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    A Submissive's View Point.

    The relationship between a submissive and a dominant can be an intense and emotional journey:

    It's An Addictive Can't Eat Can't Sleep Hunger And Desire That Burns From Within.

    As a Submissive you are giving yourself completely to your dom. You are intrusting them 1000% to take care of you.

    You expect that as their submissive FIRST & FOREMOST that they are going to make you feel safe!!! That you are going to be cared for and that they will encourage you guide you and support you mentally, emotionally, physically and sexually.

    You are giving them all of you.

    You are showing them as your submissive I completely trust you. You expose all your insecurities your flaws and your weaknesses and you are being completely vulnerable and transparent to them.

    It can be a scary ass thing.

    After all being vulnerable and open and real and raw may not come so easily to some as it does to others..

    However when in the right dynamic truth be told you can learn more about yourself then you ever have before in any other relationship.

    The Dom is your Master Your Leader Your Daddy or Mistress OR Madame Whichever The Dynamic Maybe.

    The psychological side of the relationship between the two of you can be the most intense and dangerous because you are opening yourself up to that vulnerability that you never knew existed.

    And if you want him/her as your submissive and if they choose you, then be sure to get to know how to treat your sub rather than going into the relationship blind.

    Talk ask the questions all of it is important. 

    Find Out What Your Submissive Wants.

    Also What Do You Want As A Dominant???

    Your needs and wants and desires are just as important as a submissives after all pleasing you and making you happy will make your submissive happy.

    You have to be honest about what you both are desiring and what you are expecting from one another.

    So be real and open and honest with everything especially your limits.

    As a Submissive if you are open and raw and real it will allow you and your dom to embark on a journey of self-discovery that can be truly enlightening for both of you.

    It’s not all just about rules and punishments or sex!!!

    It’s very much about learning each others limits and boundaries together, and forming a bond that will allow both the sub and dom to indulge in a desire and need that is not understood by many.

    It is a powerful seductive dynamic that can be unlike any other.

    It's an addictive thing to be in and have that relationship.

    To feel the hunger the want and desire where you feel like you can't stop thinking of your dom that the force the magnetic pull it just can't be stopped.

    The relationship can be addictive and consume you in a incredible way making you see that you not only found someone who totally gets all of you but that you also found apart of you that may have been missing all along.

    We All Want That Powerful Dynamic.



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