I will take it down. No pics are mine

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    The Legacy’s Gift

    Everyone in the frat hated Pierce. He was only in the frat because he was a legacy, which meant his dad had been a member of the frat when he went there. But Pierce and his father could not be any less alike. Pierce was a skinny and gangly individual whose nose was usually buried in a book. He didn’t work out and didn’t even play any sports, even though this frat catered pretty much exclusively to athletes. The only reason Pierce decided to join the frat was that it would look good on his resume. 

    One of the people who hated Pierce the most was the head of the frat, Kaiden. He was a blonde alpha stud who competed in college wrestling. While it didn’t have the same prestige as college football, Kaiden was damn good at it, and looked damn good in that tight singlet too. He had had one of the smarter members of the frat read through the charter and see if there was anyway to deny Pierce entry. There wasn’t, and the only way he could get kicked out was by doing something heinous, which was shared with non-legacy frat members as well. 

    Pierce also had another ulterior motive for joining the frat, in addition to the resume stuff. He was gay, although he was still closeted at this time. Being in a house filled to the brim with usually shirtless guys was his constant wet dream, and now he was living his fantasy! However, he could only watch, but not touch. Kaiden and the other jock frat bros were low-key homophobic, and Pierce could only jerk off to pictures he had discreetly taken off their shirtless bodies and bulges so many times. 

    He wondered if there was a way to make him attractive to even the straightest of straight men. Most of the results that came up involved stories with stuff like “lust leaf” or some weird convoluted method that probably wouldn’t work. Pierce was just about to give up searching when a result on the last page intrigued him. “Irresistible, by Hyp Notic,” the blue hyperlink said, and Pierce was naturally smart enough to realize the name of the brand spelled out “hypnotic”. He clicked on the link, and was led to a paragraph of information about the perfume. 

    “Do you want to be irresistible to men, literally? Then try our newest fragrance, Irresistible. Coming in both perfume and cologne forms, this new scent harnesses the power of pheromones. Once those pheromones are absorbed into your body, men will want to fawn all over you, and depending on the amount sprayed, do so much more. If this interests you, then click on the link below and purchase your bottle of Irresistible today!” 

    Pierce had to scroll through a number of disclaimers before finally clicking over to the main site. It didn’t take long for him at all to purchase his very own bottle of cologne. It was a bit expensive, even for cologne, but since Pierce had gotten a scholarship to go to college, he could afford to spend this kind of money on frivolous things. Unfortunately, there was no way to expedite the shipping. Pierce was able to track the package, and he realized it was due to arrive right in the middle of a symposium he was attending. It was across the country, so he couldn’t just hop on a flight and grab the package before Kaiden or anyone else noticed it. 

    He hoped that Kaiden and the others wouldn’t care about his packages, but he was proven wrong. Kaiden noticed the silver box in the packages that had just been delivered. “Hmm, Irresistible. I wonder why he’s buying this shit? It’s not like Pierce has got any pussy since he’s been here. It’ll just go to waste on him.” Kaiden took the box up to his room, and sprayed some of the cologne on his body. There wasn’t that much of a scent to it at all. He wondered if it would have any effects on the chicks, but as he soon found it, it would have some other effects. 

    Kaiden walked down the hall to see if his vice-president, Roy, was available to be his wingman later that night. He knocked on his door, but then entered before a response. “Hey, man, what are you doing tonight?”

    “Whatever you want,” Roy said, as he caught a whiff of the pheromones now wafting off of Kaiden. 

    “Um, okay, dude. I’m going out tonight, and I need you to be my wingman.”

    “I’d much rather be serving you and worshipping those muscles of yours,” Roy countered. 

    “Oh, really?” Kaiden said, but he wasn’t as shocked as he should have been. Applying some of the cologne had caused the pheromones to mess with his own brain, and now he was attracted to men as well. “Then meet me in my room in a couple minutes. Oh, and change into some white y-briefs,” he added, with a smirk on his face. With his newfound power in mind, he popped into the rooms of two of his fellow seniors, Arnie and Sven. Both of them fell under the control of Kaiden’s powerful pheromones, and the three jock bros soon met Kaiden in his room, all wearing the same white y-briefs. 

    “Worship me,” Kaiden said, kneeling on his bed. Roy, Arnie, and Sven all immediately complied with Kaiden’s orders, feeling up their new hunky master. Kaiden very much got into the worship, loving how much the men were attracted to him, and he even flashed a double biceps pose so that his frat bros could worship his peaks.  

    The muscle worship soon devolved into a foursome between the jock bros. Kaiden was serviced at all times, always fucking one of his frat bros or having them suck on his cock. The other bros did have sex with each other, but Kaiden was their alpha and the one they centered their sex around. Once all four of them came, Kaiden tasked Roy and Sven with cleaning up the mess they had made on his bed as he went around the frat house, ensnaring the rest of his frat bros under his control. 

    That night, there was a massive gay orgy in the common room, with Kaiden at the center of it all. A couple days later, Pierce arrived back at the frat house from the symposium. He couldn’t wait to try on the cologne and control some of the hunky frat bros in the house with it. However, as he walked through the door, he learned he was a bit too late. A few of his fellow frat “bros” walked by him, wearing nothing at all. They had walked around in boxers or briefs before, but never actually stripped buck naked. Once Pierce entered the common room, he realized what had happened. 

    Kaiden was on a chaise lounge in the common room, getting grapes fed to him like he was some ancient royalty. One of Pierce’s frat bros, who he knew was actively homophobic, was sucking away on Kaiden’s admittedly very impressive cock. “What’s going on here!? Did you open the bottle of cologne that I had ordered?”

    “Yes, yes I did, Pierce. Now walk closer to me.” When Pierce didn’t comply, a couple of the frat bros were commanded by Kaiden to pick him up and bring him closer. He didn’t need to be smooshed into Kaiden’s pit, but he needed to be close enough for the pheromones to take effect. And even though Pierce tried to hold his breath for as long as he could, he had to breathe eventually, and fell under Kaiden’s control, just like the rest of the frat bros. 

    “I want to serve you, Master,” he said, with a dreamy look in his eyes. 

    “Of course you do,” Kaiden said, with a smile. “Tim, get off my cock. Let Pierce suck me off. I know he’ll do a good job at it, since he is gay and all.” Pierce didn’t even realize that his secret had been revealed. He just wanted to serve his new master by sucking on his cock. After he was done with that, Pierce swapped him out for another frat bro. Pierce was only brought into the fray every so often, as Kaiden loved when his fellow muscled frat bros worshipped him. However, Pierce did help Kaiden buy even more of the cologne, which Kaiden applied every day now. The frat members were going to stay under his control permanently, or at least until he graduated. 


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  • faggot-prince

    Rules for all slaves

    My Masters rules are:

    The proper way of things.

    i.e the way it will be

    As My slave you have no rights; in fact you have nothing at all.

    You will take your place in  fully recognizing the truth of My Supremacy, My Superiority and your own lowly status.

    You will obey My commands eagerly to the letter without questioning any of them and you will accept My authority and judgment of your servitude. My word is law and My whip is the implement of its enforcement.

    You will spend all your waking hours learning to exist exclusively for My pleasure, comfort, and glory and that of all masters .

    You will not allow your mind to wander even for a moment from Me and when it is not occupied in My service you will remember that all you do is at My whim and command. Even the basic privileges for you to eat and sleep, are mine to command.

    Do not expect to be cared for in the normally accepted meaning. In My world you will be valued for what you are (a slave) provided your servitude is acceptable. Understand that it will never be perfect in My eyes. You are considered nothing more than an object of My property. You will never forget that you, as a slave, are merely My plaything, a work horse and toy existing only for My service, amusement and pleasure. In your role as My slave I need merely to look after your welfare. You will be kept fit for purpose.

    From this moment you will be known as “slave”. If there are, at any times, more than one  slave present you will be known as “slave S” or simply “S”.

    All of the following rules which are for guidance in your servitude to your superior will apply from henceforth. I will expect absolute adherence to these rules in every detail.

    Any failure on your part to follow the rules in every detail will result in punishment administered spontaneously or extended over a period of time determined by me.

           Slave Rules      

    applicable to S, slave of


    RULE 1

    I make the rules and can change them and add to them at any time

    RULE 2

    slave has no entitlement to discuss the rules or question them in any way.


    RULE 3

    Nakedness for a slave is an overt sign that the slave owns nothing. slave will therefore never be permitted clothes in the house unless there are visitors who are unaware of its status and may be embarrassed.

    RULE 4

    If we have been away from the  home, on return slave will, after any other routine duties, immediately remove its clothes and kneel at my feet to await instructions.

    RULE 5

    The following (highlighted in red) will be worn at ALL times with the single exception of when passing through airport metal detection equipment.

    a stainless steel collar. This will be permanently locked in place.

    A thick stainless steel ring around the base of its cock and balls.

    a stainless steel chastity device, 24/7/365. This will be locked in place.

    stainless steel wrist and ankle cuffs..

    Rings piercing Its nipples and penis head.

    A chain between its nipple rings.

    A heavy steel cock ring-butt plug combination, locked behind its chastity cage.

    (This will be worn for periods of up to 12 hours for anal training).

    slave will be branded with My initial, such branding to be repeated yearly on its birthday.

    slave will have its international slave registry number tattooed  at the back of its neck and on its buttocks.

    RULE 6

    slave will shower, shave its face, head, under arms and pubic area first thing daily.

    RULE 7

    slave will keep its whole body free from hair using an electric epilator.


    RULE 8

    slave will treat all  masters as its superiors.

    RULE 9

    slave will address Me as ‘Master’ and all other  masters as ’Sir’.

    RULE 10

    In the presence of  masters slave will be on its knees unless carrying something or performing a task which requires it to stand.

    RULE 11

    slave’s eyes will be always lowered so that it looks only at its superiors’ feet.

    RULE 12

    slave will remain silent unless spoken to.

    RULE 13

    slave will never turn its back on a master.

    RULE 14

    If slave meets a master anywhere in the house whilst carrying out its duties it will immediately kneel, nose on the floor, until He has passed and is out of sight.

    RULE 15

    If I or any master enters the space where slave is working it will remain kneeling, position 2 until it is ordered to resume its work or carry out some other command or until I leave.

    RULE 16

    slave will accord all  masters the same respect as it accords Me

    RULE 17

    slave will obey all commands from  masters as if directed by Me

    RULE 18

    slave will beg permission to do anything that is not a direct order from me.

    RULE 19

    slave will adopt certain postures in different situations as a sign of its submission and respect for its superiors. These postures will be assigned numbers. If slave hears any of these numbers it will immediately adopt the required posture.


    1 on its knees, nose on the floor, arms straight outstretched towards Master, buttocks raised, thighs spread as wide as possible. This is its normal posture in the presence of any  male.

    2 kneeling upright, hands folded tightly in back, shoulders pulled back, chest forward, belly sucked in. knees will be spread as wide as possible (at least 90 deg), head bowed down to chest.

    3 as position 2 but with forehead and nose on the floor.  This is a kneeling bow.

    4 Buttocks on heels, knees spread as position 2. Hands grasping ankles, hips thrust forwards and upwards, head forced right back.

    This is a position for punishment.

    5 standing, legs spread as wide as possible, arms folded tightly in back, chest forward, stomach sucked in, head bowed to chin

    6 as position 5 but with body bent forward with head level with knees. This is a standing bow.

    7 as position 5 but with hands placed on top of head. This is a position for both punishment and inspection.

    8 standing, legs spread as wide as possible, body bent forward from waist to grasp ankles.

    This is a position for punishment.

    9 kneeling as in position 2 but with hands held in front, palms together as in prayer.

    This is the supplication position slave will use to beg for permission to speak. slave remains in this position until spoken to.

    10 flat on its belly, legs spread wide, arms stretched out towards Master


    Rule 20


    Crawling on all fours will be its normal method of movement anywhere in the sight of any  male, unless in public view. slave will crawl only with its nose rubbing the floor. slave will be expected to keep pace with Master whether leashed or not

    RULE 21

    entering My space on its knees.

    Slave will enter the room crawling.

    It will crawl to a position directly in front of Me,

    kneel up in position 2, and then bow.

    If carrying an object held it its teeth it will present the object to me.

    Finally it will adopt position 1

    Rule 22

    Entering My space on its feet  

    slave will only ever do this if it is carrying an object too large to be carried held between its teeth.

    eyes are to be cast down looking only at My feet.

    slave will halt in front of me and adopt position 5 then bow..

    Once upright it will kneel in position 2, holding the object it is carrying for Me to reach.  

    Its arms are to be straight and its head is to be bowed between them.

    When I take the object it will remain in position until I click My fingers, if I do so it will adopt position 1.

    Rule 23

    leaveing My space on its knees

    This will be its normal method of leaving My space. slave will crawl backwards until it is about to leave My sight. Bow and then leave the room.

    Rule 24

    Leaving My space on its feet.

    slave will do this only when carrying a large object and it is not possible to crawl.  slave will walk backwards until it is about to disappear from sight.  It will bow and then leave the room.

    RULE 25


    slave will adopt position 5. then bend forward from the waist lowering its head to the height of its knees.  Finally it will adopt position 5 again.

    RULE 26

    Kneeling bow

    slave will adopt position 2, bow to position 3. then adopt position 2.


    RULE 27

    slave will be punished for any deviation from the rules. This punishment may be instantaneous or deferred until later at My discretion.

    For punishment slave will adopt position according to number given.

    RULE 28

    The  ‘ONE, TWO, TEN RULE’

    For all acts of servitude I will, at any time, assess its performance on a scale from 1 through 10. (10 being perfect).

    For each mark below 10 slave will receive a number of strokes of the cane or whip.

    How many strokes awarded for each point below 10 will be decided by Me depending on My degree of dissatisfaction with slave’s servitude, the maximum number being 10.

    As a guide

    For sloppy adoption of any posture :-             1 or 2

    For lateness or failing to bow :-                       2 or 3

    For incorrect speech :-                                              3 or 4

    For inattentiveness whilst serving :-               4 or 5

    For unsatisfactory sexual servitude

    or actual disobedience :-                               up to 10

    However the final number is at My discretion.

    Note that these are the number of strokes for each point below 10. Thus the maximum number is 100!

    If performance does not improve after the application of this rule the number of strokes will be increased.

    When I inform slave of my assessment slave will confirm its acquiescence by performing a kneeling bow and kissing My feet.

    slave will offer no excuses and remain silent.

    RULE 29

    There are no excuses for unsatisfactory performance. slave will offer none.

    RULE 30

    When I inform slave of any dissatisfaction it will adopt position 2 and bow.

    RULE 31

    Following punishment slave will perform a kneeling bow twice then, crawl forward and kiss My feet. Then it will adopt position 1

    RULE 32


    slave will carry implement held between its teeth. It will crawl to a position in front of me and adopt position 2, it will bow and crawl forward to present the implement to Me. slave will crawl backwards, bow again and adopt position 1



    acknowledging a command

    RULE 33

    When I give slave a command slave will acknowledge the command by kneeling up and performing a kneeling bow. It will remain so until I give a signal to obey the command.

    It is unlikely that the signal will be anything other than the click of My fingers. However I may add further instructions e.g. ‘you have five minutes’.

    slave will then crawl from the room

    RULE 34

    If standing slave will kneel, bow, and  wait for My signal to obey. slave will then crawl from the room.

    RULE 35

    Asking permission to speak

    slave will adopt position 9 and wait until spoken to.

    RULE 36


    slave will adopt position 9.

    When spoken to slave will say

    ‘Master,  slave has completed its task’.

    RULE 37


    In response to a question slave will begin every sentence with ‘Master’ or Sir’.

    It will never use  the word  ‘you’ or ‘your’.  It will use Master’ or Master’s

    It will always refer to itself as ‘slave’.


    RULE 38

    slave will prepare and cook any meals as directed.

    RULE 39

    slave will serve all meals at times and in places decided by Me. Menus will be decided by Me.


    RULE 40

    Refreshments are to be served on the small circular tray

    slave will stand, position 5 and bow.  It will then kneel in position 2 and hold the tray within My reach. Its head bowed.

    it will maintain this position until dismissed.

    RULE 41


    slave will assist each master present to his seat, bowing both before and afterwards.

    To serve a dish slave will approach, bow and set the dish down on the table. It will then bow again. When everyone is served slave will kneel in position 2

    RULE 42


    If anyone’s glass is empty, slave will stand, bow, refill the glass, bow again and kneel. If the master places his hand over the glass this signifies his wish to have no more. slave will bow and kneel.

    RULE 43


    slave must pay attention throughout the meal. Empty dishes must be removed immediately everyone has finished the course.

    slave will stand, bow, collect the plate, bow again and walks backwards towards the door.

    RULE 44


    When everyone rises from the table, slave will adopt position 3 until all have left the room. slave will then carry out instructions as ordered.

    When completed slave will report same to Me.

    RULE 45

    slave will eat from a bowl on the floor after serving Me and any  masters and after reporting that the kitchen is clean and tidy.

    RULE 46

    Prepared food will never be reheated for slave to eat.

    RULE 47

    If slave is permitted to eat with masters it will be on the floor, kneeling or on its belly. It will be attentive to the needs of those at table, i.e., empty plates/glasses etc.

    RULE 48

    slave will drink only water.



    I may wish to retain some domestic chores for Myself but any domestic chore will be carried out by slave at my command.

    slave will be ready at all times to immediately stop what it is doing and attend to the task he is ordered to do when summoned.

    RULE 49

    slave will keep the house clean and tidy. It will clean tidy and hoover all spaces at least once per week.

    RULE 50

    slave will tidy all bedrooms and make all beds on a daily basis.

    RULE 51

    slave will launder all clothing.

    RULE 52

    slave will keep my shoes/boots clean at all times

    RULE 53

    slave will clean any shower or bath after my use.

    RULE 54

    Discarded clothes in my bedroom are to be carried to laundry crawling with clothes held between slave’s teeth.

    RULE 55

    slave will iron My clothes and any other masters’ clothes as directed.


    RULE 56

    slave will light cigarettes for all  masters.

    RULE 57

    slave will kneel holding ashtray if required

    RULE 58

    slave will act as table as directed

    RULE 59

    slave will kneel or stand holding a lamp for any  male.

    RULE 60

    slave will kneel or stand holding a sunshade for any master in the garden.

    RULE 61

    slave will act as footstool for any master

    RULE 62

    slave will lick the boots of any  male on demand

    slave has no access to furniture; its position is on the floor.

    RULE 64

    slave may not use any toilet seat. Those are for the comfort of masters.


    RULE 65


    slave will bring my morning tea as prescribed at exactly 07,30. Anything more that 30 seconds late will result in punishment.

    slave will put the tray down and kiss my feet reverently beneath the bed clothes.  As I awaken slave will adopt position 5 holding the tray.

    When I click my fingers slave will bow and serve the tea kneeling at the side of the bed, position 2. slave will wait until I replace the cup onto the tray. It will stand, bow and wait to be dismissed.

    RULE 66


    If I require breakfast in bed slave will serve it at the time stated. Lateness of more than 30 seconds will result in punishment.

    Breakfast will be served on a large tray in the same manner as morning tea. slave will pay attention to any changes in My requirements

    RULE 67

    Whilst I shower slave will set out My clothes as directed

    RULE 68

    Following My shower or a bath slave will dry My body softly and reverently

    RULE 69

    slave will run My bath at any time as directed.

    RULE 70

    slave will soap and rinse My body in the bath



    RULE 71

    If I am going out slave will fetch the shoes/boots I have specified and wait in the lobby on its knees

    RULE 72

    slave will assist me with shoes/boots having first kissed each foot.

    RULE 73

    slave will fetch any coat and other things I require as directed.

    RULE 74

    After handing them to me slave will kneel position 2, bow and kiss my feet. slave will then adopt position 3  in the lobby until I have left the house and closed the door


    RULE 75

    I will expect to see slave kneeling in the lobby when I open the door. slave will crawl forward, bow and kiss My boots. It will then kneel in position 3 for instructions.

    RULE 76

    If slave has been chained up whilst I am out it will perform this gesture at the end of its chain as I approach.


    RULE 77

    slave will beg Me for clothing which I may direct.

    RULE 78

    slave will walk one pace behind Me to My left

    RULE 79

    slave will open all doors for Me and all  masters

    RULE 80

    slave will carry all object for Me. E.g. shopping, valise etc

    RULE 81

    slave will never sit in public without permission it will wait for a signal from Me.

    RULE 82

    slave will never initiate conversation

    RULE 83

    Unless others can hear slave will use normal forms of address and speech patterns.

    RULE 84

    In the presence of others slave’s speech will be polite and respectful

    When slave is allowed to leave the house (unaccompanied)

    RULE 85

    slave will beg Me for clothing, which I may direct.

    RULE 86

    slave will present itself and kiss my feet before leaving

    RULE 87

    slave will always return on or before the time directed

    RULE 88

    On its return slave will immediately strip naked and present itself to me, position 1. When I click my fingers slave will kneel, bow and kiss my feet.


    RULE 89

    slave will beg Me for clothing and dress as directed, it will present itself for any final instructions, kiss my feet and exit my space.

    RULE 90

    If slave has need to ask Me a question in order to complete its task it may do so without removing its clothes. However all other rituals must be observed?

    RULE 91

    When slave has completed its task it will immediately strip naked, and present itself in the normal fashion.

    It will adopt position 9 (supplication). When acknowledged it will adopt position 2 and report on the completion of its task.


    RULE 92

    slave will be required to perform any act of sexual servitude to Me and to other masters if directed by me.

    RULE 93

    slave will submit to anal rape  in acceptance of its status and the sexual dominance of its Master and all other masters.

    RULE 94

    slave will spread its ass cheeks with its fingers unless its hands are cuffed, as a sign of submission and subjugation to the master’s cock.

    RULE 95

    slave will thoroughly clean any master’s cock or other device used for anal rape, with its mouth and tongue as soon as permitted .

    RULE 96

    slave will be required to use its hands and/or tongue when performing massage of any part of Master’ body or that of any master.

    RULE 97

    slave will be required to offer its mouth or anus for the most intimate service to Me or any master at any time.

    RULE 98

    After the performance of acts of sexual servitude slave will kneel, bow and kiss the feet of the male who has used him. Such homage to the male form will continue until slave is ordered to the floor. Slave will kneel, bow 3 times and adopt position 1

    RULE 99

    Acts of sexual servitude will be deemed as completed only when I or any master orders slave to the floor.

    The slave accepts everything written above and enters full slave servitude from this moment.

    signed……………………………………   slave


    Sounds very similar to how it exists in its New Black World Order Nation of Islam/Scientology owned existence SIRS


    This is a good starting point for a faggot’s contract.


    this is awesome!! would love to be ruled by that…. LOVE rule 5… so hot!


    How to fully control Your sub in 9 steps

    1:  You  need to get into his head.

    -Learn his fantasies and what turns him on.  Use this information against him and to Your advantage.

    -Find out what humiliates him, and to what level.

    -Make him show his loyalty to You regularly.  Reward him, even if it’s just with positive attention when he does.

    - Aside from family, close friends and work, give him 0% privacy.  Don’t hide this process from him, make him partake in handing it over to you in ways that demonstrate how he is “losing the privacy.”  

    -Make him need You for everything.  Point out how You help him, how You guide him, and how You accept the negative things about him that others may not.

    - Hypnosis, especially while they are sleeping can help transfer messages, ideas and ideals about You deep into their faggot head.

    2:  Punish him often for everything, no exceptions!

    - Don’t let him get away with anything!  When You let your sub get away with something. You are telling him that You don’t care for him and that what he did was ok.

    - You can Spank, paddle, or whip him.

    - Humiliate him past what is easy for him.

    - Long term bondage

    - Corner time

    - Food restrictions

    - Writing standards/lines\

    - Write a book report or essay.

    - Ground him/take away privileges.

    - Wash his mouth out with soap.

    - Make him do anything he hates.

    - Get creative and make the punishment match the crime.

    - Never use separation or the threat of leaving/ending Your control over him as a punishment.  That is counterproductive to the end goal (trust and service) and is detrimental to the faggot.

    3:  Routinely discipline him.  This is different than punishment.

    - Spank him once a week, just because You can, not too hard, not too soft.

    -Humiliate him often.

    - 5-10 minuets of corner time a day can do wonders for him, like a sub’s meditation.

    - If he is stressed, give him a break and put him in some comfy bondage for a while.  You may or may not want to integrate impact play with this.  For lots of subs, some pain can really help elevate their mode for the rest of the day or longer.

    - Routine discipline will save You time and energy in the long run.  You will have to punish him less as a result.

    - Taking care of You can be part of his discipline.  Have him do Your laundry, cleaning, etc.

    4:  On some level, even if it’s small, keep Your sub horny for You.

    - Talk sexy to him.

    -Sexualize non sexual things/activities You are interested in. He will see whatever it is You’ve sexualized as such and be more interested/eager to engage.

    - Have Your sub do some or all of Your body grooming. This can be Your baths, Your nails, shaving, trimming, waxing, etc.

    - Scare him by telling him when and what You’re going to do to him in the near future.

    - Send him text messages with orders to do something sexual.

    - Make him give You orgasms.  This is different from sex.  This is a service.

    - Let him rest on You to smell You as You watch TV or read.

    - Give him underwear/items of Yours to smell as he sleeps.

    - Hypnosis, especially while Your sub sleeps can help with this too.

    5:  Control Your own feelings of guilt.

    -      Your sub needs You to be strong “with” him.  You may show vulnerabilities in Yourself for other aspects of Your life. When it comes to him and Your control over him, be firm!

    -      Some meanness and cruelty will be needed from time to time to help break Your sub down.

    -      Your sub may not want everything You give him/ do to him, but he needs it.

    -      Letting Your sub get away with insubordinate behavior because You feel guilty adequately and severely addressing it is weak.  You need to control that shit.

    -      Sub faggots need a real man who is close to them to guide them.  Sometimes real men need to show the fag that they are inferior.  This can’t always be done by talking.  And if it is done my talking, the talking can’t be politically correct/kind.

    -      Humiliation/breaking him down, teaching him to serve long term, these are all things he needs.  You are filling his needs.

    -      Remember, You both need to be happy.  But happiness comes from different places for different people.  If there is communication, and Your sub has communicated that he needs this life to be happy, then You are doing him a service and loving him by breaking him down and controlling him.

    -      A good sub is hard to find. Don’t let the guilt of giving him what he needs stop You from doing so. What he needs may be overwhelming for him and he may break. If he does be there for him.

    6: Humiliate/degrade/break him down on some level daily, some days more than others.

    - Have him wear a small butt-plug for a time, wifi enabled if possible.

    - Have him be naked or close to it, around You and or Your friends.

    - Make him wear a collar or other symbol of inferiority.

    - Make him wear a chastity device sometimes.

    - Teach them “tricks” like sit, drop to their knees to kiss Your crotch, etc.  In public or with friends randomly call out a trick every now then. Make sure Your sub does this flawlessly without hesitation.

    - Make him masturbate for You.

    - Slap him in the face.

    - Spit on him.

    - Treat him as an inferior in public.  (Ex: he carries all bags, opens doors, eats Your leftovers, holds Your drinks, tie Your shoes  etc.)

    - Make him eat his own cum sometimes.

    - Talk down to him in front of others

    7: Rearrange his life/time to better serve/please You. Make sure this does not interfere with his time with loved ones or work.

    - If You want to change his body to Your liking, do so.  Control his workouts, diet etc.  Make sure and be realistic with this one.

    - Make sure he is available during some of Your leisure time each week so he will be able to serve You during those times.

    - Put him on a sleeping schedule.  Lots of fags are not able to adequately manage their sleep times.  The better rested he is, the better he will serve You.

    - Go through his closet/things and throw away/put away any clothing You don’t like him to be wearing.

    - Sign him up to learn new tasks or prefect tasks/skills that will help You.  (Ex: massage classes, cooking classes, pet care, etc.)

    - Change their grooming habits to Your liking.

    8: Help Your sub be grateful for everything he has.  Make sure You are at the top of that list.  One great way to do this is to deny him things.  Yep, it’s time to say “No.”  Subs need boundaries, and saying “No” is a great way to help them with those boundaries.

    - You can take away certain foods, comforts, leisure time, sex, masturbation, etc.

    - Make him show his gratitude to You often.  Faggots will show this to You in their own way. Most faggots will need some help/instruction on exactly how to show their gratitude to You.

    - Make him explain why he deserves something. If he can’t explain why well enough. Then take it from him.

    - You can take things/items from him that You know he does not need, but likes.  (Make sure he can afford for You to take them and that they are not of an additional value such as sentimental etc.)  Let him know from time to time that You enjoy something that You took from him.

    - Offer him a reward of getting to have something back. Make what you give him back relevant to what You make him do. This could be sort or long term.  

    9:  None of these actions will work without real trust.

    - If Your sub is Your partner, let him know how much his sub-ass completes You and Your power.

    -  If Your sub is not Your partner, make sure You two are real friends. That You appreciate how his inferiority completes you.  The more You two know about and do with each other. The more thoroughly You can control him.

    -Part of trust on the subs part is trusting that You will follow through when You say You are going to do something to him or are going to make him do something.  Follow through always.

    -  When a sub fully trusts You. He can submit to You his mind and privacy. Letting You go in and re-arrange/manage his life.

    - Subs need constant reassurance.  Let him know that no matter what, he is Yours.  If a serious sub feels disposable. He will look for another Dom who appreciates his surrender.

    - If Your life is getting too hard for a bit or You need help with something. Trust that Your sub will be able to take over for You and act in your best interest until You are back in shape.  Giving  sub this responsibility will either make him feel trusted and good, or upset that You are not actively controlling him 100% of the time.  If he gets upset and does not step up and take over for You. Then drop him like a hot potato.

    -Talk to Your sub often.  Ask him how he is feeling, and let him honestly know how You are feeling on anything and everything.

    - By taking things away from him, You are in a sense rewarding him when You give them back.  Also, nothing he has is his forever.  You need to re-take things and privileges away from him periodically so he knows they are a privilege and not a right.  Think of it like taking a food bowl away from a dog.  Your sub needs be docile enough that You can take his food bowl away from him as he is eating. He will not make a fuss and patiently wait until the food is returned

    -Please note: Do not ever deny him from being with Friends or family.  Make him realize that the only reason You allow him to have constant contact/interaction with good friends and family is because he “helps” them by being a good friend or family member.  Make sure the he understands that the happiness that comes from being with them is “second” to the happiness that he brings them.  Basically, he needs to understand that if he pulls away from loved ones. While he is under Your control his loved ones will suffer. That is why he is allowed (and encouraged) to keep and/or strengthen the bonds he has with them.

    Please note: The following is a list of things to control a sub only. Please do not implement these ideas if You do not care about and are not committed to Your sub.  This list is not all inclusive of how to treat Your sub.  This list leaves out the important kind necessities that Your sub needs such as reassurance, love, respect, being protected, allowed to be protective of You etc.  These ideas are for a long term 24/7 arrangements, not a scene.  Not everything will apply in every case, and there may be things on the list that will work for You.


    A good read.


    Indeed a good read for subs and doms.


    Definitely worth a read


    Realistic and well thought out. Gimp approves.


    Hmm been a while since I read this


    Hmm.. bed time reading

    “Alright, tongue out boy. I didn’t wear no socks today for nothing”. Matt is my brother’s friend, however, he is always at my house even when my brother isn’t here. I think it’s because his home life is so bad. It didn’t really matter to me though because I always thought he was hot. When my brother wasn’t home he would always hang with me because we’re close in age. He’s only 2 years older than me so I didn’t mind hanging with him. The only problem was how obvious it was I had a crush on him. He knew it too and he would sometimes tease me about it. One time he went “c’mon you know I’m hot! I could probably get you to do whatever I wanted just because I can”. All I can do is blush when he says this so he smirks and says “alright then get under the covers and lay on your back”. I slowly do as he says worried about what he might do. He then pulls his pants down so his American eagle underwear is pressed up against my face. He then rips out a long fart right in my face and laughs as I groan in pain. “Yeahhhh that feels good I know you love it so I’ll let you have the honour of smelling it for a bit”. I’d be lying if I say I didn’t enjoy him doming me like this. I sneak in a few licks of his hot underwear before he gets off me. “How was that?” He smiles looking down on me. He sees my face and knows the answer. He just pats the side of my face and says “good boy”. He then mentioned how he has more planned for me. And that brings us to today.

    We make it into my room before Matt closes the door and says “quick come put your face on my ass I got one coming. Mouth open this time slut I’m not being nice today”. I crawl over as fast as I can and put my mouth over his pants. He farts and all I can taste is boy sweat. He laughs while I gag on his scent. He looks down at me and grabs my hair in his left hand tilting my head up. He then dribbles spit down my face into my mouth. He then takes his right hand and shoves his fingers in my mouth causing me to gag. As he dribbles more spit in my mouth his fingers move around exploring my mouth. “You’re just a little fucking slut for me aren’t you?”. “Yes master” I finally say it out loud between gags. “Hmph” he stops and goes to my bed and that’s when I realize his shoes are still on. “I’m not aloud to wear shoes on m-“ he cuts me off with a “shut up fag”. I crawl over to the end of my bed as I watch him argrily stand up and wipe his dirty shoes on my pillow. “This is what happens when you protest. I fucking walked through the boys locker room today so enjoy all that nasty foot sweat on your pillow”. “Yes sir I will sir”. He then laughs “oh my god you really are pathetic...well then you’re gonna like the gift I got you”. He smiles and lays down on my bed. He slides off a shoe and I open my mouth in horror as I realize he didn’t wear socks all day. I can see the sweat dripping from his feet and from how pink the soles are I can tell he worked out a lot. “I wore these all day for you to get your fag tongue all over. A nice tongue bath from you is exactly what my sore feet need so come here”. I drool as I bring my mouth to his sweaty foot. I first start at the bottom to catch the sweat that’s dripping down his foot. It tastes salty and musky from being in his shoes all day. He moans as I lick past his pink soles and wrap my tongue around his plump toes. I lick between each one before putting them all in my mouth. As I worship Matt picks up his shoe and puts it on my nose so I can really inhale it. I can’t contain my pleasure anymore. I’ve never felt better in my entire life. “Please let me worship your feet everyday master”. He just smiles and says “I love that you think you had a choice”. I deliver one more kiss to his feet before his pulls away and says “your brother will be home in a few minutes so I gotta go wait for him. In the meantime clean yourself up. I see that wet spot in your pants you fucking queer”. Just like that he leaves me a big mess and with excitement for tomorrow. I can’t wait to spend more time with my master.


    Sir, are you going to go over to another website now that tumblr is banning pornblogs ? Will we be able to maintain contact ?

    For the moment I am staying. I believe the purge is over (Unless there was a official announcement I missed) I may start a Google blog and just not post to it till everything shuts down. But being able to track reblogs and see likes and stuff is what I love about Tumblr and what makes me create content for it. So if it shut down I don’t think I would want to move to a new platform.

    Edit: I just read the actual announcement. I will be posting a goodbye message before the 17th with a new blog link. Anyone who supports iPhone can no longer criticize places like China and north Korea that heavily censor content. This is very disappointing.


    How To Control a Sub

    The following is a list of things that you should be doing. Not everything will apply in every case, and there may be things not on the list that work for you.

    1. You must absolutely take total control of his orgasms!

  • You must get him to wear a chastity device of some kind.
  • You should put it on him yourself and only you should hold the key.
  • Let him out at your discretion only and only for teasing or release.
  • 2. Control your own feelings of guilt.

  • He should never be permitted to have any kind of orgasm without your permission.
  • If you feel he deserves an orgasm… Ruin it!
  • Remember, you can ruin several orgasms a day, but he can only have one full one.
  • Full orgasms should be for very special occasions (no more than 3 or 4 per year).
  • 3. You must get into his head!

  • Learn his fantasies and what turns him on.
  • Tease him with your words whenever possible.
  • Find out what humiliates him.
  • Use his humiliation whenever possible.
  • 4. You must keep him sexually aroused as much as possible.

  • Talk sexy to him.
  • Tell him you are going to make him do something humiliating.
  • Fondle him, or let him fondle you.
  • Send him text messages with orders to do something sexual.
  • Make him give you orgasms frequently.
  • 5. Make him do something humiliating.

  • Make him wear a butt-plug for a time.
  • Make him be naked when you are not.
  • Make him masturbate for you.
  • Always, ALWAYS make him eat his own cum no matter where it is deposited.
  • 6. Punish him whenever he displeases you.

  • Don’t let him get away with anything!
  • Spank, paddle, or whip him.
  • Humiliate him in some way.
  • Put Bengay or Icy-Hot on his cock, balls, or anus.
  • Make him do anything he hates.
  • 7. No matter what you are doing, or where you are, find ways to tease him.

  • Fondle him through his pants in public (or in private).
  • Whisper sexy or humiliating things in his ear.
  • Make him shop for lingerie with you.
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    this is a  must


    Nice list.


    I am controlled in many of these ways.


    An excellent list


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